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Volcano Cave かざんのどうくつ
Volcano Cave
Volcano Cave
Connecting locations
North Cargo Ship (first visit)
South Boyleland
West None
East None
Volcano Cave on the map of Almia
Location of Volcano Cave in Almia

Volcano Cave (Japanese: かざんのどうくつ Volcano Cave) is the group of caves in the Boyleland Volcano in Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia. The cave, located on Boyleland, is the only place where the player can ride Torkoal. The player must come here twice during the game's main storyline, first to rescue Barlow, then again later to obtain the Red Gem.

There are two entrances into the volcano, one to the west and another on the eastern side. The east entrance is locked until the player arrives to secure the Red Gem, at which point the village elder unlocks it and permits entry. There are many Fire and Rock-type Pokémon living inside the cave. As the cave is inside a volcano, there is lava everywhere and the primary method of getting around is either by being carried by Drifloon (west entrance) and Drifblim (east entrance) or by riding on Torkoal.



This is the quest which can be found at Volcano Cave:

SoA Quest icon.png
Snover's Mysterious Presence
SoA Quest icon.png
Boyle Volcano
459mssoa.png New Partner Pokémon
It's hard to believe, but I saw a Snover in
Volcano Cave, toward the east side.
I don't think anyone can get to it on foot, but
a Ranger can, right?
It appeared to be suffering from the heat...


  • Volcano Cave is the only location of one of the Tears of Princes that does not require the player to perform a Target Clear to gain entry.
    • It is also the only location of the three to have been previously visited by the player over the course of the story.

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