Ice Lake

Ice Lake こおりのみずうみ
Ice Lake
Ice Lake Ranger2.png
Map description
A lake in Hia Valley that is famous for its ice floes and mysterious whirlpools. On its distant shore is an ancient castle that is encased in ice.
Required for navigation
Connecting locations
Almia Castle
Ice Lake
Hia Valley
Ice Lake Ranger2 map.png
Location of Ice Lake in Almia.
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Ice Lake (Japanese: こおりのみずうみ Ice Lake) is an area in Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia.

Ice Lake is a very frigid area that can be crossed only by riding on an Empoleon, as it is the only Pokémon in the Almia Browser with a level 2 River Flow field move. The lake is littered with icebergs, fast-moving currents, and vicious whirlpools, which makes crossing it much more difficult. The lake itself is a puzzle because the icebergs can only be smashed by utilizing of one of the currents to gain sufficient momentum. There is only one entrance to the lake from Hia Valley to the south and three from Almia Castle to the north. One of these leads to an Abomasnow in hiding, one leads to the castle entrance, and the third is a one-way route back to Hia Valley. There is also a small cliff overlooking the castle entrance only accessible by branching off of the return route.

It is located north of Hia Valley and south of Almia Castle.


While no Pokémon can be encountered or captured while the player is crossing the lake, the following Pokémon inhabit the surrounding areas to the north and south:

Pokémon Poké Assist Field
  Raichu   Recharge  
  Vulpix   Fire  
  Jynx   Psychic  
  Empoleon   Water  
  Staraptor   Flying  
  Abomasnow *   Ice  
  Glaceon *   Ice  

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