Pueltown プエルタウン
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
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The most prosperous of the ports in the Almia region. Its harbor is located on its east side. There, one can find boats that ferry passengers to and from such distant places as Boyleland and the Haruba Desert.
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Altru Park
Vien Forest
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Location of Pueltown in Almia.

Pueltown (Japanese: プエルタウン Puertown) is an area in Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia.

It is called the heart of Almia. There is a harbor which allows the player to cross the sea to places such as Boyleland or Haruba Village and dive in the sea in such places as Puel Sea and Sea of Wailord. On arrival, the player has to undertake a mission to destroy Gigaremo units placed by Team Dim Sun that hypnotize Pokémon. There, a member of Team Dim Sun will challenge the player with four Rattata known by a grunt as 'Team Rattata' and then a boss Toxicroak that must be captured.

Altru Inc., for much of the game's storyline, has a plan to redevelop Pueltown that most of the town's residents (save for one woman and the Altru employees) despise greatly, with one resident musing that they may rename Pueltown "Altrutown." Following the events at Altru Tower during Operation Brighton, the company drops the redevelopment plan.

Pueltown is later the site of the special mission "For The Bride And Shaymin!"


Pueltown has a population of 49, the most out of any city in Almia.


Pokémon Poké Assist Field
  Rattata   Normal  
  Raticate   Normal  
  Growlithe   Fire  
  Magnemite   Recharge  
  Voltorb   Electric  
  Eevee *   Normal  
  Murkrow *   Dark  
  Tyrogue   Fighting  
  Elekid   Electric  
  Magby   Fire  
  Wingull   Water  
  Chatot   Flying  
  Toxicroak *   Poison  
  Shaymin *   Grass  


These are the quests which can be found in Pueltown:

The Boy Who Cried Lumineon
Fishing Kid
  Rock Defense
I caught a Lumineon, but no one believes me.
Can someone take a boat out to Puel Sea and
prove that Lumineon live there?
If you capture one, its data will be recorded,
so that will do as proof!
Nosepass! Must Have Nosepass!
  Ground Defense
What is it, you ask? The answer is Nosepass!
It's Nosepass above all! Nothing else will do!
Deprive me of my food, but not Nosepass!
I can't tell you why now, but, please, bring
me a Nosepass!
Eevee for Marital Bliss
Old Man
  Steel Defense
Our Eevee has gone missing.
Can someone fetch it for us?
I'm not sure if this is a useful hint or not, but
our Eevee likes the sea breeze.
Dim... Sun... Come Back...
Young Lady
  Ice Defense
My two, squat, dark, and handsome darlings
have left me for life on the streets!
They're running wild and cavorting in Pueltown,
so please, reel them in back to Mama!
Oh, my darlings Dim and Sun are Murkrow!
Lonely Chingling
  Dragon Defense
Our family Chingling spent all its time alone.
Eventually, she even forgot how to cry.
I would like her to meet a friend.
I've heard there is a Chingling living deep in
Crysta Cave, which leads to Hia Valley.
Drifblim's Moving Service
Old Man
  Power Plus
All the times I've moved, I've always had
some Drifblim do all the heavy lifting.
But this time, I forgot about asking them!
Please, could you return with some Drifblim?
Three would be dandy!
My Precious Fishing Rod
  Psychic Defense
I took a boat out and went fishing in the Sea
of Wailord.
I hooked something big. The fact is, it was
so big, it took off with my fishing rod and all!
That rod's precious to me. Find it, please!
Unidentified Fleeing Omastar
  Latent Power
What I'm asking you to do is take a boat out to
the Sea of Wailord, take a dive, and check
that there really is an Omastar down there.
When you capture it, you'll get its data.
That'll do nicely as evidence!
Gift of Music for Isaac
  Long Line
I wrote a song as a present for my brother.
I want to play a concert with these Pokémon:
Chatot, Kricketune, Chingling, and Jigglypuff!
Please, will you bring them here, all at once?


Language Name Origin
Japanese プエルタウン Puertown From puerto (Spanish for port) and town
English Pueltown From its Japanese name
German Havebrück From Hafen (port) and Brücke (bridge)
Spanish Portópolis From porto (Italian for port) and the Greek suffix -polis (city)
French Bonport From bon port (safe harbor)
Italian Portena From porto (port)

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