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Oil Field Hideout かいていゆでんアジト
Offshore Oil Field Hideout
Oil Field Hideout
Connecting locations
North None
South None
West Sea of Wailord (first time)
East None
Oil Field Hideout on the map of Almia
Location of Oil Field Hideout in Almia

Oil Field Hideout (Japanese: かいていゆでんアジト Offshore Oil Field Hideout) is a location in Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia. It is an undersea factory powered by oil, and is used by Team Dim Sun to build their nefarious Miniremo units. The player arrives here while chasing a kidnapped Wailmer and runs into Sven, who accompanies the player through the hideout. There is a library where Isaac is usually found researching, and not far from there is the place from which Kincaid operates. An Electivire and a Porygon-Z can be found after completing the game. Gliscor is the boss and cannot be found anywhere else (Excluding the Capture Arena.)

The player first reaches the hideout on the back of a Wailord. After the mission there, the only way to access it is by flying there on a Staraptor.

Although Operation Brighton transformed the Shadow Crystal and its fragments, the Dark Shards in the hideout were not affected. As a result, remnants of Team Dim Sun joined back together under Kincaid and continued their villainy.