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So yeah I'm Derian. Not my real name of course, but hey. I try to edit some, mostly existing articles rather then making new ones. I try not to get too bugged by people removing my edits, there's usually a legitimate reason even if I don't realize it at the time. I've been playing Pokémon for a really long time, I grew up on it starting with Red version. My first starter was Charmander, but I was foolish then and had a level 60 Charizard when I got to Silph Co because it was the only Pokémon I trained. My favorite generation is Gold and Silver, especially because you can revisit Kanto. It just has some of the best elements of Pokémon while still staying classic. I still love and play the new games though, and I can't wait for Heartgold and Soulsilver to be released in america. My favorite Pokémon is Golbat.
I really like water Pokémon, because some of my favorites are water. Especially Slowking, Vaporeon, Tentacruel, and others. I'm currently faced with the dilemma on Pokémon Platinum on my second playthrough of which ones to use, as I currently have Slowpoke and Wartortle and I don't want too many water Pokémon on one team.
Despite this, Water is not my favorite type. In fact, I don't have a favorite type. But among my favorites are Dark, Ghost and Water.
I think I'll be very happy if they introduce either a Ghost/Water or a Ghost/Fire Pokémon. Maybe something based on Will'o'Wisp?

My Battlers

These are the Pokémon I have in Pearl that are ready to be used semi-competitively. They're not the best, but they're the ones I've taken the effort to be able to use haha. I haven't taken the time to build a true competitive team.

My Shinies

These are the shiny Pokémon I'm currently in possession of.

My Legendaries

These are the legendary Pokémon I'm currently in possession of. There are repeats because I have multiple of the same Pokémon.

Pokedex Completion (Pearl)

425 Seen, 364 Obtained

Favorite Pokémon

Here I will list my favorite Pokémon from the different generations, as well as my opinions on them in regards to playability. The latter will take the family in general into account, not just the specific Pokémon listed. I chose pictures to represent them seemingly randomly, ones that I liked as well as ones that represent the highest amount of nostalgia for me.