Ultra Beast (TCG)

Ultra Beasts (Japanese: ウルトラビースト Ultra Beast) are a type of Pokémon in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. They were introduced in the Crimson Invasion expansion and include all classified Ultra Beasts from the core series plus Necrozma's alternate forms (Dusk Mane, Dawn Wings and Ultra Necrozma). Certain attacks, Abilities, Trainer cards, and Special Energy cards interact specifically with Ultra Beast cards.

An example of an Ultra Beast Pokémon

Every Ultra Beast card has an attack or Ability that affects or is affected by the player and/or opponent's Prize cards. In the case of an Ultra Beast GX card, this is always its GX attack. Several of the Ultra Beast-related Trainer cards interact with Prize cards as well. This association with Prize cards may be a reference to the Ultra Beasts' Ability Beast Boost in the core series, as both Beast Boost and Prize cards center around knocking out the opponent's Pokémon.

Ultra Beast cards are distinguished by a red Ultra Beast label superimposed on the card art below the HP and type. Ultra Beast GX cards have a red GX graphic instead of the blue GX graphic depicted on other Pokémon-GX cards. Non-TAG TEAM regular Ultra Beast GX prints have an Ultra Wormhole in the background. Additionally, the GX attack bar, effect text, Pokémon-GX rule box, and outlines for the Full Art graphics are colored red rather than blue. This red motif may be a reference to the red aura surrounding wild Ultra Beasts in the core series games.

Pokémon that have appeared as Ultra Beasts

Ultra Beast
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a green background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Pheromosa   Forbidden Light   11/131 Forbidden Light   009/094
SM Black Star Promos   SM115 GX Ultra Shiny   009/150
Hidden Fates   SV5/SV94 GX Ultra Shiny   165/150
Xurkitree   Forbidden Light   39/131 Ultra Force   016/050
SM Black Star Promos   SM116 SM-P Promotional cards   181/SM-P
      GX Ultra Shiny   038/150
Hidden Fates   SV14/SV94 GX Ultra Shiny   174/150
Poipole   Forbidden Light   55/131 Ultra Force   022/050
      SM-P Promotional cards   202/SM-P
      SM-P Promotional cards   203/SM-P
      GX Ultra Shiny   051/150
Hidden Fates   SV19/SV94 GX Ultra Shiny   179/150
Buzzwole   Forbidden Light   77/131 Ultra Force   033/050
      GX Ultra Shiny   062/150
Hidden Fates   SV24/SV94 GX Ultra Shiny   184/150
Guzzlord   Forbidden Light   77/131 Ultra Force   056/094
      GX Ultra Shiny   075/150
Hidden Fates   SV26/SV94 GX Ultra Shiny   186/150
Dawn Wings Necrozma   SM Black Star Promos   SM106 Sky-Ultra Force   021/050
SM Black Star Promos   SM123 GX Ultra Shiny   048/150
Dusk Mane Necrozma   SM Black Star Promos   SM107 Sky-Ultra Force   036/050
SM Black Star Promos   SM124 GX Ultra Shiny    
Celesteela   Celestial Storm   100/168 Sky-Splitting Charisma   058/096
SM Black Star Promos   SM131      
      GX Ultra Shiny   083/150
Hidden Fates   SV32/SV94 GX Ultra Shiny   192/150
Kartana   Celestial Storm   101/168 Sky-Splitting Charisma   059/096
      GX Ultra Shiny   084/150
Hidden Fates   SV33/SV94 GX Ultra Shiny   193/150
Nihilego   Lost Thunder   106/214 Super-Burst Impact   046/095
Poipole   Lost Thunder   107/214 Super-Burst Impact   047/095
      SM-P Promotional cards   267/SM-P
      Tag All Stars   066/173
Naganadel   Lost Thunder   108/214 Super-Burst Impact   048/095
      Tag All Stars   066/173
Ultra Necrozma   SM Black Star Promos   SM165 SM-P Promotional cards   236/SM-P
Kartana   Unbroken Bonds   19/214 Full Metal Wall   007/054
      Tag All Stars   015/173
Blacephalon   Unbroken Bonds   32/214 Double Blaze   32/214
Stakataka   Unbroken Bonds   106/214 Full Metal Wall   028/054
SM Black Star Promos   SM180 Tag All Stars   071/173
SM Black Star Promos   SM209 SM-P Promotional cards   311/SM-P
Xurkitree   Unified Minds   70/236 Sky Legend   024/054
Poipole   Unified Minds   102/236 Sky Legend   032/054
Buzzwole   Cosmic Eclipse   21/236 Alter Genesis   011/095
Blacephalon   Cosmic Eclipse   104/236 Remix Bout   031/064
Ultra Necrozma   Cosmic Eclipse   164/236 Remix Bout   072/095
Ultra Beast 
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Nihilego    Crimson Invasion   49/111 Ultradimensional Beasts   022/050
Crimson Invasion   103/111 Ultradimensional Beasts   052/050
Crimson Invasion   114/111 Ultradimensional Beasts   057/050
Hidden Fates   SV62/SV94 GX Ultra Shiny   222/150
Buzzwole    Crimson Invasion   57/111 Awakened Heroes   030/050
Crimson Invasion   104/111 Awakened Heroes   052/050
Crimson Invasion   115/111 Awakened Heroes   057/050
SM Black Star Promos   SM69 GX Ultra Shiny   063/150
Hidden Fates   SV68/SV94 GX Ultra Shiny   228/150
Guzzlord    Crimson Invasion   63/111 Ultradimensional Beasts   033/050
Crimson Invasion   105/111 Ultradimensional Beasts   053/050
Crimson Invasion   116/111 Ultradimensional Beasts   058/050
Yellow A Alternate cards   63a/111 GX Battle Boost   065/114
Hidden Fates   SV71/SV94 GX Ultra Shiny   232/150
Kartana    Crimson Invasion   70/111 Awakened Heroes   037/050
Crimson Invasion   106/111 Awakened Heroes   053/050
Crimson Invasion   117/111 Awakened Heroes   058/050
Hidden Fates   SV73/SV94 GX Ultra Shiny   235/150
Pheromosa    SM Black Star Promos   SM66 GX Battle Boost   012/114
Ultra Prism   140/156 GX Battle Boost   115/114
Ultra Prism   158/156 GX Battle Boost   121/114
Celesteela    SM Black Star Promos   SM67 GX Battle Boost   071/114
Ultra Prism   144/156 GX Battle Boost   117/114
Ultra Prism   162/156 GX Battle Boost   123/114
Xurkitree    SM Black Star Promos   SM68 GX Battle Boost   033/114
Ultra Prism   142/156 GX Battle Boost   116/114
Ultra Prism   160/156 GX Battle Boost   122/114
      GX Ultra Shiny   039/150
Hidden Fates   SV58/SV94 GX Ultra Shiny   218/150
Dawn Wings Necrozma    Ultra Prism   63/156 Ultra Moon   033/066
Ultra Prism   143/156 Ultra Moon   068/066
Ultra Prism   161/156 Ultra Moon   074/066
SM Black Star Promos   SM101 GX Ultra Shiny   049/150
Dusk Mane Necrozma    Ultra Prism   90/156 Ultra Sun   044/066
Ultra Prism   145/156 Ultra Sun   068/066
Ultra Prism   163/156 Ultra Sun   074/066
SM Black Star Promos   SM102 GX Ultra Shiny   086/150
Naganadel    Forbidden Light   56/131 Ultra Force   023/050
Forbidden Light   121/131 Ultra Force   052/050
Forbidden Light   134/131 Ultra Force   058/050
SM Black Star Promos   SM125 GX Ultra Shiny   052/150
Hidden Fates   SV63/SV94 GX Ultra Shiny   223/150
Ultra Necrozma    Forbidden Light   95/131 Forbidden Light   069/094
Forbidden Light   127/131 Forbidden Light   099/094
Forbidden Light   140/131 Forbidden Light   107/094
SM Black Star Promos   SM126 GX Ultra Shiny   104/150
Dragon Majesty   78/70 GX Ultra Shiny   250/150
      Tag All Stars   101/173
Stakataka    Celestial Storm   102/168 Sky-Splitting Charisma   060/096
Celestial Storm   159/168 Sky-Splitting Charisma   099/096
Celestial Storm   176/168 Sky-Splitting Charisma   107/096
      GX Ultra Shiny   088/150
Hidden Fates   SV74/SV94 GX Ultra Shiny   236/150
Blacephalon    Lost Thunder   52/214 Super-Burst Impact   023/095
Lost Thunder   199/214 Super-Burst Impact   097/095
Lost Thunder   219/214 Super-Burst Impact   105/095
      Tag All Stars   028/173
Celesteela    Unbroken Bonds   163/214 Full Metal Wall   043/054
Unbroken Bonds   208/214 Full Metal Wall   060/054
Unbroken Bonds   228/214 Full Metal Wall   066/054
Naganadel    Unified Minds   160/236 Sky Legend   034/054
Unified Minds   230/236 Sky Legend   058/054
Unified Minds   249/236 Sky Legend   065/054
TAG TEAM Ultra Beast 
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Pheromosa & Buzzwole    Unbroken Bonds   1/214 Full Metal Wall   001/054
Unbroken Bonds   191/214 Full Metal Wall   055/054
Unbroken Bonds   192/214 Full Metal Wall   056/054
Unbroken Bonds   215/214 Full Metal Wall   063/054
      Tag All Stars   001/173
Naganadel & Guzzlord    Cosmic Eclipse   158/236 Alter Genesis   066/095
Cosmic Eclipse   223/236 Alter Genesis   101/095
Cosmic Eclipse   224/236 Alter Genesis   102/095
Cosmic Eclipse   260/236 Alter Genesis   113/095

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