Super Styler

The Super Styler (Japanese: スーパー・スタイラー Super Styler) is a tool used in Pokémon Ranger.

The device was first invented by Professor Hastings prior to the events in the game, as a more powerful model of the Capture Styler. During Hastings' first appearance in the game, he advises Spenser of its powerful capturing potential. Later, during the player's first official mission, members of the Go-Rock Squad ambush Hastings in the Krokka Tunnel and steal his prototype.

As the story progresses, it is gradually revealed that the Stylers used by the Go-Rock Squad are altered duplicates of the Super Styler prototype. After the player and Hastings shut down the Dusk Factory, which had been producing the Go-Rock Squad's Stylers, production is moved to the Go-Rock Base.

The base is the last time the Super Styler is prominently mentioned. Spenser recovers it from a lab while the player and Lunick or Solana defeat Billy and the other Go-Rock Quads.

Gordor's Power Styler, deployed at Fiore Temple, is the fruit of all his work on the stolen Super Styler.

It is possible that the Fine Styler was developed by Hastings based on the Super Styler.

In the manga

In the W Mission Story: Pokémon Ranger - the Comic manga

The Super Styler appears as a new model of the Capture Styler, but the plans were stolen from Professor Hastings prior to the beginning of the story.

Later, it is revealed that the Super Styler was stolen by the Go-Rock Squad and was implemented into instruments of the Go-Rock Quads. By playing their instruments, the Quads can relay their feelings to Pokémon much easier than a regular Styler, and can even capture a Partner Pokémon. In addition, the Capture Disc of a Super Styler can move about freely in the air, compared to a regular Capture Disc which could only move on the ground and possibly the water.

In other languages

Language Title
  French Super-Capstick
  German Super-FangKom
  Italian Super Styler
  Spanish Súper Capturador

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