The Almia Times

Almia Times, Vol. 01

The Almia Times (Japanese: アルミアタイムズ The Almia Times) is a newspaper featured in Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia. It covers news for the Almia region and occasionally Fiore. There are 13 volumes of this newspaper.


The newspaper itself is simply a plot device. Other characters will usually "show" the player the latest volume. It often reports major events from the storyline, while other times it has articles about other key concepts and characters from the game. The text appears as blurry lines, so only the headlines and the pictures are readable. Some of the pictures of events like the player fighting Ice's Froslass, couldn't have been taken as there was nobody else around. Early pictures of Team Dim Sun were also blurry.


Oftentimes after an important event, other characters will comment on the subject of the latest issue, and then "show" the player the issue. Previous issues can be viewed again on the second floor of a building in southwest Pueltown, where they are stored in bookshelves.


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  Volume one  
Volume two
Volume three
  Volume four
  • The Vien forest fire and how the player stopped it
  • Odd Machines being found at the site
Volume five
  • The player's mission to stop the strange Pokémon behavior at Pueltown
  • Team Dim Sun
  Volume six  
Volume seven
  • The Region of Fiore
  • Keith breaking up a team of no-goods
  • Gigaremo Machines
  Volume eight
  • Team Dim Sun's ship beaching near the Ranger school
  • Team Dim Sun's mystery boss
  • The player becoming a Top Ranger
Volume nine
  • The player and Keith becoming Top Rangers
  Volume ten
  • Team Dim Sun and Gigaremo Machines
Volume eleven
  Volume twelve  
Volume thirteen
  • Operation Brighton
  • The reform of Altru inc.


In other languages

Language Title
  French Les Echos d'Almia
  German Das Almia-Journal
  Italian L'Eco di Almia
  Spanish La Voz de Almia

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