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Rocky wall

A rocky wall[1] (Japanese: ごつごつのかべ[2] rugged wall; ゴツゴツのいわはだ[3] rugged rock surface) is an overworld obstacle which can be climbed up or down by the move Rock Climb.


Areas with rocky walls


Area Qty. Notes / Items found via rocky walls Games
Route 5 1 Cleanse Tag (in the former Day Care; alternatively, it is possible to enter the Day Care building via a ledge and a grass patch from Cerulean City and leave it by jumping over another ledge) HGSS
Rock Tunnel (B1F) 4 Iron, HP Up (hidden), and Oval Stone
Diglett's Cave 3 Calcium (hidden), PP Max, and Rock Incense
Cinnabar Island 13 Magmarizer and 3 hidden items: Rare Candy, Iron, and Star Piece
Cerulean Cave (B1F) 4 Dusk Stone, Electirizer, and Black Sludge


Area Qty. Notes / Items found via rocky walls Games
Cherrygrove City 1 Nugget (hidden, requires Surf) HGSS
National Park 1 Shiny Stone
Route 38 1 Lax Incense and a hidden HP Up
A shortcut to Route 39
Route 39 1 A shortcut to Route 38
Olivine City 1 Rare Candy
Mt. Mortar (1F - south) 1 Revive (hidden)
Mt. Mortar (1F - north) 4 Full Incense, Nugget (hidden), Ultra Ball (hidden), Protector, and Rare Candy (hidden)
Route 42 1 Dubious Disc (accessible via Mt. Mortar - 2F)
Route 46 1 PP Max (hidden, requires going to Route 45 after climbing the rocky wall on Route 46)
Route 47 3 The entrance to the Embedded Tower (requires Rock Climb and Surf)
Wave Incense and a hidden Stardust (require Rock Climb and Surf)
Cliff Edge Gate 1 Big Pearl (hidden)
Mt. Silver (1F) 3 Hyper Potion, Ultra Ball, and Dire Hit (they are hidden near the waterfalls, and require Surf and Waterfall)
Revive (near the entrance)
Access to the lower mountainside and therefore to the rest of the area, including the summit with Red at the end
Mt. Silver (Moltres' chamber) 2 Rock Climb required to battle Moltres
Mt. Silver (3F) 1 Rock Climb required to climb to the upper mountainside


Area Qty. Notes / Items found via rocky walls Games
Mt. Coronet
(1F - southern room)
1 Rock Climb, Surf, and Strength required to access the stairs to 2F and therefore the rest of the cave up until the peak DPPt
Mt. Coronet
(1F - eastern room)
2 One rocky wall blocks the way past the western entrance from the peak

Another rocky wall blocks the entrance to the northern tunnel which leads to the B1F lake room

Mt. Coronet
(4F - western room)
1 Rock Climb is required to travel between the southwestern entrance from the peak and the eastern exit to the horizontal L-shaped corridor to 5F
Mt. Coronet
3 Rock Climb is required for access to the northern section, including the northwestern exit DPPt
Nugget (hidden in the ledge above eastern entrance to 4F) DP
Star Piece (hidden in the ledge above eastern entrance to 4F) Pt
Route 208 1 Iron (hidden, requires Rock Smash) DP
Star Piece (hidden, requires Rock Smash) Pt
Route 210 2 Rock Climb is required to access Wilma's house (she's a Move Tutor who teaches Draco Meteor) DPPt
Nugget (hidden) DP
Shiny Stone (hidden) Pt
Route 211
(eastern section)
1 TM29 (Psychic) (requires Rock Smash) DPPt
Zinc (hidden, requires Rock Smash) DP
Calcium (hidden, requires Rock Smash) Pt
Route 213 7 Protein, TM05 (Roar), Max Revive (hidden), Max Revive (Hotel Grand Lake), Coin Toss Pokétch App (Hotel Grand Lake) DPPt
HP Up Pt
Valor Lakefront 2 TM85 (Dream Eater) DPPt
Rare Candy (hidden) DP
Sun Stone (hidden) and Iron Pt
Veilstone City 1 Full Incense DPPt
Route 216 1 Mental Herb, HP Up, Max Potion, and TM13 (Ice Beam)
Acuity Lakefront 1 Reaper Cloth

Rock Climb is required to enter the Lake Acuity

Sunyshore City 1 Rock Climb is required to reach the Pokétch developer and receive the Calendar, Dot Artist, and Roulette apps DPPt
Route 225 2 Dawn Stone DPPt
Razor Fang Pt
Route 226 9 Qualot Berry ×2, Pomeg Berry ×2, Carbos, Lagging Tail, TM53 (Energy Ball), TinyMushroom, Big Mushroom, and PP Max DPPt
Route 227 1 Charcoal DPPt
Full Heal DP
Max Repel Pt
Stark Mountain
3 Life Orb DPPt
Stark Mountain
(northern interior)
6 Ultra Ball, Max Elixir, and Nugget
Ultra Ball (hidden) Pt
Victory Road
(1F - main room)
5 Rock Climb is required to travel most of the cave and access other floors, regardless of whether the player entered through the southern or the northen entrance DPPt


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  1. From the move description of Rock Climb from Generation IV: "It can also be used to scale rocky walls." Additionally, from the text that appears when using Rock Climb: "This wall is very rocky..."
  2. From the Japanese move description of Rock Climb from Generation IV: "ごつごつしした かべを のぼることも できる。"
  3. From the text that appears when using Rock Climb in the Japanese version: "いわはだが ゴツゴツしてる... ロッククライムを つかいますか?"