Pokémon Colosseum: Official Nintendo Player's Guide

Pokémon Colosseum: Official Nintendo Player's Guide
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ISBN: 9781930206472
Published: March 2004
Publisher: Nintendo Power magazine logo.png
Author: Nintendo Power Team
Preceded By: Pokémon Stadium 2: Official Nintendo Player's Guide
Succeeded By: Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness: Official Nintendo Player's Guide

Pokémon Colosseum: Official Nintendo Player's Guide is a guidebook for Pokémon Colosseum published by Nintendo Power in March 2004.


In Pokémon Colosseum's Story mode, the all-new Orre region is being taken over by criminals and their tainted Pokémon. You'll need to defeat them all and snag every one of their Shadow Pokémon to rescue them before it's too late. Nintendo's official pros will help you save Orre - and defeat hundreds of Trainers in Battle mode, too!

  • Story Mode - Find your way across the driest deserts and to the highest peaks of Orre with our full-color maps that pinpoint the location of every Shadow Pokémon and vital item.
  • Battle Mode - With droves of Trainers to beat in 12 colosseum competitions and the 100-Trainer Mt. Battle challenges, you'll want the inside scoop on the Pokémon you'll be facing.
  • PokéDex & Extra Data - You can snag many Pokémon that haven't appeared since Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver - and you'll find all their PokéDex data plus lots more in the official Player's Guide.


Story Mode

This section contains an in-depth walkthrough of story mode, from the Outskirt Stand all the way through the Snagem Hideout.

Battle Mode

This section contains information on all of the Single and Double trainers in Battle Mode.


This section lists all 48 obtainable Pokémon and their evolutions, as well as four special Pokémon.

Reference Data

This section lists all available Items, TMs, moves, abilities and natures in Colosseum, Ruby and Sapphire. It also lists all Pokémon available in Hoenn and Orre by type.


  • Page 11 implies Roselia can learn Water-type or Rock-type moves; Roselia would gain Water-type moves in Generation IV but has never been able to use Rock-type moves. The same page also states Fire-type Pokémon can be burned but Fire-types stopped being able to get afflicted with the Burn status condition starting in Generation III.

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