Pokémon Gold and Silver: Official Nintendo Player's Guide

Pokémon Gold and Silver: Official Nintendo Player's Guide
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ISBN: 9781930206045
Published: October 15, 2000[1]
Publisher: Nintendo Power magazine logo.png
Author: Nintendo Power Team
Preceded By: Pokémon: Special Edition for Yellow, Red and Blue: Official Nintendo Player's Guide
Succeeded By: Pokémon Crystal: Official Nintendo Player's Guide

Pokémon Gold and Silver: Official Nintendo Player's Guide is a guidebook for Pokémon Gold and Silver published by Nintendo Power. It contains 120 pages of information about Pokémon Gold and Silver, including a walkthrough of the game's story, an explanation of the various game mechanics, and information on some of the Pokémon you can find in the games.


The Pokémon Masters at Nintendo Power have dug up a treasure trove of insider information on the newest Pokémon adventures. The Pokémon Gold Version and Silver Version guide contains information on the new places, people and Pokémon that make Gold and Silver the most precious Pokémon Paks to date.

    • Take a guided tour of all the routes, towns, islands, caves and cities in Pokémon Gold Version and Silver Version, complete with in-depth info on what to see and do while you're in each area.
    • Learn how to catch many of the most difficult Pokémon with tips on evolution, stones, items and eggs.
    • Find out which Pokémon to take into each battle with your Rival, the Gym Leaders, the Elite Four, and more!
    • Keep track of your progress and always know where you're going with our detailed maps.



The first six pages of the Player's Guide include a full map of the Johto and Kanto regions. They also introduce the new characters and mechanics introduced in the Gold and Silver versions, such as the Pokégear. These are followed by a basic overview of Pokémon battles and methods of catching Pokémon.

Trainer's Manual

The Trainer's Manual is the walkthrough of the games and is the bulk of the Player's Guide. It is separated into two sections, each covering the Johto and Kanto halves of the games. Lists of available Pokémon are provided up until the Burned Tower, and maps, locations of items, notable NPCs, and events are also listed for every location.

Each Gym Leader and encounter with the rival are also listed. Johto Gym leaders list the Pokémon on each Leader's team, as well as their levels and types; tips and tricks for each Leader are also provided, with recommended Pokémon types and the prize the Leader gives out. For Kanto Gym Leaders, however, only the tips, recommended types, and prizes are listed; teams are not provided. The same principle is used for the rival: his team is listed in the Johto section, but not in the Kanto section.

Data File

The Data file contains information on methods of encountering and catching Pokémon; a list of available Poké Balls; methods of Evolution; Pokémon breeding; version exclusives between Red, Blue, and Yellow, Gold, and Silver; and other miscellaneous mechanics. Maps of timed events in Johto and Kanto are also provided, including phone calls and trees that hold Apricorns and Berries. Finally, at the end of the Player's Guide, lists of all items, all TMs and HMs, all moves, and the Pokémon covered in the guide are provided.


  • M. Arakawa
Associate Publisher
  • Yoshio Tsuboiko
Editor in Chief
  • Scott Pelland
Lead Writer
  • Jennifer Villarreal
  • Alan Averill
  • Jason Leung
  • Drew Williams
  • Jessica Joffe
Production Coordinator
  • Corinne Agbunag
Art Director
  • Kim Logan
Lead Designer
  • Carol Walter
Strategic Layout
Work House Co., Ltd.
  • Jumpin' Jack Yushi
  • Masahiro Furuse
  • Tatsuya Hoshi
  • Hiroyuki Kadouchi
  • Toru Nakagawa
  • Shigehiko Takahashi
V-Design, Inc.
  • Yoshi Orimo
  • Sonja Morris
  • Oliver Crowell
Electronic Prepress
  • Tim Garret
  • Joel Harris
  • Rebekah Lane
  • Andy Myers
  • Estela Sandoval
  • Van Williams
Prepress Assistant
  • Christopher Shepperd
Sales and Marketing Manager
  • Jeff Bafus
Advertising Coordinator
  • Malinda Miller
Production Specialist
  • Machiko Oehler


  • Page 116 states that Present's description is "May cause damage of 40, 80, 120, or may restore HP by 80." This is a holdover from a miscommunication regarding how much HP Present heals which is 1/4, not 80.


  1. Nintendo Power Vol. 136 (September 2000), p. 122

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