Original Traditional Chinese TCG Series merchandise

The Original Series of the Traditional Chinese Pokémon Trading Card Game has only one expansion. The following is a chronological list of all TCG-related items made available during the Traditional Chinese Original Series of the Trading Card Game.

Base Set Theme Decks

The Chinese Base Set was released in 2000 and had five separate Theme Decks associated with it. The first four, named Blackout (Chinese: 威力掃蕩), Brushfire (Chinese: 叢林之火), Overgrowth (Chinese: 快速成長), and Zap! (Chinese: 電光閃耀), were each released with 60 cards, each focusing on a different combination of the six types released within Base Set. The fifth Theme Deck was the 2-Player Starter Set, which contained instructions on how to divide the cards included in the deck into two separate Half Decks in order to teach players how to play the card game in a more detailed, step-by-step process.

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