Notes are a mechanic in Pokémon Sleep. When a player collects a new item or piece of information, that information is saved in the Notes section of the main menu, which can be accessed at any time. There are four categories of notes: Berries, Ingredients, Dishes, and Sleep Tips.

List of notes


Name Description
  Persim Berry The more this Berry absorbs energy from sunlight, the more vividly colorful it grows.
  Leppa Berry It takes longer to grow than Berries such as Cheri. The smaller Berries taste better.
  Oran Berry Nature's gifts came together as one in this Berry. It has a wondrous mix of flavors that spread in the mouth.
  Grepa Berry One bite of this very tender Berry fills the mouth with its sweet and tangy flavor.
  Durin Berry This Berry is tremendously bitter. Just one bite is enough to instantly stop hiccups.
  Rawst Berry If the leaves grow longer and curlier than average, this Berry will have a somewhat bitter taste.
  Cheri Berry This bright red Berry is very spicy and has a provocative flavor. It blooms with delicate, pretty flowers.
  Chesto Berry This Berry's thick skin and fruit are very tough and dry-tasting. However, every bit of it can be eaten.
  Figy Berry This Berry is oddly shaped, appearing as if someone took a bite out of it. It's packed full of spicy substances.
  Pamtre Berry This Berry drifted from a faraway sea. It can now be cultivated even on this island.
  Mago Berry This Berry progressively curves as it grows. The curvier the Berry, the sweeter it tastes.
  Lum Berry This Berry's gradual process of storing nutrients beneficial to Pokémon health causes it to mature slowly.
  Sitrus Berry Sitrus came from the same family as Oran. It's larger and smoother-tasting than Oran.
  Bluk Berry Though this small, delicately skinned Berry is blue in color, it dyes the mouth black when eaten.
  Yache Berry This Berry has a refreshing flavor that strikes a good balance of dryness and sourness. It tastes better chilled.
  Wiki Berry It's said that this Berry grew lumps to help Pokémon grip it, allowing propagation farther afield.
  Belue Berry This glossy and colorful Berry has a mouthwateringly delicious appearance. However, it's awfully sour.
  Pecha Berry Because of its hollow inside pocket, there isn't a lot to eat. What can be eaten is very sweet and delicious.


See also: Cooking (Sleep) → Ingredients
Name Description
  Large Leek Whether this is the kind of vegetable stalk that Farfetch'd like is unknown.
  Tasty Mushroom A juicy mushroom with an abundance of umami flavor.
  Fancy Egg A nutritious cooking ingredient that goes well with all sorts of seasonings.
  Soft Potato Its mellow flavor makes both body and spirit feel warm and fuzzy.
  Fancy Apple An apple chosen above others. It has spectacular form and a brilliant sheen.
  Fiery Herb The fiery taste of this bright red herb will wake anyone right up.
  Bean Sausage A healthy sausage made from beans that Pokémon like to eat.
  Moomoo Milk Highly nutritious milk. Pokémon that drink it become full of energy.
  Honey A sweet honey collected by Pokémon.
  Pure Oil All-purpose oil that can be used in any type of cuisine.
  Warming Ginger Spicy ginger that warms the body better than any other ingredient.
  Snoozy Tomato A bright-red tomato. Eat it and you'll sleep like a baby.
  Soothing Cacao This cacao bean is time-consuming to process, but its soothing effects make the effort worthwhile.
  Slowpoke Tail A very tasty tail of something. When it falls off, it grows back quickly.
  Greengrass Soybeans This Greengrass Isle specialty is easy to process into foods that are great for training.
  Greengrass Corn This Greengrass Isle specialty can be eaten raw. It's remarkably sweet.


See also: Cooking (Sleep) → Recipes
Name Description
  Fancy Apple Curry A simple curry that lets the natural sweetness of its apples shine.
  Grilled Tail Curry The tasty tail elevates the flavor of the curry roux to the next level.
  "Solar Power" Tomato Curry A curry made using tomatoes that have turned bright red in the sun.
  "Dream Eater" Butter Curry The ingredients in this curry all share a connection to deep sleep.
  Spicy Leek Curry The roasted leeks are fragrant and sweet as fruit, perfectly balancing the spicy roux.
  "Spore" Mushroom Curry A curry that puts you to sleep just as surely as the move Spore.
  Egg Bomb Curry A curry made with oodles of love. Its ingredients are geared toward kids.
  Hearty Cheeseburger Curry This voluminous curry is large enough to astound even a Snorlax.
  Soft Potato Chowder A thick chowder made from potatoes boiled until practically melting.
  Simple Chowder You can really taste the richness of the milk in this simple chowder.
  Beanburger Curry The tender bean patties are the star of the show in this curry.
  Mild Honey Curry A mild curry containing plenty of honey. Kids gobble it down!
  Ninja Curry This tofu curry is said to have been a favorite dish of ninjas.
  "Drought" Katsu Curry The freshly fried cutlet has a nice sparkle to it.
  Melty Omelette Curry This curry is topped with a masterfully cooked omelette that simply melts in the mouth.
  "Bulk Up" Bean Curry A hearty curry packed with nutrients needed for bulking up.
  "Limber" Corn Stew The milk and corn in this creamy stew have a mild, gentle sweetness.
  "Inferno" Corn Keema Curry This curry's infernal spiciness kicks in after the sweetness of the corn.
  Slowpoke Tail Pepper Salad The mouth-tinglingly spicy pepper highlights the sweetness of the tail.
  "Spore" Mushroom Salad A salad rich in minerals that improve the quality of sleep.
  "Snow Cloak" Caesar Salad A bacon salad topped with a generous snowy sprinkling of cheese.
  "Gluttony" Potato Salad This potato salad contains just a hint of flavor from the Fancy Apples.
  "Water Veil" Tofu Salad A salad topped with wobbly cubes of tofu.
  "Superpower" Extreme Salad A hefty salad that provides all your daily nutrients at once
  Bean Ham Salad This simple salad features ham made from Bean Sausages.
  Snoozy Tomato Salad The Snoozy Tomatoes in this simple salad are a great aid for sleep.
  Moomoo Caprese Salad A basic salad containing only cheese, tomatoes, and a splash of oil.
  "Contrary" Chocolate Meat Salad The savory sauce and sweet chocolate sauce let you enjoy a mix of flavors.
  "Overheat" Ginger Salad This salad's special ginger dressing warms you through and through.
  Fancy Apple Salad A simple salad accentuated by a mashed apple dressing.
  "Immunity" Leek Salad The crisp leeks in this salad do wonders for the immune system.
  "Dazzling" Apple Cheese Salad The simple seasoning keeps the focus on the sublime pairing of ingredients.
  Ninja Salad Ninjas cannot resist the flavor of this tofu salad. It's eaten in a flash!
  "Heat Wave" Tofu Salad A tofu salad covered in bright red spicy sauce.
  Greengrass Salad A salad made of fresh vegetables—all harvested on Greengrass Isle.
  "Calm Mind" Fruit Salad The refreshing sweetness of this fruit salad soothes the soul.
  "Fury Attack" Corn Salad When eating this salad, you should start by attacking the mound of corn.
  "Fluffy" Sweet Potatoes These perfectly ripe potatoes don't rely on honey to deliver a sweet kick.
  "Steadfast" Ginger Cookies These cookies give you the power to tackle hardships without crumbling.
  Fancy Apple Juice A rich juice containing only the very best apples.
  Craft Soda Pop A highly carbonated artisan soda.
  "Ember" Ginger Tea Apples have been added to the spicy ginger, helping the tea go down easily.
  Jigglypuff's Fruity Flan A very special flan that's as springy as a balloon.
  "Lovely Kiss" Smoothie A relaxing drink that soothes your weariness and envelops you in sleep.
  "Lucky Chant" Apple Pie The chunky pieces of apple in this pie are lucky finds!
  Neroli's Restorative Tea A special restorative tea made by Professor Neroli.
  "Sweet Scent" Chocolate Cake Neither people nor Pokémon can resist the lure of this cake's sweet aroma.
  Warm Moomoo Milk Moomoo Milk that has been heated to further draw out its sweetness.
  "Cloud Nine" Soy Cake A soy cake with a nice, light texture.
  "Hustle" Protein Smoothie A glass of this sweet smoothie is a treat after a training session.
  "Stalwart" Vegetable Juice An easy-to-make juice with natural sweet-and-sour flavors.
  Big Malasada A special fried bread made using a recipe from the Alola region.
  "Huge Power" Soy Donuts Soy donuts fried to crisp perfection. They're a bodybuilder's best friend.
  "Explosion" Popcorn Prepared in an instant with enough heat to cause an explosion.
  "Teatime" Corn Scones This flaky scone is most delicious when paired with an equal amount of apple ginger jam.
  "Petal Dance" Chocolate Tart A tricksy tart that scatters flower petals when you eat it.
  "Flower Gift" Macarons These macarons are perfect to give as a gift—they always make the recipient smile.

Sleep Tips

Number Name Description
#1 What Is Sleep Debt? When we go a number of days without getting enough sleep, we accumulate "sleep debt." Having sleep debt makes us less able to function when we're awake, and what's more, it poses various risks to our health.
#2 Can I Store Up Sleep? Sleeping extra doesn't prevent sleep debt. It's best not to think of sleep like money in a bank—we can't store up sleep to withdraw later.
#3 What's the Best Amount of Sleep? The best amount of sleep for you is however much it takes to not feel tired during the day. Try to sleep the same amount every day—even on days off.
#4 Short Sleepers There are a very small number of people in the world who are known to be naturally "short sleepers"—that is, they can go without sleeping very much and still be healthy.
#5 We Can't Reduce Our Sleep Needs We're either born as short sleepers or we aren't. At present, it's just about impossible for us to deliberately turn ourselves into short sleepers.
#6 What to Do When Short on Sleep When we're short on sleep, getting enough sleep should be our top priority. It's recommended to save work and studies for later and focus on getting deep sleep.
#7 When Should I Go to Bed? Ideally, we should go to bed at an hour when we can fall asleep easily, rather than going out of our way to match someone else's schedule.
#8 Morning People and Night People People are born as early risers or night owls. It's said to be extremely hard for night people to deliberately become morning people.
#9 Nighttime Meals It's best to eat dinner three to four hours before bed at the latest. Digesting our food thoroughly before sleep is important.
#10 Eating and Core Body Temperature When our core body temperature drops, we get sleepy. Eating makes our internal organs start working, and that raises our core body temperature, making it harder to fall asleep.
#11 Why Breakfast Matters (1) We each run on our own biological clock, and its cycle isn't exactly 24 hours. Having breakfast after we wake up resets our biological clock, so we can ideally sync up with the 24-hour day cycle.
#12 Social Jet Lag If we sleep in on weekends for very long times—especially at later hours than on other days—we get "social jet lag." Not only is this detrimental to our health, it can also negatively impact how well we function when Monday comes.
#13 Why Do We Sleep? It's said that one of sleep's functions is to let our brains recover from fatigue. We need sleep to give our brains time for regular upkeep.
#14 Body Temperature and Sleep Having a high core body temperature makes it hard to sleep well. Taking a hot bath raises our core temperature, so a bath right before bed can make falling asleep a challenge.
#15 Baths and Exercise Before Bed It's recommended to finish up activities that raise core body temperature—such as bathing and exercise—at least an hour before bed.
#16 Sleep Cycles When we fall asleep, we start out dozing, then move back and forth between lighter and deeper sleep. Repetitions of these stages form what's known as sleep cycles.
#17 Number of Sleep Cycles In one night's sleep, we go through roughly four to six sleep cycles.
#18 Length of Sleep Cycles A single sleep cycle generally lasts around 90 minutes. But their lengths can vary from day to day, or even within the same night's sleep.
#19 The Deep "Slumbering" Stage (1) Slumbering is a deep-sleep stage that's said to be crucial for reinforcing and strengthening memory.
#20 The Light "Snoozing" Stage (1) In the snoozing stage of sleep, our brains may be in a state similar to being awake, even though our bodies are asleep.
#21 The Light "Snoozing" Stage (2) It was recently discovered that some parts of our brains are more active in the snoozing stage than they are when we're awake!
#22 What Is Sleepiness? In order to get to sleep, we need to be sleepy enough—but what exactly is sleepiness? How does it work? No one has a clear answer yet. Research into the question is ongoing.
#23 Sleep and Hunger Getting to sleep can be hard when you're very hungry. It may be best to avoid eating dinner too early as well as too late.
#24 Careful with Caffeine Caffeine affects the parts of our brains that are responsible for making us sleepy. It may be good to avoid caffeine starting five to six hours before you go to sleep.
#25 Sleep and Body Temperature It's said that our body temperatures start to cool around the time we fall asleep, and are lowest while we're sleeping. This change in temperature is thought to be another important factor in the quality of our sleep.
#26 Biological Clocks (1) Our biological clocks are what make us wake up and start functioning when the sun rises and get sleepy when night falls.
#27 Biological Clocks (2) Light is essential for regulating our biological clocks. The sight of sunlight soon after we wake up is what lets our bodies know it's morning.
#28 Bright Light at Night Our biological clocks are managed by a "master clock" in our brains. Seeing bright light at night throws off this master clock and interferes with sleep. It's good to keep our rooms as dark as possible when it's time for bed.
#29 Is Staying Up All Night Bad for Us? It's known that the more sleep we lose, the more prone we are to making mistakes. In other words, pulling an all-nighter to cram for a test can have the opposite effect to what we intend.
#30 Do I Need Sleep to Grow? Along with its other benefits, the deep sleep we get in the slumbering stage is said to be very important to growing up healthily.
#31 Why Do We Dream? No one yet knows for sure why we dream. But some have suggested that it has to do with the way our brains perform maintenance on themselves in our sleep.
#32 How Long Kids Need to Sleep How long we need to sleep depends on how old we are. Kids need to sleep for longer than adults do.
#33 What Matters Most About Sleep In our everyday lives, we tend to get less sleep than we should. First and foremost, you should try to prioritize getting as much sleep as you need.
#34 Why We Roll Over in Our Sleep If we stay in the same position the whole time we sleep, it can put strain on our bodies. Rolling over helps lighten that strain.
#35 Too Much Tossing and Turning When we sleep comfortably, we don't roll over too often. If we sleep on bedding that's too soft or too hard, we roll over more often to reduce the strain on our bodies.
#36 The Effects of Snoring Snoring a lot is known to make our sleep unstable. If you get the feeling you haven't been sleeping well, it may be worth looking into how much you've been snoring.
#37 Sleep and Seasons The changing of the seasons seems to be a factor in how long we sleep. It's said that we sleep less when days are longer and more when days are short.
#38 Microsleeping Building up lots of sleep debt can be dangerous—it may cause us to experience microsleeps, or momentary losses of consciousness. To prevent this, it's very important to sleep enough and in a consistent way every day.
#39 Nodding Off During the Day If you repeatedly find yourself getting sleepy and falling asleep easily during the day, it's probably a sign that you've built up lots of sleep debt. Please try hard to get enough sleep.
#40 Do Dreams Come in Types, Too? What stage of sleep we're in is known to affect what kinds of dreams we have. For example, research shows that our dreams tend to be more clearly memorable when we're dozing.
#41 Sleep and Inspiration We're said to be more creative after a good night's sleep than if we'd stayed awake all night.
#42 Sleep and Immunity How much sleep we get is said to be linked to our bodies' natural defenses. Some research suggests that getting less sleep can make us more prone to catching colds.
#43 Lights Before Bedtime Being in too brightly lit places before bed can impact our sleep. Adjusting the light in our surroundings may help bring healthier sleep.
#44 Exhaustion and Sweet Cravings If we don't get enough sleep, we may develop more of a sweet tooth than usual. This is said to be because lack of sleep affects the part of our brains that regulates food preferences.
#45 When Sleepiness Strikes Midday If you find yourself tired during the day, taking a 15- to 20-minute nap may help. But getting enough sleep at night is best, so don't forget to focus on that.
#46 When Sleep is Elusive If you have trouble falling asleep, it's better not to go to bed when you are not sleepy. It's important to do something relaxing and wait for sleepiness to set in, rather than try to force sleep.
#47 Warm Feet Some studies have shown that warming up our feet can help us sleep better. A foot bath before bed may be worth a try.
#48 Why Breakfast Matters (2) Eating breakfast within an hour after waking up is important for regulating our biological clocks. Even when we're busy, skipping breakfast and waiting until lunch isn't the best idea.
#49 Chewing Is Important, Too Eating without chewing your food well is said to throw off your sleep cycle. That means in order to sleep well, you need to chew well, too.
#50 Keeping It Quiet During Sleep Keeping your room as quiet as possible is one important factor in getting good sleep. It's said that sounds like people talking can be especially disruptive to sleep.
#51 Room Temperature During Sleep When you're sleeping, try to maintain the right temperature for you all the way until morning. Being too hot or too cold isn't good for your sleep.
#52 Keeping the Room Dark When going to sleep at night, it's best to be in as complete darkness as possible. If you feel unsafe, using a night light or other dim light is OK.

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