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Foreign Pokédex entries are a feature introduced in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, the first Pokémon games to officially support trading between languages. Originally limited to a select group of Pokémon, multilingual Pokédex entries are now accessible for every Pokémon in nine different languages.

Pokémon with foreign Pokédex entries

Generation IV

In Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, a Hiker in a small house on Route 226 named the Meister (Japanese: マイスター Meister) will upgrade the player's Pokédex with the ability to store entries in foreign languages. If the player obtains an applicable Pokémon whose language of origin is different to their game's language, a Pokédex entry in its language of origin is registered for that Pokémon.

After he upgrades a player's Pokédex, the Meister offers to trade the player a Magikarp in exchange for a Finneon. His Magikarp is German (except in the German games, in which it is Japanese), so performing this trade registers the German or Japanese Pokédex entry for Magikarp in the player's Pokédex.

Although the Korean Generation IV games are not compatible with other language Generation IV games, Pokémon with other languages of origin can still be migrated from Pal Park or obtained in in-game trades to unlock the corresponding Pokédex entries in a Korean game.

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, fourteen Pokémon can have foreign Pokédex entries registered. The entries come from Pokémon FireRed or LeafGreen.

#023: Ekans
Snake Pokémon Height: 6'7" (2.0 m)
 Poison  Weight: 15.2 lbs. (6.9 kg)
Diamond It sneaks through grass without making a sound and strikes unsuspecting prey from behind.
Pearl It sneaks through grass without making a sound and strikes unsuspecting prey from behind.
Platinum It sneaks through grass without making a sound and strikes unsuspecting prey from behind.
Japanese まったく けはいを かんじさせずに いどうする。

ポッポや オニスズメの たまごを まるのみ してしまう。

English Moving silently and stealthily, it eats the eggs of birds, such as Pidgey and Spearow, whole.
French Il se déplace en silence pour dévorer des œufs de Roucool ou de Piafabec.
German Dieses Pokémon kann sich lautlos bewegen. Seine Nahrung sind die Eier von Vogel-Pokémon.
Spanish Es muy silencioso y cauteloso. Come huevos de pájaros como los de Pidgey y Spearow.
Italian Si muove in modo silenzioso e furtivo. Si nutre di uova di uccelli come Pidgey e Spearow, che ingoia intere.
#025: Pikachu
Mouse Pokémon Height: 1'4" (0.4 m)
 Electric  Weight: 13.2 lbs. (6.0 kg)
Diamond It lives in forests with others. It stores electricity in the pouches on its cheeks.
Pearl If it looses crackling power from the electrical pouches on its cheeks, it is being wary.
Platinum It occasionally uses an electric shock to recharge a fellow Pikachu that is in a weakened state.
Japanese なんびきかが あつまっていると そこに もうれつな 

でんきが たまり いなずまが おちることがあるという。

English When several of these Pokémon gather, their electricity could build and cause lightning storms.
French Quand plusieurs de ces Pokémon se réunissent, ils provoquent de gigantesques orages.
German Wenn sich mehrere dieser Pokémon versammeln, kann ihre Energie Blitzgewitter erzeugen.
Spanish Cuando varios de estos Pokémon se juntan, su energía puede causar fuertes tormentas.
Italian Se l'elettricità contenuta nelle sacche delle sue guance scoppietta, significa che è diffidente.
#054: Psyduck
Duck Pokémon Height: 2'7" (0.8 m)
 Water  Weight: 43.2 lbs. (19.6 kg)
Diamond If its usual headache worsens, it starts exhibiting odd powers. It can't remember doing so, however.
Pearl It never remembers using its odd powers, so it always tilts its head in puzzlement.
Platinum Overwhelmed by enigmatic abilities, it suffers a constant headache. It sometimes uses mysterious powers.
Japanese ボーッとした かおに ゆだんすると すかさず 

ねんりきや かなしばりを つかってくる あなどれない やつだ。

English While lulling its enemies with its vacant look, this wily Pokémon will use psychokinetic powers.
French Il distrait ses ennemis avec des grimaces débiles et les attaque ensuite avec ses pouvoirs psy.
German Dieses Pokémon lullt Gegner mit hypnotisierendem Blick ein, bevor es Psykraft einsetzt.
Spanish Mientras calma al enemigo con su vacía mirada, este Pokémon usa poderes psicoquinéticos.
Italian Ha dei poteri misteriosi, ma non si ricorda mai come usarli, perciò ha un'aria sempre perplessa.
#077: Ponyta
Fire Horse Pokémon Height: 3'3" (1.0 m)
 Fire  Weight: 66.1 lbs. (30.0 kg)
Diamond About an hour after birth, its fiery mane and tail grow out, giving it an impressive appearance.
Pearl Its legs grow strong while it chases after its parent. It runs in fields and mountains all day.
Platinum As a newborn, it can barely stand. However, through galloping, its legs are made tougher and faster.
Japanese からだが かるく あしの ちからが ものすごい。

1かいの ジャンプで とうきょうタワーも とびこえる。

English Its hooves are ten times harder than diamond. It can trample anything completely flat in little time.
French Ponyta est très léger mais ses pattes sont incroyablement puissantes. Il peut franchir des montagnes d'un seul saut.
German Sein Körper ist leicht und seine Beine extrem kräftig. Es kommt mit einem Sprung über den Ayers Rock.
Spanish Tiene un cuerpo ligero, pero unas patas tremendamente fuertes. Es capaz de destrozar un peñón de una patada.
Italian Si rafforza le zampe rincorrendo i suoi genitori. Corre tutti i giorni per campi e monti.
#120: Staryu
Star Shape Pokémon Height: 2'7" (0.8 m)
 Water  Weight: 76.1 lbs. (34.5 kg)
Diamond If its body is torn, it can grow back if the red core remains. The core flashes at midnight.
Pearl If its body is torn, it can grow back if the red core remains. The core flashes at midnight.
Platinum If its body is torn, it can grow back if the red core remains. The core flashes at midnight.
Japanese うみべに おおく あらわれ よるになると ちゅうしんが 

あかく てんめつする。

English An enigmatic Pokémon that can effortlessly regenerate any appendage it loses in battle.
French On peut voir des Stari en grand nombre près des côtes. La nuit, le centre de son corps clignote d'une lumière rouge.
German Es taucht in großer Anzahl an Ufern auf. Nachts leuchtet der Kern in seiner Mitte rot auf.
Spanish Suele aparecer en grupos en la orilla de la playa. Por la noche, el órgano central que tiene brilla con una luz roja.
Italian Se ne trovano molti in riva al mare. Di notte, il nucleo al centro del corpo lampeggia di una luce rossa.
#129: Magikarp
Fish Pokémon Height: 2'11" (0.9 m)
 Water  Weight: 22.0 lbs. (10.0 kg)
Diamond It is said to be the world's weakest Pokémon. No one knows why it has managed to survive.
Pearl It is unable to swim against even slow-moving currents. It always splashes about for some reason.
Platinum A Magikarp living for many years can leap a mountain using Splash. The move remains useless, though.
Japanese おおむかしは まだ もうすこし つよかったらしい。

しかし いまは かなしい くらいに よわいのだ。

English In the distant past, it was somewhat stronger than the horribly weak descendants that exist today.
French La puissance de cette créature a beaucoup régressé au fil des siècles.
German Die urzeitlichen Vorfahren dieses Pokémon waren sehr viel stärker als ihre heutigen Nachkommen.
Spanish En un pasado lejano, era más fuerte que sus horribles descendientes de hoy en día.
Italian Non sa nuotare neanche contro le correnti più lente. Sguazza qua e là senza motivo apparente.
#202: Wobbuffet
Patient Pokémon Height: 4'3" (1.3 m)
 Psychic  Weight: 62.8 lbs. (28.5 kg)
Diamond It desperately tries to keep its black tail hidden. It is said to be proof the tail hides a secret.
Pearl It desperately tries to keep its black tail hidden. It is said to be proof the tail hides a secret.
Platinum It desperately tries to keep its black tail hidden. It is said to be proof the tail hides a secret.
Japanese まっくろな シッポを かくすため くらやみで ひっそりと いきている。

じぶんからは こうげき しない。

English It hates light and shock. If attacked, it inflates its body to pump up its counterstrike.
French Pour cacher sa queue noire, il vit discrètement dans l'obscurité. Il n'attaque jamais le premier.
German Verzweifelt versucht es, seinen schwarzen Schweif zu verstecken. Er soll ein Geheimnis enthalten.
Spanish Para mantener oculta la negra cola que tiene, vive en silencio en la oscuridad. Nunca ataca primero.
Italian Cerca di tenere nascosta la sua coda nera a ogni costo. Pare che essa celi un segreto.
#214: Heracross
Single Horn Pokémon Height: 4'11" (1.5 m)
 Bug  Fighting  Weight: 119.0 lbs. (54.0 kg)
Diamond It gathers in forests to search for tree sap, its favorite food. It's strong enough to hurl foes.
Pearl With powerful legs and claws, it generates enough power to hurl foes over great distances.
Platinum It loves sweet honey. To keep all the honey to itself, it hurls rivals away with its prized horn.
Japanese ふだんは とても おとなしいが ミツをすうのを 

じゃまする やつは ツノを つかって おいはらう。

English This powerful Pokémon thrusts its prized horn under the enemies' bellies then lifts and throws them.
French Le plus souvent docile, il chasse les intrus avec sa corne s'il est attaqué quand il mange du miel.
German Es ist ruhig. Wird es aber beim Honignaschen gestört, verjagt es den Störenfried mit seinem Horn.
Spanish Suele ser dócil, pero si se le molesta mientras succiona miel, perseguirá con su cuerno al intruso.
Italian Grazie alle zampe poderose e agli artigli, riesce a scaraventare lontanissimo qualsiasi nemico.
#215: Sneasel
Sharp Claw Pokémon Height: 2'11" (0.9 m)
 Dark  Ice  Weight: 61.7 lbs. (28.0 kg)
Diamond It feeds on eggs stolen from nests. Its sharply hooked claws rip vulnerable spots on prey.
Pearl It is extremely vicious and will not stop attacking until its foe is incapable of moving.
Platinum A smart and sneaky Pokémon. A pair may work together to steal eggs by having one lure the parents away.
Japanese どうもうな せいかく。おやの ポッポを おいはらい 

すに のこされた タマゴをたべる。

English Its paws conceal sharp claws. If attacked, it suddenly extends the claws and startles its enemy.
French De nature aggresive, il chasse les Roucool de leurs nids et dévore les oeufs abandonnés.
German Es besitzt ein grausames Wesen. Es verjagt Taubsis von deren Nestern und labt sich an den Eiern.
Spanish Es malvado por naturaleza. Saca a los Pidgey de sus nidos para devorar sus huevos.
Italian È spietatissimo e continua ad attaccare il nemico finchè questo non è più capace di muoversi
#216: Teddiursa
Little Bear Pokémon Height: 2'0" (0.6 m)
 Normal  Weight: 19.4 lbs. (8.8 kg)
Diamond It lets honey soak into its paws so it can lick them all the time. Every set of paws tastes unique.
Pearl It lets honey soak into its paws so it can lick them all the time. Every set of paws tastes unique.
Platinum It lets honey soak into its paws so it can lick them all the time. Every set of paws tastes unique.
Japanese たべものが へる ふゆのまえに あちこちに 

たべものを かくす しゅうせいを もっている。

English If it finds honey, its crescent mark glows. It always licks its paws because they are soaked with honey.
French Il se fait des réserves de nourriture dans des cachettes avant l'arrivée de l'hiver.
German Steht der Winter vor der Türe, hortet es Nahrung an vielen verschiedenen nur ihm bekannten Orten.
Spanish Antes de que la comida escasee en invierno, tiene por costumbre ocultar comida en lugares secretos.
Italian Per prepararsi all'inverno, è sua abitudine accumulare il cibo in diversi nascondigli.
#228: Houndour
Dark Pokémon Height: 2'0" (0.6 m)
 Dark  Fire  Weight: 23.8 lbs. (10.8 kg)
Diamond It conveys its feelings using different cries. It works in a pack to cleverly take down prey.
Pearl It conveys its feelings using different cries. It works in a pack to cleverly take down prey.
Platinum It is smart enough to hunt in packs. It uses a variety of cries for communicating with others.
Japanese なかまだけで わかりあえる なきごえで おたがいの 

いちを たしかめながら えものをおいつめる。

English It uses different kinds of cries for communicating with others of its kind and for pursuing its prey.
French Pour attraper leur proie, ils vérifient la position de chacun par des aboiements qu'eux seuls comprennent.
German Sie treiben ihre Beute in die Enge und orientieren sich dabel anhand ihres Bellens, das nur sie verstehen.
Spanish Para arrinconar a su presa, comprueban sus posiciones con ladridos que sólo ellos entienden.
Italian Trasmette i suoi stati d'animo con vari versi. Lavora in gruppo per catturare le prede con l'astuzia.
#278: Wingull
Seagull Pokémon Height: 2'0" (0.6 m)
 Water  Flying  Weight: 20.9 lbs. (9.5 kg)
Diamond It makes its nest on steep sea cliffs. Riding updrafts, it soars to great heights.
Pearl Catching sea winds with its long wings, it soars as if it were a glider. It folds its wings to rest.
Platinum It soars high in the sky, riding on updrafts like a glider. It carries food tucked in its bill.
Japanese うみかぜを うけて グライダーの ように かっくうする。

ふゆに なると すの まわりに エサを かくす。

English It rides upon ocean winds as if it were a glider. In the winter, it hides food around its nest.
French Il utilise les vents marins à la façon d'un planeur. En hiver, il cache de la nourriture autour de son nid.
German Es baut sein Nest auf steilen Klippen. Es nutzt die Aufwinde, um in größerer Höhe fliegen zu können.
Spanish Vuela y planea siguiendo la brisa oceánica. En invierno esconde comida cerca de su nido.
Italian Segue i venti marini con le sue lunghe ali e si libra in volo come un aliante. Si riposa piegando le ali.
#287: Slakoth
Slacker Pokémon Height: 2'7" (0.8 m)
 Normal  Weight: 52.9 lbs. (24.0 kg)
Diamond It spends nearly all its time in a day sprawled out. Just seeing it makes one drowsy.
Pearl It spends nearly all its time in a day sprawled out. Just seeing it makes one drowsy.
Platinum It spends nearly all its time in a day sprawled out. Just seeing it makes one drowsy.
Japanese 1にちの うち 20じかん ねむる。

みている あいての ねむけを さそうのも のうりょくの ひとつ。

English It sleeps for 20 hours every day. Making drowsy those that see it is one of its abilities.
French Parecool dort 20 heures par jour. Il suffit de lui jeter un regard pour avoir envie de bâiller.
German Es schläft 20 Stunden am Tag. Eine seiner Fähigkeiten liegt darin, diejenigen, denen es begegnet, schläfrig zu machen.
Spanish Se pasa 20 horas al día durmiendo. Una de sus habilidades es hacer que le entre sueño al que tiene al lado.
Italian Dorme 20 ore al giorno. Una delle sue abilità è far venire sonnolenza a chi lo osserva.
#315: Roselia
Thorn Pokémon Height: 1'0" (0.3 m)
 Grass  Poison  Weight: 4.4 lbs. (2.0 kg)
Diamond Roselia raised on clean drinking water are known to grow vividly colored flowers.
Pearl The beautiful flowers on its arms have toxic thorns. Don't even think about picking those flowers.
Platinum The more healthy the Roselia, the more pleasant its flowers' aroma. Its scent deeply relaxes people.
Japanese はなの かおりを かぐと きもちが リラックスする。

かおりの つよい ロゼリアは げんきな しょうこ。

English Its flowers give off a relaxing fragrance. The stronger its aroma, the healthier the Roselia is.
French Ses fleurs dégagent un parfum relaxant. Plus fort est cet arôme, et plus Roselia est en bonne santé.
German Seine Blüte verströmt einen entspannenden Duft. Je stärker dieser Duft ist, desto gesünder ist Roselia.
Spanish Las flores que tiene desprenden un aroma relajante. Cuando más intenso, mejor es el estado de salud de Roselia.
Italian I bellissimi fiori sulle sue braccia possiedono spine velenose. Non cercare di raccoglierli!


In Pokémon Platinum, the Meister's upgrade allows the player to record foreign Pokédex entries for all 493 Pokémon. These entries used are from Pokémon Diamond in that language.

HeartGold and SoulSilver

In Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, the foreign Pokédex entries are the same as in Platinum. Unlike the previous games, the ability to collect foreign Pokédex entries is available from the start.

Generation V

In Black, White, Black 2, and White 2, the player can register foreign Pokédex entries for the first 493 Pokémon (i.e. Pokémon from Generations I to IV). The entries used are from Pokémon Diamond. Western and Japanese games are now able to collect Korean entries—while the Generation IV games were released in Korean, they were not compatible with other language Generation IV games.

Generation VI onward

Due to all the copies of the game now including all languages in which the game is released, it is now possible to collect foreign Pokédex entries for all Pokémon. The Pokédex entries are from that language of the same game.

Generation VII onward

Due to the games now be available in Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese, there are now nine languages of foreign Pokédex entries that can be registered.

Generation VIII

In Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, foreign Pokédex entries are available as soon as the player obtain their Pokédex (unlike in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl). The Meister will attempt to upgrade the player's Pokédex, but comments that it has already been upgraded with the foreign Pokédex entry feature. Like in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, the Meister offers to trade his German Magikarp (Japanese in the German version).


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