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Pokémon Horizons: The Series
HZ052   EP1284
Kaiden, High Wind Warning!
First broadcast
Japan May 31, 2024
United States
English themes
Japanese themes
Opening Will
Ending Let me battle
Animation Team Kumemura
Screenplay うえのきみこ Kimiko Ueno
Storyboard 尼野浩正 Hiromasa Amano
Assistant director ウヱノ史博 Fumihiro Ueno
Animation directors 篠原隆 Takashi Shinohara
海老沢咲希 Saki Ebisawa
服部奈津美 Natsumi Hattori
Additional credits

(Japanese: カイデン、強風注意報! Kaiden, High Wind Warning!) is the 52nd episode of Pokémon Horizons: The Series, and the 1,284th episode of the Pokémon anime. It first aired in Japan on May 31, 2024.

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Liko, Roy, and Dot are observing various wild Pokémon for the reports they need to make. Liko tries to film a flock of White Plumage Squawkabilly, but accidentally messes it up as they fly away. Dot spots a group a group of Applin, but is prevented from filming them when Tinkatink starts chasing them around. Roy, meanwhile, has chosen to observe a Capsakid, with Fuecoco bringing him a Grepa Berry to feed it. Wattrel tries to help Roy too, but is constantly outdone by Fuecoco bringing in more berries and even directly fetching them straight from the tree with Flame Charge and grilling them in the process, while Wattrel keeps struggling to even fly high enough due to strong gusts of wind. When the group gathers at their campsite to eat and show off their progress, Roy shows his friends a video of Wattrel struggling with strong winds, which it still has problems with, despite Roy having helped it to overcome its fear of flying. Roy wonders how he could help Wattrel get more confident.

In the dead of night, Roy wakes up to notice that Wattrel is missing. He and Fuecoco find the Storm Petrel Pokémon in the woods, struggling to fly up a tree. Roy and Fuecoco try to cheer up Wattrel with a song, though it remains dejected. Suddenly, a haunting sound fills the air, sending shivers down Roy and his Pokémon's spines. A Houndstone appears nearby and runs towards them, but instead of attacking them, it just affectionately jumps onto Roy and cuddles up to him until its Trainer, Ryme, calls it off. She reveals that she had heard Roy's earlier singing to encourage Wattrel and performs a rap telling it to not run away from its fears. Roy is in awe at the rap, but his attention quickly turns elsewhere when he notices Capsakid emerging from a nearby bush. Knowing that it's a Pokémon that likes sunlight, he wonders why it is on the move in the middle of the night. Ryme figures that it must be fleeing from "the unworldly", a scary Pokémon not from this world that she's trying to find. Roy gets excited at the prospect of meeting it too, but quickly turns around to film the potentially rare Capsakid behavior for his report. Kneeling closer to Fuecoco, Ryme says she sees potential in him and encourages the Fire Croc Pokémon to keep at it. When Roy turns back around, Ryme and Houndstone have both vanished. In the morning, Roy tells his friends of "the unworldly", but neither Liko nor Dot has any idea what it could mean. When Roy tries to show them the video he took to prove that his nightly encounter was real, his Rotom Phone only displays a black screen.

The group once again splits up to continue writing their reports. Liko tries to film the White Squawkabilly flock again, but Floragato and Terapagos make too much noise and cause them to fly away again. Dot films Quaxly making a rainbow with Water Gun, but quickly realizes she needs to find wild Pokémon to observe. As Wattrel still struggles to overcome its inability to fly in strong winds, Fuecoco keeps effortlessly collecting berries, even offering one for Wattrel. An irritated Wattrel winds up in a short fight with Fuecoco, which Roy is quick to break up, though Wattrel flees while he's busy calming down Fuecoco. While looking for Wattrel, Roy spots the Capsakid from earlier stuck on a cliff. He carefully walks down a narrow cliffside path, leaving Fuecoco behind to avoid him falling into the water below. At one point, the cliff beneath Roy starts to crumble, causing Fuecoco to cry out in alarm, but Roy barely manages to get to stable footing in time and successfully reaches Capsakid. Distrustful of Roy, Capsakid bites him on the finger and uses Bullet Seed to fire its extremely spicy seeds into his mouth. To Capsakid's surprise, however, Roy finds the spicy seeds very tasty, happily even accepting a second mouthful of them. Eventually, Roy manages to earn Capsakid's trust, but is unable to make it back past the collapsed cliff face or climb up the cliff while holding Capsakid. Wattrel, having been attracted to the site by Fuecoco's alarmed cry from earlier, sees its chance to conquer its fear and swoops down to help. As Wattrel keeps struggling against the wind, Hatenna and Floragato sense that something is going on and lead Liko and Dot to the site.

Eventually, Wattrel manages grab a hold of Capsakid, and, after some further struggles, manages to pass it to Wattrel, who successfully carries it up the cliff to safety. After celebrating Wattrel's success, Roy starts climbing up the cliff, much to Liko and Dot's alarm. Although Roy assures that he's a good tree climber, a combination of a rock he tries to grab breaking off and an especially strong gust of wind blowing by cause him to lose his grip and start falling. Without hesitation, Wattrel dives down to save him and unexpectedly evolves into Kilowattrel, becoming big enough finally overcome the winds and grab Roy, flying him around for a while as Liko and Dot observe the newly evolved Frigatebird Pokémon in awe. Roy is also feeling excited that his Pokémon evolved, but is left dismayed when he finds out that neither of his friends actually recorded the evolution. Nevertheless, after saying goodbye to Capsakid, the group continues on their journey, with Fuecoco taking a flight on Kilowattrel along the way. Meanwhile, in the depths of a dark, mist-filled forest, a ghostly Pokémon lurks in wait.

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