Gold, Silver & Crystal arc (Adventures)

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Pokémon Adventures
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Gold, Silver & Crystal
Gold Silver and Crystal.png
The Pokédex holders of the third arc
Chapters 90
(PS091 - PS180)
Region Johto
Preceded by Yellow arc
Followed by Ruby & Sapphire arc

The Gold, Silver & Crystal arc (Japanese: 金・銀・クリスタル編 Gold, Silver, & Crystal arc or 金・銀・水晶編 Gold, Silver, & Crystal arc), also referred to as The Third Chapter (Japanese: 第三章 The Third Chapter), is the third story arc of the Pokémon Adventures manga, consisting of seven volumes with ninety chapters, which makes it the longest completed arc of the series. It began serialization in December 1999, and ended in December 2002.

This arc features the journeys of Gold through Johto trying to at first search for the ones who stole his backpack and uncovers that the ones who stole his backpack are planning something. Two other new Trainers come into the plot of the story, Silver, whose life is tied in with the villains of this series, and Crystal, an average Pokémon Trainer with a staggering talent in catching Pokémon who later helps Professor Oak catch all the Pokémon to complete his Pokédex. Along with these three, the original the Pokédex holders come back to help these three along with Yellow. With their aid, the heroes of Johto set out to stop the resurrected Team Rocket and their enigmatic leader, the devastatingly powerful Masked Man.



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Important events

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Party changes


The following Pokémon are obtained:


The following Pokémon evolve:

Gym Battles

No Gym Leaders are challenged.


  • This arc was originally published as two separate arcs: the Gold & Silver arc (Japanese: 金 ・ 銀編 Gold & Silver chapter) and the Crystal arc (Japanese: クリスタル編 Crystal chapter), with the split occurring after Satoshi Yamamoto took over as the main illustrator.[1]


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