Go-For-Broke Grill

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Go-For-Broke Grill (Japanese: バル・キバル Bar Go-All-Out) is a chain of restaurants located across the Paldea region.

In the games

Dishes purchased at Go-For-Broke Grill can be consumed to gain different types of Meal Powers.


Go-For-Broke Grill has branches in the following locations:

Branch Detail
Artazon Southeastern row of buildings
Cascarrafa Second level, western row of buildings
Levincia Southern half, southeastern corner of the city
Northern half, eastern edge of the city
Medali Near the Medali (West) Pokémon Center
Mesagoza On top of a hill in the northeastern corner of the city
East of the central plaza
South of the central plaza on the eastern row of buildings (×2)
Southwest of the Mesagoza (West) Pokémon Center, in an alley
Southwest of the Mesagoza (West) Pokémon Center, by the battle court
Southwest of the Mesagoza (West) Pokémon Center, by a park


All Go-For-Broke Grill establishments serve the same dishes regardless of branch.

Name Cost Image Meal Power Description
Paella de Paldea  1,800   Humungo Power: Dark (1)
Egg Power: (1)
Item Drop Power: Water (1)
The various ingredients form a harmony of flavors. This dish truly deserves to bear the name of the region.
Fruit Punch  950   Catching Power: Psychic (1)
Encounter Power: Fairy (1)
Teensy Power: Water (1)
A variety of fruits weave a deep, rich flavor not found in any other juice.
Escalivada  1,500   Raid Power: Ice (1)
Encounter Power: Dragon (1)
Exp. Point Power: Psychic (1)
The roasted vegetables have a pronounced umami flavor. They are great as a side dish-or even as hor d'oeuvres.
Potato Tortilla  1,600   Item Drop Power: Poison (1)
Humungo Power: Grass (1)
Egg Power: (1)
Its unpretentious taste is soothing to the heart and palate. One can't go wrong with this classic Paldean tapa.
Klawf al Ajillo  1,500   Catching Power: Electric (1)
Exp. Point Power: Rock (1)
Raid Power: Fairy (1)
A dish for enjoying rare ingredients in a simple way. The leftover oil is good on pasta, too

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 九八酒吧 Gáubaat Jáubā
Mandarin 九八酒吧 Jiǔbā Jiǔbā
  French Troquet Afond
  German Barriba
  Italian Bar Onezco
  Korean 바르 분바르 Bar Bunbar
  Spanish Bar Baridad

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