Five Island

If you were looking for the town of the same name, see Five Island (town).

Five Island
Chrono Island
Island 5
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
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Location: East of Four Island
Region: Sevii Islands
Generations: III
Sevii Islands Five Island Map.png
Location of Five Island in Sevii Islands.
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Five Island (Japanese: 5のしま Island 5), commonly referred to by fans as Chrono Island (Japanese: ときのしま Time Island), is the fifth island in the Sevii Islands archipelago. It is south of Three Island, and east of Four Island.

On Five Island, much like on the previous islands, is a town, by the name of Five Island.

It would seem that the island is expanding in population lately, although this has caused the fish population to drop.

East of the port is Five Isle Meadow. It is a field owned by a local family throughout generations. However, members of Team Rocket took it over and built a Rocket Warehouse there. They bully the locals for a while, not knowing that Giovanni has been defeated already. Once news of his defection from Team Rocket is announced, the Team Rocket Grunts and Admins abandon the warehouse and give up the Sapphire they had stolen.

West of the port is the Water Labyrinth. If a Trainer is successful in navigating through the many rocks in the water, an old man will give them a Pokémon Egg containing Togepi.

North of the local town is Resort Gorgeous, owned by Lady Selphy, a rich socialite who likes to go exploring in the Lost Cave. Selphy invites artists and other high-class people to private parties on the island. If the main character of Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen defeats her in the cave, she will ask the main character to show her a certain species of Pokémon. Doing so will garner rewards from the wealthy woman.

Off the coast of Resort Gorgeous is the Lost Cave. Thrill-seekers enter it full of curiosity. Many never leave. The cave is a confusing maze that loops back onto itself.

The very south tip of the island is home to the Memorial Pillar, where a young man has built a gravesite for his deceased Onix, Tectonix. The grave itself appears to be the tail of the Rock Snake Pokémon, emerging from the small islet. The Trainer will be grateful to Trainers who leave offerings of his Onix's favorite beverage—Lemonade.

To reach this island, a person has to have a Rainbow Pass, instead of the ordinary Tri-Pass.


Locations on Five Island


The population of Five Island is 24.

In the manga

Five Island in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

FireRed & LeafGreen arc

Five Island first appeared in Put Your Beast Foot Forward as Carr of Team Rocket's Three Beasts attacked the island as a part of Team Rocket's assault on the Sevii Islands, designed to lure the Pallet Town Pokédex holders out for them to capture. Red headed out to Five Island to stop Carr, managing to prevent him from destroying the local Pokémon Center and then defeat him. However, the residents of the island, knowing that Team Rocket's assault was still going on at other islands, started blaming Red for having brought the devastation to their shores.

In Don't Doubt Deoxys, Deoxys appeared on Five Island and attacked Red, who was forced to battle it in order to protect himself. During the battle, Bill noticed Carr holding a black device resembling a Pokédex, leading him to realize that Professor Oak's recent disappearance was Team Rocket's fault.

Red was eventually defeated by Deoxys, despite Pika managing to land a powerful Thunder on its crystal core. Sird, another member of the Three Beasts, then arrived and used the Ruby and Sapphire gems to transform Deoxys into its Speed Forme. The DNA Pokémon subsequently flew off to recover on Birth Island, with Sird and Carr retreating to the Rocket Warehouse to monitor its movements through the Unown Sird was controlling and relay the information on to Giovanni at Trainer Tower.

In Some Things Are Better Left Unown, the Pallet Town Pokédex holders reunited on Five Island to prepare for their next move. After Green had taught Blasty Hydro Cannon and Red had received an ally in the form of Mewtwo, the group headed to confront Team Rocket on Seven Island.

In Double Down Deoxys, Bill and Celio raided the Rocket Warehouse, recovering the Ruby and Sapphire from an amplifier they had been stationed in and thus locking Deoxys out of its Normal and Speed Formes while in the Kanto region, allowing Mewtwo to defeat it in Red and Giovanni's battle aboard the Team Rocket airship.

In Storming the Forretress, the residents of Five Island learned of how Red was attempting to keep the Team Rocket airship from crashing in Vermilion City. Understanding how ungrateful they had been towards him before, they prayed for his success to avoid the same from happening again in Vermilion. In Phew for Mew, the people celebrated when they learned that the crash had been avoided, although Bill was left shocked when he learned that Sird's last-ditch attempt to capture Deoxys had resulted in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Silver being turned to stone.

In other languages

Chrono Island

Language Title
  French L'île où le temps s'écoule comme une rivière
  German Chrono-Insel: Wo die Zeit rennt
  Italian L'isola del tempo che passa!
  Spanish Isla que marca el paso del tiempo.


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