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If you were looking for the town of the same name, see One Island (town).

One Island
Knot Island
Island 1
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Knot Island FRLG.png
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Location: West of Two Island
Region: Sevii Islands
Generations: III
Sevii Islands One Island Map.png
Location of One Island in Sevii Islands.
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One Island (Japanese: 1のしま Island 1), commonly referred to by fans as Knot Island (Japanese: むすびじま Bond Island), is the first island in the Sevii Islands archipelago. It is the most northwest of all the islands.

One Island is an isolated little place, and most of the younger people living on the island are eager to leave for big cities.

One Island is home to the Pokémon Network Center, run by Celio. The Net Center is located in the town of One Island, on the south side of the island. The Pokémon Net Center has a large, long-distance trade machine that enables Trainers to trade Pokémon with others in the Hoenn and Orre regions.

A small area extends to an island south of the town, called Treasure Beach, where valuable items, such as Big Pearls and Stardust, wash up and regenerate.

There is an enormous volcano, Mt. Ember, at the very north tip of the island, and it is reachable via a path known as Kindle Road, which is popular for its hot springs. The hot springs on Kindle Road can restore energy and vitality to Pokémon.

Mt. Ember makes the island a popular tourist spot thanks to the hot springs and climate. Luckily, Mt. Ember has not erupted in years.

Although believed to be inactive, the tunnels beneath the volcano are still warm with geothermic energy that attracts Fire-type Pokémon. Additionally, the presence of a legendary Pokémon on Mt. Ember keeps the peak ablaze with flames at night.

Mt. Ember and One Island are home to Moltres in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen.

Celio only completes the Net Center after the main character in Pokémon FireRed or LeafGreen brings him both the Sapphire and the Ruby, found on Five Island and atop Mt. Ember, respectively.


Locations on One Island

In the anime

One Island appeared in The Search for the Legend, where Ritchie took a ferry to One Island to visit Mt. Ember. Due to a dubbing error, it is referred to as Mt. Magma. Silver currently resides on the island.

Pokémon seen on and around One Island

Gyarados HS18.png
Gyarados (×4)
Knot Island Moltres.png

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

In the FireRed & LeafGreen chapter, Red, Blue, Green and Bill all boarded the Seagallop to One Island. Green was travelling to reunite with her parents, who had relocated there. Just before the Seagallop docked, Green was attacked by an unseen force, which also trapped her parents in a black hole. Overcome by trauma following the incident, Green was taken to the Network Center to recover. Meanwhile, Red and Blue encountered Ultima, who took both of them to Two Island for a series of trials.

Later, the Seagallop ferried Ultima back to One Island on her request. It picked up Green, who by then had recovered and was escaping from a mob, and took her and Ultima to Five Island where Red had been battling Deoxys.

The captain of the Seagallop recognized Green, as she used to take the ferry to One Island to capture Moltres on Mt. Ember.

In other languages

Knot Island

Language Title
France Flag.png French Les amis se réunissent ici
Germany Flag.png German Freunde Treffen sich auf der Knoteninsel.
Italy Flag.png Italian L'isola del collegamento!
Spain Flag.png Spanish Punto de encuentro para todos.
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Hòn đảo nối kết những vận mệnh

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