Claw Fossil

The Claw Fossil (Japanese: ツメのカセキ Claw Fossil) is a Fossil introduced in Generation III that can be regenerated into Anorith. It is the counterpart of the Root Fossil.

Claw Fossil
Claw Fossil
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Claw Fossil
Pokémon Global Link artwork
Introduced in Generation III
Generation III Bag Key items pocket icon.png Key items
Generation IV Bag Items pocket icon.png Items
Generation V Bag Items pocket icon.png Items
Generation VI Bag Items pocket icon.png Items
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Generation VIII Bag Treasures pocket icon.png Treasures
Power 100

In the core series games


Games Cost Sell price
N/A $500
SMUM N/A $3,500
US $7,000 $3,500


If brought to the one of the following locations, the Claw Fossil can be regenerated into an Anorith.

Games Location
RSE Devon Corporation in Rustboro City
Oreburgh Mining Museum
HGSS Pewter Museum of Science
BWB2W2 Nacrene Museum
XY Ambrette Town Fossil Lab
ORAS Devon Corporation in Rustboro City
SMUSUM Fossil Restoration Center on Route 8

Generation III

In the Generation III games, the Claw Fossil is a Key Item.

In Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, the Claw Fossil (as well as the Root Fossil) is found in the game data, but it is not legitimately obtainable and has no effect. The player is unable to regenerate this fossil in the Cinnabar Lab.

Generation IV onward

From Generation IV onward, the Claw Fossil is no longer a Key Item, and is a normal item. Therefore, multiples of them can be obtained, they can be held, and sent to other players via trading.


Games Description
RSE A fossil of an ancient, seafloor-dwelling Pokémon.
FRLG A fossil of an ancient, seafloor-dwelling Pokémon. It appears to be part of a claw.
A fossil of an ancient Pokémon that lived in the sea. It appears to be part of a claw.
A fossil from a prehistoric Pokémon that once lived in the sea. It appears to be a fragment of a claw.


Games Finite methods Repeatable methods
RS Route 111 (choice between this and the Root Fossil)
E Mirage Tower (choice between this and the Root Fossil)
Desert Underpass (if not picked up at Mirage Tower)
DPPt Underground (after obtaining the National Pokédex)
HGSS Rock Smash (Cliff Cave, after obtaining the National Pokédex)HG
BW Twist Mountain (after obtaining the National Pokédex)
B2W2 Twist Mountain
Join Avenue (Antique Shop)
XY Rock Smash (Glittering Cave, after entering the Hall of Fame)X
ORAS Route 111 (choice between this and the Root Fossil)
SM Trade
USUM Konikoni City (Olivia's jewelry shop)US Poké Pelago (Isle Aphun: Rare-Treasure Hunting, Interesting-Item Hunting)
BDSP Grand Underground (after defeating or capturing DialgaBD/PalkiaSP)



Overworld sprite from
Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald
Underground sprite from
Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum
Grand Underground sprite from
Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

In the anime

A Claw Fossil in the anime

An image of a Claw Fossil was seen in Where's Armaldo?, when Professor Proctor explained Ash and his friends how he had restored several Lileep and Anorith back to life from Root and Claw Fossils.

A Claw Fossil appeared in Restore and Renew! under the possession of the Pewter Museum of Science Curator.

In the TCG

Claw Fossil in the TCG
Main article: Claw Fossil (EX Sandstorm 90)

The Claw Fossil was introduced as a Trainer card in the Pokémon Trading Card Game in the EX Sandstorm expansion, first released in the Japanese Miracle of the Desert expansion. Although it is a Trainer card, it is played as if it were a Colorless-type Basic Pokémon. However, Claw Fossil can't be affected by any Special Conditions, can't retreat, and the player may choose to discard it at any time during their turn. Additionally, if it is in the Active Spot and is damaged by an opponent's attack, it lets the player put one damage counter on the Attacking Pokémon. It can evolve into Anorith that evolve from a Claw Fossil. During the EX Series, Knocking Out a Claw Fossil was not rewarded with a Prize card (it still had to be discarded). This changed in the Diamond & Pearl Series with its reprint in the Legends Awakened expansion, to match the Fossil cards released in the previous expansion.

During the XY Series, the Steam Siege expansion included the Item card Claw Fossil Anorith. It allows players to look at the bottom seven cards of their deck, reveal an Anorith they find there, and put it onto their Bench. The other six cards are then shuffled back into the deck.

Claw Fossils are also featured on Unidentified Fossil cards. These cards are played as if they were Basic Pokémon and can evolve into Anorith.


In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 爪子化石 Záaují Fasehk
Mandarin 爪子化石 Zhuǎzi Huàshí
  Finnish Kynsifossiili
  French Foss. Griffe*
Fossile Griffe*
  German Klauenfossil
  Italian Fossilunghia
  Korean 발톱화석 Baltop Hwaseok
  Polish Skamielina Pazura
  Brazilian Portuguese Fóssil Garra
  Spanish Fósil Garra
  Vietnamese Hóa thạch móng vuốt

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