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Fiery Field

After retrieving the HM Surf from Solar Cave, a Spinda will wander into Pokémon Square and promptly collapse. You take it to your team base, and it wakes up in front of you and your partner. Spinda explains how he likes to travel, and has been searching for a mirage Pokémon. It gives your partner a Clear Wing, and says that the wing is somehow related to the mirage Pokémon. Spinda heads back to Pokémon Square, and your partner suggests you visit Xatu.


After clearing Great Canyon, Xatu admits he doesn't know much about the mirage Pokémon. However, he does tell you about three Pokémon who are said to be "shadows" of the mirage Pokémon. Xatu tells you about an island to the Northwest called the "Three Fields". One of the shadows lives there, in a field called the Fiery Field. The dungeon is then unlocked.

Inside the Dungeon

Surf is required to enter this dungeon. Once inside, you need to conquer 30 floors to get to the end. Fire Stones can be found on the 29th floor.

Wild Pokémon

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Vulpix (Pokémon) Vulpix 1-4 32 12.2%
Numel (Pokémon) Numel 1-4 35 8.1%
Ursaring (Pokémon) Ursaring 1-5 25 Unrecruitable
Slugma (Pokémon) Slugma 1-5 28 11.4%
Magmar (Pokémon) Magmar 4-7 33 Unrecruitable
Charmander (Pokémon) Charmander 5-8 30 11.7%
Magby (Pokémon) Magby 6-9 31 9.5%
Torkoal (Pokémon) Torkoal 9-14 33 8.1%
Rapidash (Pokémon) Rapidash 10-16 30 Unrecruitable
Flareon (Pokémon) Flareon 10-16 22 Unrecruitable
Ditto (Pokémon) Ditto 10-20 40 6.8%
Camerupt (Pokémon) Camerupt 15-21 37 Unrecruitable
Quilava (Pokémon) Quilava 15-24 25 -19%
Machoke (Pokémon) Machoke 17-25 24 -19%
Magcargo (Pokémon) Magcargo 17-25 30 Unrecruitable
Combusken (Pokémon) Combusken 22-29 26 -19%
Charmeleon (Pokémon) Charmeleon 26-29 30 -19%
Entei (Pokémon) Entei 30 45 0.1%
Entei cannot be recruited the first time this dungeon is completed.


On floor thirty, you will find Entei.

Spr 3r 244.png
Fire Unknown
Held item:
Entei Lv.45
Fire Spin

Defeat Entei to make it change the Clear Wing into a Red Wing. It will also give you access to the Lightning Field.

Lightning Field

You've defeated Entei, and now it's time to continue the quest for the mirage Pokémon. In this dungeon, you again need Surf to enter. There is a chance of finding buried items in the walls, and Thunderstones can be found on the 29th floor.

Wild Pokémon

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Mareep (Pokémon) Mareep 1-5 28 11.9%
Electrike (Pokémon) Electrike 1-6 12 7.8%
Magnemite (Pokémon) Magnemite 1-7 25 12.8%
Pikachu (Pokémon) Pikachu 6-10 30 -19%
Flaaffy (Pokémon) Flaaffy 7-13 30 -19%
Plusle (Pokémon) Plusle 7-19 R 30 35%
Minun (Pokémon) Minun 7-19 B 30 35%
Jolteon (Pokémon) Jolteon 8-14 25 Unrecruitable
Cacturne (Pokémon) Cacturne 12-17 35 Unrecruitable
Electrode (Pokémon) Electrode 15-21 35 Unrecruitable
Elekid (Pokémon) Elekid 15-22 34 10.3%
Ampharos (Pokémon) Ampharos 16-21 33 Unrecruitable
Magneton (Pokémon) Magneton 20-28 28 Unrecruitable
Tropius (Pokémon) Tropius 20-29 35 7.6%
Manectric (Pokémon) Manectric 25-29 35 Unrecruitable
Raichu (Pokémon) Raichu 26-29 25 Unrecruitable
Raikou (Pokémon) Raikou 30 45 0.1%
Raikou cannot be recruited the first time this dungeon is completed.


On floor thirty, you will find Raikou.

Spr 3r 243.png
Electric Unknown
Held item:
Raikou Lv.45
Quick Attack

After Raikou is defeated, he will upgrade your Red Wing into a Sunset Wing, and give you access to Northwind Field.

Northwind Field

You now have two of the three fields cleared. Explore the Northwind Field to find the Pokémon Raikou spoke of, Suicune.

Inside the Dungeon

This is another 30 floor dungeon that requires Surf to enter. On the 20th floor, there is a locked treasure room that contains the Lunar Ribbon, required to evolve Eevee into Umbreon. For non-key holders, Water Stones can be found on the 29th floor, and there is a chance of finding items in the walls on any floor.

Wild Pokémon

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
  Poliwag 1-4 50 8.1%
  Jynx 1-6 32 Unrecruitable
  Volbeat 1-6 28 8.6%
  Azumarill 3-7 24 Unrecruitable
  Crawdaunt 5-10 30 Unrecruitable
  Delcatty 8-16 25 Unrecruitable
  Poliwhirl 10-16 28 -19%
  Vaporeon 10-17 22 Unrecruitable
  Muk 17-25 36 Unrecruitable
  Delibird 17-25 26 8.8%
  Poliwrath 19-24 30 Unrecruitable
  Golduck 24-28 24 Unrecruitable
  Politoed 25-29 28 Unrecruitable
  Wartortle 27-29 30 -19%
  Croconaw 27-29 28 -19%
  Absol 28-29 45 6.8%
  Suicune 30 45 0.1%
Suicune cannot be recruited the first time this dungeon is completed.


On floor 30, you will encounter Suicune.

Water Unknown
Held item:
Suicune Lv.45
Rain Dance
Aurora Beam

After defeating Suicune, it will turn the Sunset Wing into the Rainbow Wing. Suicune will tell you that mirage Pokémon can be found at the peak of Mt. Faraway.

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