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Floaroma Town

Floaroma Town

Once you reach Floaroma Town, you'll find yourself surrounded by flowers. Floaroma Town is known for its vividly scented flowers. It is also the first area in the game where you are able to pick and grow Berries. Pick the Berries in the front of the Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop. If you go into the house next to the Flower shop on the left, talk to the little girl inside and agree with her statement, she will give you TM88 (Pluck).

The only important building in Floaroma Town is the Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop. Enter the Flower Shop and talk to the lady on the far left to obtain the Sprayduck, a watering can for watering Berries which shaped like a Psyduck. Also talk to the lady on the right, to get one random Berry each day. The lady at the counter will sell you Accessories for different amounts of different kinds of Berries.

Two Galactic Grunts are blocking the entrance in Floaroma Meadow, so head to the east and move on to Route 205 for now.

Route 205 (Part 1)

Walk east and you'll find a little girl, who will tell you that her father has been taken hostage by Team Galactic! Head east to Valley Windworks to rescue him!

You'll see the bridge towards Eterna Forest blocked by two other Galactic Grunts, so don't bother heading north for now.

Valley Windworks

Heal your Pokémon before proceeding.

Valley Windworks

Here, a special Pokémon Drifloon can be found only on Fridays. But it won't appear until after Team Galactic is defeated in the Valley Windworks building (If Team Galactic is defeated on a Friday, Drifloon will not appear until the next Friday). Drifloon is a Ghost/Flying-type Pokémon, which will evolve into Drifblim.

In the entrance to the Valley Windworks, a Galactic Grunt will be blocking the door. Defeat him, and he will lock the door. What to do?

The grunt said that Works Key is required to open the door and the grunts blocking the Floaroma Meadow have the other Works Key, so head back to Floaroma Town. But before that, you can catch three new Pokémon: Shellos, Buizel and Pachirisu. The first two are both Water-type Pokémon, while Pachirisu is an Electric-type Pokémon. Shellos can evolve into Water/Ground-type Pokémon Gastrodon, but beware that Gastrodon is slow that almost all other Pokémon can outspeed it. Buizel can evolve into Floatzel and has decent speed. Pachirisu doesn't evolve, but it is even speedier.

Back to Floaroma Town

Heal your Pokémon before proceeding.

Head back to the northwest corner of Floaroma Town. The grunts are gone. Head inside.

Floaroma Meadow (South)

Make sure that your Pokémon are healed before proceeding.

You'll see two Galactic Grunts hassling a man for honey. Talk to them to fight them. You are going to fight them back-to-back, not in a Double Battle.

A Honey Tree

After defeating them, the man will give you the dropped Works Key and some Honey. Follow the path between the flowers. You will find a golden tree as well as a house. The honey can be slathered on a golden tree to attract Pokémon, and after around six hours a Pokémon will appear. The trees are scattered throughout Sinnoh and after 24 hours have passed Pokémon and honey will disappear from the tree.

You can talk to the man on the field anytime you wish to purchase additional honey from him for $100 each. When you are ready, head to Valley Windworks again.

Back to Valley Windworks

Make sure that you heal your Pokémon before proceeding!

With the Works Key from Floaroma Meadow, you can open the door. The grunt you beat earlier will realise he is still the loser after all, then bolts off to alert the commander.

There will be a few grunts inside, including the Team Galactic Commander Mars, one of the three Commanders of Team Galactic. The only difficulty to deal with is that Mars has a Level 16 Purugly with a high Attack stat. Due to its weak defenses, a Monferno, or Machop should be able to defeat it by using some Fighting-type moves like Mach Punch or Karate Chop. Also using Staravia or possibly Shinx and Luxio can help because their (possible) Ability Intimidate reduces Purugly's Attack instantly.

After the battle, Mars is furious over her loss, but knows that it makes no difference as they collected enough data already. You will talk to the scientist a little bit about how Team Galactic were using the windworks for something, just as his daughter-- the little girl on Route 205, arrives and reunites with him. She also says that "the Balloon Pokemon" will come again. The scientist adds that there is a Balloon Pokémon that comes on a certain day of the week, but he apparently has forgotten which day it is and what the name of the Balloon Pokémon is. The Balloon Pokémon is Drifloon and it will come every Friday from now on.

Afterwards, return to Route 205 and the Galactic Grunts should be gone.

Route 205 (Part 2)

Heal your Pokémon before proceeding.

Route 205

Head north across the bridge. The wild Pokémon found here are the same as those in Valley Windworks. Climb up the stairs and follow the elevated path while facing enemy Trainers to reach a house that you can use to heal your team if necessary. Then go down the stairs and follow the one-way road. Fight a few more Trainers and grab 2 plants of Berries. The river leads to Fuego Ironworks and another part of Floaroma Meadow, but you cannot cross the stream yet. Come back when you have HM03 (Surf).

Now head back to the house and heal, then head north. There are 2 ledges on the northwest, which indicate the exit from Fuego Ironworks. Ignore them and head further north. You'll find the entrance to Eterna Forest and a path block by 2 trees. Since you can't use Cut outside of battle yet, your only choice is to head into Eterna Forest to reach the other side of Route 205.

Eterna Forest

Eterna Forest

Right at the beginning of Eterna Forest, a woman named Cheryl will join you and ask you to go through the forest with her because she is afraid of Team Galactic. She will fully heal your Pokémon after every battle.

During your travels through the Eterna Forest, you will mostly have to deal with Trainers that if lined up correctly will challenge you to Multi Battles, with Cheryl as your partner. At the end of Eterna Forest, the Old Chateau can be found. It can only be accessed by using the move Cut.

Note that the wild battles will be Double Battles as well. To catch one Pokémon, you must knock out the other, otherwise it is impossible to aim a Poké Ball. You can come back after Cheryl is escorted through, and then wild battles will revert into Single Battles. This might also be a good time to train weaker Pokémon because your Pokémon will be healed after each battle. But remember that once Cheryl leaves you, this will no longer work.

The forest is also home to the Moss Rock that can evolve Eevee into Leafeon. You're still a long way from obtaining Eevee, though.

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