Waterfall (obstacle)

Waterfalls are a type of aquatic obstacle appearing in the core series games in Generations II to VI and Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. To get past them, the player must have a Pokémon use the field move Waterfall.

In Generations II and III, the field move Waterfall is only required to ascend waterfalls, not descend them. From Generation IV onwards, the move is required to both ascend and descend waterfalls.

Areas with waterfalls


Location Blocks access to
Tohjo Falls Entrance (×2) In the center The other side
The hidden roomHGSS

Sevii Islands

Location Blocks access to
Cape Brink To the north of the pond A shortcut to avoid some tall grass
Icefall Cave Entrance North of the entrance Back Cave


Location Games Blocks access to
Whirl Islands B2F GSC Lugia in B2F (inner)
Mt. Mortar 1F (entrance) GSCHGSS 1F (back)
Route 47 In the east HGSS A patch of tall grass
In the west A White Flute
Mt. Silver Cave 2FGSC
GSCHGSS The majority of the cave


Location Games Blocks access to
Route 114 In the northwest of the large pond RSEORAS A Rare Candy
Terra CaveE
Meteor Falls 1F 1R In the north The back room and basement floor
Route 119 North of the northern bridge Soft soil with Berries (2 patches)
A hidden Calcium (also requires the Acro Bike)
A Rare Candy (also requires the Acro Bike)
A NuggetRSE (also requires the Acro Bike)
TM62 (Acrobatics)ORAS (also requires the Acro Bike)
Hoenn Safari Zone Area 5 By the northern set of stairs E A shortcut to avoid some tall grass
Ever Grande City In the south RSEORAS The city proper
Victory Road B2F (×2) To both the east and west of the central ladder to B1F RSE A shortcut to bypass some of both the floor and B1F
2F West of the northern bridge ORAS TM81 (X-Scissor)


Location Blocks access to
Mount Coronet 4F 1 To the north of the pond A Stone Plate in 4F 2
An Adamant Orb in 4F 2Pt
A Lustrous Orb in 4F 2Pt
Route 208 In the north A Carbos
Route 210 (×3) Along the river A Meadow Plate
A Wave Incense
Victory Road B1F (×2) In the center TM59 (Dragon Pulse)
Pokémon League West of the exit from Victory Road The Pokémon League building


Location Games Blocks access to
Lostlorn Forest Near the entrance BWB2W2 A Rare Candy
A hidden ProteinBW
Veteran MurphyB2W2
A Grass GemB2W2
Route 11 North of the western bridge A hidden Max ReviveBW
TM50 (Overheat)BW
A ZincB2W2
A hidden HP UpB2W2
At the east end of the river Patches of dark grass
Pokémon Ranger CroftonBW
A ProtectorBW
2 fake itemsB2W2 (2 Amoonguss)
Pokémon Ranger ThaliaB2W2
A Razor FangB2W2
Route 14 Throughout the route The Abundant Shrine, and a variety of items and Trainer battles.
Route 20 To the west of the southeastern pond B2W2 The Cave of Being
A Big Mushroom
A Sticky Barb
Pokémon Ranger Naoko
Victory Road Outside 1 In the center Veterans Claude and Cecile on 1F
TM93 (Wild Charge) on 1F

Nature Preserve

Location Blocks access to
In the northeast A Rare Candy


Location Blocks access to
Route 15 North of the eastern bridge A hidden HP Up
A Stone Plate
Route 16 In the north (also requires cutting down a cuttable plant) TM97 (Dark Pulse) on Route 15
Frost Cavern Outside West of the exit to Dendemille Town A Heart Scale
TM71 (Stone Edge)
Couriway Town South of Hotel Couriway TM80 (Rock Slide)
Pokémon Village In the northwest A patch of purple flowers
TM29 (Psychic)
Route 22 South of the stairs west of the exit to Victory Road The southern portion of the route
South of the entrance to the Chamber of Emptiness (also requires descending the first waterfall) A Draco Plate
Victory Road Outside 4 Northeast of the pier TM02 (Dragon Claw)
Hiker Corwin
A hidden Max Ether


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