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In other languages

Shouldn't the '' after each name/word be that word Transliterated to Latin script and not Translated to English? --Raltseye (talk) 16:00, 1 October 2015 (UTC)

If it's not done for Japanese words (unless the word is not translated if used outside Japan), then I don't see why other languages should be different. How are English readers supposed to know what the word means when it's not translated? サトミュウ (SatoMew) 16:03, 1 October 2015 (UTC)
Well they don't have to, besides that's the way I've seen it be done. The Japanese name is already displayed at the top of the page so there is no need for that. --Raltseye (talk) 16:29, 1 October 2015 (UTC)
My point is that, since we don't transliterate Japanese unless necessary, then Chinese and Korean should abide by the same rule (as well as other languages like Russian). Perhaps we could add translations in brackets for those languages that already use the Latin alphabet but which meaning isn't obvious. サトミュウ (SatoMew) 16:34, 1 October 2015 (UTC)
No I don't think that is a good Idea because it is unnecessary, just because the Japanese name is translated does not mean that we should translate all other languages aswell, besides on the episode pages they are translated with tt but that is because many of the episodes have a different meaning in other languages, so they are tralslated however that is not the case. --Raltseye (talk) 16:42, 1 October 2015 (UTC)
To be honest, I don't even see the point in having the sections in the first place as we already have articles for that but that's beside the point. The presentation of different language names should be consistent. サトミュウ (SatoMew) 16:46, 1 October 2015 (UTC)
It is there for things that have names in other languages than English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese which it would not be realistic to create its own page for. --Raltseye (talk) 16:54, 1 October 2015 (UTC)
I think you misunderstood me. We do have articles like this and this. サトミュウ (SatoMew) 17:03, 1 October 2015 (UTC)
Nope, thats exactly what I mean and still my point is that if you were to create pages like that for all other languages like Arabic, Swedish, Norweigian, Danish, Hebrew, Netherlandic, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Icelandic, Finnish, etc That would simply be unrealistic and tedious and hence this template. --Raltseye (talk) 17:16, 1 October 2015 (UTC)
Oh, I see. Well, it could be done by organizing the contents on such articles better. That's still not the focus of this discussion, which is the consistency or lack thereof in the transliteration and/or translation of names from other languages. サトミュウ (SatoMew) 17:21, 1 October 2015 (UTC)
Yes but do take into consideration that the English name is translated from Japanese and therefore it is intresting to know what the japanese name means, what the Russian, Bulgarian, Hebrew, or any other languages name mean is not realy relevant. --Raltseye (talk) 17:58, 1 October 2015 (UTC)

Edit Warring

You should know this by now. Don't agree with an edit? bring it up to the talk page, don't just revert it. This is your last warning.--ForceFire 12:01, 7 October 2015 (UTC)

And it applies to everyone. So if HoennMaster disagreed with my edit, then he should've brought it up on the talk page. サトミュウ (SatoMew) 13:42, 7 October 2015 (UTC)
He removed it, yes. But he wasn't the one edit warring, you were (by adding the removed template back).--ForceFire 03:39, 8 October 2015 (UTC)


Why did you create a redirect for "Dancie"? I can't see any obvious reason from a look at Diancie's page... Tiddlywinks (talk) 19:59, 28 October 2015 (UTC)

Because of this. It's a "just in case" thing. SatoMew2 (talk) 20:17, 28 October 2015 (UTC)

Deleting redirects

When you find a miscapitalized redirect, you probably don't want to just change the redirect to the delete template. In particular, if someone might lazily search the term in all lowercase and hit that redirect/page, we'd really rather they're not stuck on a page that just says "Delete me"; it's much better if it can continue to function as a redirect until it's properly deleted. (And to a lesser extent, this also applies to any mix of capitalization.) My solution is usually to just put the delete template on the talk page; this has worked fine in the past for me.

Also, I think if you put something like "delete" in the edit comment, it might catch staff's attention quicker. Tiddlywinks (talk) 13:13, 2 November 2015 (UTC)

Point taken. SatoMew2 (talk) 18:26, 2 November 2015 (UTC)


Please do not make a redirect of alternate capitalizations. These search just fine...and should not be linked. Especially, please do not make such a redirect because you want the current page to be moved to that capitalization, so that you may preemptively—and presumptively—link what you think is right. However confident you think you are, please wait until the page is actually moved to attempt to update its links. Thank you. Tiddlywinks (talk) 17:14, 26 February 2016 (UTC)

The only reason I created Game Link cable was because that exact link would previously return Game Link cable instead of pointing to Game Link Cable. SatoMew2 (talk) 17:17, 26 February 2016 (UTC)
That doesn't mean it should be linked in any circumstance, doesn't rightly justify creating that link. The long and short of it is you're trying to jump the gun on the page move, and that's not your prerogative.
If the current capitalization was some sort of oversight and the page deserves moving, it will be moved. But until then: just wait. Tiddlywinks (talk) 17:33, 26 February 2016 (UTC)
As SnorlaxMonster pointed out, it's "Game Link cable". Now, the request has been made and a decision shall be taken. I am already waiting and will continue to do so. That's all there is to it. SatoMew2 (talk) 17:40, 26 February 2016 (UTC)

Glitch edits/links

So, it's fairly obvious you like editing the pages of lists of glitches. And sometimes when you do, you change the titles of the sections for some of the glitches. Leaving aside, for the time being, any consideration of what makes a good title for the glitches' sections... When you make those changes, you're also breaking any links to that section, which is practically the express purpose of the page. So if you're going to change those section titles, could you at least check for any links you might be breaking and update them to match the new title you wrote? If you only change a couple, it might be easiest to search using the "insource" keyword (for example); otherwise it may be quicker to just check all the pages on What links here.

Thanks. Tiddlywinks (talk) 22:26, 17 March 2016 (UTC)

I appreciate the reminder. SatoMew2 (talk) 01:03, 18 March 2016 (UTC)

Notice of Permanent Block

I am here to inform you that, per executive decision, your account has been permanently blocked from Bulbapedia and the Bulbagarden Archives. We believe that you have been a repeatedly disruptive influence on Bulbapedia, in part due to frequently making extreme changes to articles without seeking additional opinions on article talk pages, or consulting staff members for approval of the changes. You have also frequently expressed an attitude of unilateral superiority in response to staff decisions that disapprove suggestions that you have made, which is simply unwelcome here. Contributors are expected to work with the staff, not against us, and certainly not by trying to cut the staff out of major style-altering changes in order to simply get your own way. - Kogoro - Talk to me - 07:43, 21 March 2016 (UTC)

End of indefinite block

The Editorial Board has made the decision to set the duration of your indefinite block to roughly 7 and a half years, i.e. resulting in an immediate end of your current block. To be clear, the Editorial Board still believes that the original block was entirely justified, but believes that you now may be able to contribute to the wiki in a constructive and non-disruptive manner. This decision has been based on a number of factors, including the duration of time passed and your contributions to other wikis. This will be your only second-chance—if the same behavior that resulted in your original indefinite block returns, you will be given a permanent block again. In general, I would urge you make judicious use of talk pages before making dramatic changes to pages.

If you have any further questions about this decision, please feel free to reach out to me (either publicly or privately) and I would be happy to clarify your concerns. --SnorlaxMonster 04:36, 17 August 2023 (UTC)

Thank you very much for this new opportunity and I will do my best to avoid future similar situations. I believe these years have also allowed me to mature more and approach situations differently. サトミュウ (SatoMew) 21:31, 22 August 2023 (UTC)