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My Reason for Merge

I think that the Game Boy Advance Wireless Adapter and Link cable articles should be one article because they both perform the same type of function. Plus for the link cable article mentions the Game Boy Advance Wireless Adapter and the wireless function of the Nintendo DS. Seperate they look like stubs. --Wildgoosespeeder 05:41, 23 October 2011 (UTC)

Suggesting move to Game Link Cable

I think that the page should be moved to Game Link Cable because that's the official name of the product (as seen on the packaging pictured in the article). Luigi-San 21:03, 25 March 2013 (UTC)

That may be the name of that particular type of link cable but they are called link cables in general. That's just one brand. ☆The Solar Dragon☆ 21:05, 25 March 2013 (UTC)
I still support a move seeing as "Game Link Cable" is the name used officially by Nintendo. It's one thing to say one brand calls it Y, one brand calls it Z, it's another to have a generic name vs the name officially used by the creators of the product. --ZestyCactus 21:21, 17 January 2014 (UTC)
In the games (and on the e-Reader), it is consistently capitalized as "Game Link cable" (Crystal, Ruby). --SnorlaxMonster 04:19, 21 February 2015 (UTC)

Suggestion for cables.

Boy, do I have an interesting situation here: I'm trying to trade Pokemon between Blue (Game Boy game) and Gold (Game Boy Color game) using a normal Game Boy Advance and a Game Boy Advance SP. What link cable should I use to trade these two older Pokemon games on two different versions of a newer gaming system? Bauglir100 (talk) 18:30, 28 October 2015 (UTC)

Not considering third-party cables, then...
  • Game Boy Pocket Game Link Cable (MGB-008)
  • Universal Game Link Cable (MGB-010)
  • Game Boy Color Game Link Cable (CGB-003)
  • Universal Game Link Adapter (DMG-14)
SatoMew2 (talk) 18:49, 28 October 2015 (UTC)
Together, or separate? Bauglir100 (talk) 20:52, 28 October 2015 (UTC)
I'm not sure I understand the question... If you want to link GB and/or GBC games on the GBA or GBP, you need to use the so-called 2nd generation cables I mentioned since the 3rd generation cables are only for linking GBA games on the GBA or GBP. Any of them will work with the GBA and GBA SP (but not with the GBm), though DMG-14 is only relevant if you need to link with an original GB. SatoMew2 (talk) 14:25, 30 October 2015 (UTC)
If they work like that, then how come when I try to use the Cable Club in Blue, the woman just tells me what the Cable Club is but doesn't let me inside? Bauglir100 (talk) 20:43, 19 November 2015 (UTC)
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