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  TheShinyRoggenrola (talk) 16:06, 30 June 2014 (UTC)  

Oversized promo test section

HGSS onwards done.

Oversized Promo Cards
No. Image Card name Type Promotion

  Darkrai & Cresselia     Clash of Legends
  Palkia & Dialga     Clash of Legends
  Zoroark and Legendary Pokémon   World of Illusions Box
  _____'s Snivy   Starter Figure Boxes
  _____'s Tepig   Starter Figure Boxes
  _____'s Oshawott   Starter Figure Boxes
54/99   Mewtwo    Mewtwo Collection
49/149   Keldeo    Keldeo Box
BW73   Darkrai   Team Plasma Box
53/116   Deoxys    Deoxys Box
XY05   Xerneas   Xerneas Jumbo Collection
XY06   Yveltal   Yveltal Jumbo Collection
XY09   Garchomp    Garchomp-EX Box
XY17   Charizard    Charizard-EX Box
XY??   Krookodile    Krookodile-EX Box

how do I fix the box below so it has the micellaneous tab open? I'm assuming this should be put in there when it's done? Ow and what do you think I should do with the setlist? I just did some different things so you have an idea what I was trying out, but I don't really like any of them. So if you have an idea of what to do with it I'd love to hear it:) Donkey-er (talk) 12:41, 1 July 2014 (UTC)
Ok couple of more problems, is there a way to fix the EX and Legends names with the right icons? Because I can't get it to show it without the written EX or legend, so it would display both the icon and the written version. On top of that the Darkrai & Cresselia one on the top, doesn't display the dual types. No idea why, because it's working fine on the one below it. Donkey-er (talk) 12:46, 1 July 2014 (UTC)
Hmmm. Where to start? You certainly chose an ambitious starting point with the jumbo cards. Color me impressed. Anyway, the way Miscellaneous appears is by this: {{TCG Releases|Misc}}. (I'm leaving the actual table off the page for now. It's large and can get in the way of talk messages here.) Secondly, the reason why two types aren't appearing for Darkrai & Cresselia LEGEND is that you put Dark instead of Darkness. The TCG type goes by the second name, and all images and colors and whatnot will only work if the correct name is in the list. You caught game Steel-type switching to TCG Metal-type, but the Darkness one is a little less known. Next, copy paste is your friend here. A lot of times, you'll be able to pull coding from somewhere to get what you want. Whenever images are involved in cardnames, being LEGENDS, Pokémon-EX, Pokémon Star, etc, you have to manually code the page link instead of using {{TCG ID}}. You've done it up there with Charizard-EX and such ([[Charizard-EX (XY Promo 17)|Charizard]]{{EX}}). The way to do it for legends are pretty much the same: [[Darkrai & Cresselia LEGEND (Triumphant 99)|Darkrai & Cresselia]]{{LEGEND}}. Lastly, I want to catch this now before you add it around other places. For current English Black Star Promotional cards, the numbering is out of two digits, i.e. XY##. Garchomp-EX's number is XY09, not XY9, and the same goes for Xerneas and Yveltal up there.
I also don't really like the examples above, to put it bluntly. I think I have an idea that looks better. It's how I originally got the idea for the Staff links on XY Black Star Promos. I'll put a few below. I hope you like it.
Jumbo Promos
No. Image Card name Type Promotion
  _____'s Snivy (Misc. Promos)   Super Snivy Box
15/101   Victini (Noble Victories)   Pokémon the Movie: White - Victini and Zekrom (December 2011)
54/99   Mewtwo  (Next Destinies)   Mewtwo Collection
49/99   Keldeo  (Boundaries Crossed)   Keldeo Box
BW73   Darkrai (BW Promo)   Team Plasma Box

If you'd be interested, I actually have a list of Jumbos already that I just haven't been able to research and add to the encyclopedia yet myself. I can e-mail it to you if you'd like. It would certainly save you a bit of time and effort having to look stuff up. It's a bit outdated for current things, but most of those are easy enough to remember nowadays anyway. Additionally, what I think we should do is, I'll create a page in the main encyclopedia space for the oversized/Jumbo cards without any list, and after the page is created, I think you'll be able to work on the list with it in a more sensible place. We'll be able to avoid this problem later after you've been registered long enough to actually create pages, but for now, this'll be fine. Someone will be around for any help you'll need, and as always, feel free to come to me with any problem you find! =] MaverickNate 15:37, 1 July 2014 (UTC)
Note: bulbapedia has a function that allows me to email the address you provided to sign up, so you don't have to reveal it here. MaverickNate 15:42, 1 July 2014 (UTC)
A nice, I was wondering what would be a save way of letting you know my email:P Yeah I'd be great if you could email the list, would definitely save a lot of work, seeing as I looked up most (if not all) of the stuff from HHSS on. I did in fact copy most of this this stuff already, I only did the merchandise links manually, but those were so straightforward it wasn't much effort ether. I like the way you did the number layout in you example so I'll use that from now on. And you're absolutely right about the XY promos having 2 digits, I made notes with single digits and never fixed it when I was typing it out. I didn't find a page for the jumbo cards yet, so let me know when you create one. I'll fill in the general info section once that is there (would get too messy here). And the reason why I chose this to begin with, was because I was looking into them a couple of weeks back anyway, and I got spare time right now (after the summer there will probably be none left, so might as well put in some good work now:))Donkey-er (talk) 09:29, 3 July 2014 (UTC)
Was fixing the layout of the part above, but I don't really like the link to the corresponding set after the name of the card. That makes it messier in my opinion. What we could do is add an extra column, or make the set list entry clickable (so it links to the page of the set it's from). Let me know what you think:)Donkey-er (talk) 11:18, 3 July 2014 (UTC)
Do you mean messy in the coding or messy while viewing it? Adding in a new field would make every other page using the templates needing an update simply because one page would only look minimally better with an added option, which is kind of unnecessary. Personally, I think it looks okay. MaverickNate 17:19, 7 July 2014 (UTC)
Ah I didn't know the layout would need to be changed over the whole site. I think it looks a bit messy on the page, but I guess that's okay. It's not as messy as the staff promo's we discussed earlier anyway:). Thanks for the list I got from you btw, I'm a bit busy right now, but I hope to get around to it this weekend:)Donkey-er (talk) 14:11, 10 July 2014 (UTC)