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User:SnorlaxMonster/Wonder Card data structure (Generation VI)

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Offset Pokémon Item
0x00-0x01 WC ID WC ID
0x02-0x4B Event title Event title
0x4C-0x4F Date received (YYYYMMDD) Date received (YYYYMMDD)
0x50 WC text type WC text type
0x51 Card type (0x00 for Pokémon) Card type (0x01 for item)
0x52 Usage status null
0x53-0x65 null null
0x66-0x67 always 0xFF always 0xFF
0x68-0x69 OT ID Item
0x6A-0x6B Secret ID null
0x6C Game of origin (0x00 for receiving game) null
0x6D-0x6F null null
0x70-0x71 null Quantity
0x72-0x73 null null
0x74-0x75 Ribbon (bitlist) null
0x76 Poké Ball always 0xFF
0x77 null null
0x78-0x79 Item null
0x7A-0x7B Move 1 null
0x7C-0x7D Move 2 null
0x7E-0x7F Move 3 null
0x80-0x81 Move 4 null
0x82-0x83 Pokémon null
0x84 Form null
0x85 Language of origin (0x00 for receiving game) null
0x86-0x9F Nickname (all 0x00 for none) null
0xA0 Nature (0xFF for random) null
0xA1 Gender (0x00 ♂, 0x01 ♀, 0x02 random) null
0xA2 Ability (see below) null
0xA3 PID method (see below) null
0xA4-0xA5 Egg met location null
0xA6-0xA7 Met location null
0xA8 Met Level null
0xA9-0xAD Contest stats null
0xAE Sheen null
0xAF-0xB4 forced IVs (0xFF unset, 0xFE priority) null
0xB5 #31 IVs to force null
0xB6-0xCF OT (all 0x00 if unset) null
0xD0 Level (0x00 random) null
0xD1 Egg flag (0x00 not Egg, 0x01 is Egg) null
0xD2-0xD3 null null
0xD4-0xD7 PID (0xEE6B2802 for Pokémon with non-fixed PID) null
0xD8-0xD9 Egg move 1 null
0xDA-0xDB Egg move 2 null
0xDC-0xDD Egg move 3 null
0xDE-0xDF Egg move 4 null

Note that some slots identified as always null (0x00) or always 0xFF may have some use that has not yet been determined.

Usage status

Usage refers to the number of times the particular Wonder Card can be obtained, and whether the gift has already been picked up. A gift can only be collected once for each time the Wonder Card is obtained.

Hex Meaning
0x00 Item WC
0x01 Unused Pokémon WC (single use)
0x02 Pokémon WC (reusable)
0x03 Used Pokémon WC (single use)


Ribbons are stored as a two-byte bitlist across 0x74 and 0x75.

Bit# Hex Ribbon
01 0x0001 Battle Champ
02 0x0002 Regional Champ
03 0x0004 National Champ
04 0x0008 Country
05 0x0010 National
06 0x0020 Earth
07 0x0040 World
08 0x0080 Event
09 0x0100 World Champ
10 0x0200 Birthday
11 0x0400 Special
12 0x0800 Souvenir
13 0x1000 Wishing
14 0x2000 Classic
15 0x4000 Premier
16 0x8000 Empty


Ability value determines which Abilities are possible. If multiple are possible, a random one is selected.

Hex Standard 1 Standard 2 Hidden
0x00 × ×
0x01 × ×
0x02 × ×
0x03 ×

Poké Balls

This is actually the standard method for storing Poké Balls for Pokémon that has been used since Gen V, but it isn't listed anywhere else on Bulbapedia so I'm including it here.

Dec Hex Ball
001 0x01 Master Ball
002 0x02 Ultra Ball
003 0x03 Great Ball
004 0x04 Poké Ball
005 0x05 Safari Ball
006 0x06 Net Ball
007 0x07 Dive Ball
008 0x08 Nest Ball
009 0x09 Repeat Ball
010 0x0A Timer Ball
011 0x0B Luxury Ball
012 0x0C Premier Ball
013 0x0D Dusk Ball
014 0x0E Heal Ball
015 0x0F Quick Ball
016 0x10 Cherish Ball
017 0x11 Fast Ball
018 0x12 Level Ball
019 0x13 Lure Ball
020 0x14 Heavy Ball
021 0x15 Love Ball
022 0x16 Friend Ball
023 0x17 Moon Ball
024 0x18 Sport Ball
025 0x19 Dream Ball

Personality value

0xA3 specifies how the Pokémon's personality value is determined.

Dec Hex Method
000 0x00 Use 0xD4-0xD7
001 0x01 Random (possible Shiny)
002 0x02 Random (always Shiny)
003 0x03 Random (never Shiny)

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