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The game of origin is a value in the Pokémon data structure that indicates the game a Pokémon was originally obtained in. This value was introduced in Generation III. It determines the origin mark of the Pokémon.


From Generation III onward, Pokémon caught in the wild or obtained as a gift or in-game trade have the game they were obtained in set as their game of origin. Eggs have their game of origin set to the game in which they were obtained, not the game they were hatched. Pokémon from Mystery Gifts vary, with some having a predetermined game of origin set by the Wonder Card and others using the recipient game as the game of origin. Shedinja retains the Nincada's game of origin upon evolution.

The Generation I and II games do not track Pokémon's games of origin, so Pokémon transferred from these Virtual Console games record the game they were transferred from as their game of origin.

Uniquely, Pokémon originating from Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl or Pokémon Legends: Arceus that are transferred into Pokémon Sword and Shield are assigned the game of origin value for Pokémon Sword and the met location of "the Faraway place". The original game of origin value is restored if these Pokémon are deposited back into Pokémon HOME, but the original met location is permanently lost.

Gift Pokémon from other games

All core series games, as well as Pokémon Colosseum, Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, and Pokémon GO, have unique game of origin IDs. Pokémon received from other games determine their game of origin in different ways.

Uniquely, in Pokémon Colosseum, the gift Ho-Oh from Mt. Battle has Pokémon Sapphire as its game of origin instead of Pokémon Colosseum.[7]

Technical implementation

In Generation III, this value occupies 4 bits of a two-byte word in the Pokémon data structure. From Generation IV onward, it occupies a whole byte.

Possible values

# Hex Game Origin
Met location following transfer
0 00 unused a distant land
1 01 Sapphire the Hoenn region
2 02 Ruby the Hoenn region
3 03 Emerald the Hoenn region
4 04 FireRed the Kanto region
5 05 LeafGreen the Kanto region
6 06 unused a distant land
7 07 HeartGold the Johto region
8 08 SoulSilver the Johto region
9 09 unused a distant land
10 0A Diamond the Sinnoh region
11 0B Pearl the Sinnoh region
12 0C Platinum the Sinnoh region
13 0D unused a distant land
14 0E unused a distant land
15 0F Colosseum & XD a distant land
16 10 unused a distant land
17 11 unused a distant land
18 12 unused a distant land
19 13 unused a distant land
20 14 White the Unova region
21 15 Black the Unova region
22 16 White 2 the Unova region
23 17 Black 2 the Unova region
24 18 X the Kalos region
25 19 Y the Kalos region
26 1A Alpha Sapphire the Hoenn region
27 1B Omega Ruby the Hoenn region
28 1C unused the Kalos region
29 1D unused the Kalos region
30 1E Sun the Alola region
31 1F Moon the Alola region
32 20 Ultra Sun the Alola region
33 21 Ultra Moon the Alola region
34 22 Pokémon GO Pokémon GO
35 23 Red the Kanto region in the good old days
36 24 Blue or Green the Kanto region in the good old days
37 25 Blue (Japanese) the Kanto region in the good old days
38 26 Yellow the Kanto region in the good old days
39 27 Gold the Johto region in the good old days
40 28 Silver the Johto region in the good old days
41 29 Crystal the Johto region in the good old days
42 2A Let's Go, Pikachu! the Kanto region
43 2B Let's Go, Eevee! the Kanto region
44 2C Sword the Galar region
45 2D Shield the Galar region
46 2E unused Pokémon HOME
47 2F Legends: Arceus the Hisui region
the Sinnoh region of oldBDSP
48 30 Brilliant Diamond the Sinnoh region
the Sinnoh region made newLA
49 31 Shining Pearl the Sinnoh region
the Sinnoh region made newLA
50 32 Scarlet the Paldea region
51 33 Violet the Paldea region
unused a distant land

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