User:Han Ji-Wan/Template for anime exclusive locations

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Since the "anime exclusive locations" for some of the main series regions (only Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn. Sinnoh and Unova have yet to be completed) are bulky, I've decided to come up with a template to make it more organized and simpler. I eliminated the descriptions for each of the locations because the article is about Kanto, not the towns..

The template chart below is still incomplete. I am inexperienced with designing templates, so I'd be glad if someone could change it up a bit. But first you must message me before doing so. Once you do, wait for my permission.

If I do not like your changes made to the template chart, I can just undo your edit. Please try not to get offended if I do. I just want an effective layout for the "anime exclusive locations". I still want the overall layout to be similar to what I have.

Location Bill's Lighthouse Cameran Palace Camomile Island Celadon University Chrysanthemum Island Commerce City Dark City Fennel Valley Gaiva Dam
Picture EP013.png Cameran Palace.png Camomile Island.png Celadon University GDZ.png Chrysanthemum Island.png Commerce City.png Dark City.png Fennel Valley.png Gaiva Dam.png
Location Gardenia Town Grampa Canyon Gringey City HopHopHop Town Leaf Forest Maiden's Peak Metallica Island Mossgreen Village Mt. Hideaway
Picture Gardenia Town.png Grandpa Canyon.png Gringey City.png Hop Hop Hop Town.png Leaf Forest.png Maidens Peak.png Metallica Island.png Mossgreen Village.png Mt Hideaway.png