Usertags. I has them now.

I have Pokémon too now.

Anyway, I've been here long enough I can actually say some relevant things about me now. So I've been playing Pokémon since forever, evidently. If I listed every game it would take forever. Probably easier to list which games I haven't played, but I can't think of many and I plan to play most of those at some point anyway.

As for Bulbapedia I tend to do little clean-up jobs wherever I spot errors, although I have a special fondness for the Origins section of the Pokémon pages, which tends to bring about a lot of gnashing of teeth, unfortunately. (Game Freak, would it kill you to be more explicit about some of these?) Currently, my biggest contribution has been revamping the Pokédex page. Then I later decided to template-ify the Battle CDs page(s). In other words, I don't make a lot of big contributions. XD I also tend to disappear for months at a time and then go into edit sprees when I come back.

I miss the Origin of Species articles. :(

Looking forward to Black and White!!