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Joined 6 June 2007
アスナ Asuna
"The Adorable Incarnation of Irish Mayhem!"
A Real Life Photo!
Gender Male
Hometown Cerulean City
Region Kanto
Relatives Misty, Daisy, Lily, Violet (Cousin)
Trainer class Gym Leader
Leader of Viridian City
Badge Earth Badge

Colin is one of the Gym Leaders of Viridian City's Gym, known officially as the Viridian Gym. He hands out the Earth Badge to trainers who defeat him. He uses a variety of Pokémon, and holds a balanced team. He is well traveled across the Pokémon World, and is a trainer turned Gym Leader. He is somewhat known for his drinking scandals during League Conferences, notably the Ever Grande Conference.

Gym Team Pokémon

His team consists of the following Pokémon:

Lv. 61
Lv. 59
Lv. 56
Lv. 57
Mystic Water
Lv. 57
Quick Claw
Lv. 62
Fist Plate


Kanto Journey

Colin was originally from Cerulean City, where he grew up with his cousins. It was totally chill, Misty and Colin were both gingers. They freaking ruled that Jungle Gym that used to be by Nugget Bridge. When Colin turned 11, he took his starting Pokémon, Farfetch'd, and began his journey through Kanto, receiving all eight badges. He competed in the Indigo League, and was knocked out after the second round. After his defeat, he returned to his home in Cerulean. His team consisted of Farfetch'd, Raichu, Kingler, Wigglytuff, Nidoqueen, and Marowak. He traveled with Dom and Mike on this journey.

Hoenn Journey

Growing bored of house chores forced upon him from his other cousins, 13-year-old Colin set off for another trip towards Hoenn. With a more confident party, he travels Hoenn, and y'know, does the whole gym-battling deal, and goes to the Hoenn League, and gets a decent placement in the rankings. He then hears of the Cinnibar Volcano eruption, and promptly turns home after. His team consisted of Farfetch'd, Raichu, Milotic, Mawile, Heracross, and Delibird. He traveled with Jump for most of this journey. Jump went on to the Evergrande Conference in Sinnoh after Colin returned to Cerulean City.

Kanto Hiatus

Colin had to return to his dysfunctional family in Cerulean city, after long phone calls and too much take-out food. Not that it's bad, it just gets ooooold. He decides to see the aftermath in Fuchsia City, but flirted with Janine instead. She kicked his ass back to Cerulean with ninja fightings that you watch in Jet Li movies.

Johto Journey


Same ol', same ol'. Caught Sneasel, therefore replacing Delibird on his team.


After a brief and boring expedition in Johto, Colin (now 17) returned home again to see crap. He moved to Viridian City, after hearing about the MURDER OF BLUE OMG OMG. He took over the gym. like a hurricane, and now gives out the Earth Badge to winning trainers. Scroll upwards for the team. Dom, Mike, and Jump all train in his gym often.

Pokémon League Involvement

Colin is also known for helping out in the Indigo Plateau Conference and the Ever Grande Conference, usually just hanging around and directing people while drinking fine, fine coffee out of a fine, fine mug. He pisses off May by stealing her awesome bandanna. In the 2006 Ever Grande Conference, Colin showed up to his duties absolutely wasted. Some sources say he was "drinking since 11:59 that first morning." He giggled at all the girls that passed by, and got into a wrestling match with Crasher Wake. Colin lost.

Personal Life

Colin is also known to kick back on the front porch and play his banjo. Current habits and networks are only limited to what he claims at the Ever Grande Conference each year, as he swings 40-proof in his hand. Other parties claim that they are not at liberty to discuss Colin's personal life. Colin has in the past suited other gym leaders, but it was only made of fail and "chicken" McNuggets. And I'm not talking about those Nuggets you can sell at the PokéMart for a few thousand dollars.



"Giovanni? Never heard of him."

"I've been through a moose crossing, once, twice, probably more."

"Rap music is cool."

"The normal question, the first question is, are these cannibals? No, they are not. Cannibalism in the true sense of the word implies an interspecies activity. These creatures cannot be considered human. They prey on humans. They do not prey on each other, that's the difference. They attack and they feed only on warm flesh. Intelligence? Seemingly no reasoning ability, but basic skills remain from a remembered everyday life. There have been reports of these creatures using tools. But even these are the most basic, the use of tools as bludgeons and so forth. I might point out that even animals have been known to adopt the use of tools in this manner. These creatures are nothing but pure, motorized instinct. We must not be lulled by the concept that they are our family members or our friends. They are not. They will not respond to such emotions."

Other Pokémon (In Storage)