Takato Utsunomiya

Takato Utsunomiya (Japanese: 宇都宮崇人 Utsunomiya Takato) is a representative director and the chief operating officer (COO) of The Pokémon Company.[2][3][4] He is credited as a producer for most of the Pokémon games and apps that have been released since 2011.

Utsunomiya in 2023[1]


Utsunomiya was born on January 25, 1979 in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan.[5][6] He graduated from Taisei Senior High School (now Sophia Fukuoka Senior High School) in 1997, and entered the Faculty of Law at the University of Tokyo that same year.[7] He graduated in 2002, and joined the American consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton as a management consultant. In May 2005, Utsunomiya joined The Pokémon Company.[8] Before becoming the COO of the company in 2017, he became an executive officer in 2010 and a managing executive officer in 2014.[6] He also worked as the head of the business unit of Pokémon Center Tokyo and as the project manager for Pokémon GO.[9][10] He has appeared as a host of every Pokémon Presents since February 2021.

Utsunomiya is a 2-dan in shogi.[6] After not having played the game since he was a student, the app Shogi Wars rekindled his interest in the game, which ultimately led to the development of Pokémon Duel, an app created in partnership between The Pokémon Company and HEROZ, the developers of Shogi Wars.[11]

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