Pocket Monsters AG (New & Best)

Pocket Monsters AG (New & Best)
Pocket Monsters AG New and Best CD cover.png
CD cover artwork
Release date December 18, 2003
Catalogue number EKLD 0287
Number of tracks 20

(Korean: 포켓몬스터 AG (New & Best) Pocket Monsters AG (New & Best) is a CD that was released in South Korea on December 18, 2003 by EMI. It contained the opening and ending themes from both the original series and Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire, as well as a few additional tracks. The CD also contained a character book and sheet music for the songs.

Track list

CD No. Track Title Translation Artist Duration
1 포켓몬스터 AG
(포켓몬스터 AG 오프닝 테마)
Pocket Monsters AG
(Pocket Monsters AG Opening Theme)
Kang Sung 3:07
2 Welcome to the POKEMON WORLD Welcome to the Pokémon World Various Artists 0:42
3 행복한 여행
(포켓몬스터 AG 엔딩 테마)
A Happy Journey
(Pocket Monsters AG Ending Theme)
Happy Music Friends 2:18
4 포켓몬스터—모험의 시작
(포켓몬스터 1기 오프닝테마)
Pocket Monsters—Start of an Adventure
(Pocket Monsters S1 Opening Theme)
Jimu, Bang Daesik 2:42
5 우리는 모두 친구
(포켓몬스터 1기 엔딩테마)
We Are All Friends
(Pocket Monsters S1 Ending Theme)
Kim Juhui, Bang Daesik, Jimu 2:29
6 따르릉, 전화받으세요! Brrring, Please Pick up the Phone! Various Artists 0:48
(포켓몬스터 2기 오프닝테마)
Pokémon Forever
(Pocket Monsters S2 Opening Theme)
Jimu, Bang Daesik 3:26
8 좋은 친구들
(포켓몬스터 2기 엔딩테마)
Good Friends
(Pocket Monsters S2 Ending Theme)
Kim Munseon, Kim Juhui, Bang Daesik, Jimu 2:27
(포켓몬스터 3기 오프닝테마)
(Pocket Monsters S3 Opening Theme)
Jimu, Bang Daesik, Kim Juhui 1:31
10 피츄미츄
(포켓몬스터 3기 엔딩테마)
(Pocket Monsters S3 Ending Theme)
Kim Munseon 1:23
11 와, 포켓몬스터다
(포켓몬스터 이미지송)
Wow, It's Pocket Monsters
(Pocket Monsters Image Song)
Kim Munseon, Jung Yeojin, Yang Shinhui, Choi Wonhyeong 0:47
12 진짜 피카츄를 찾아라!
(피카츄 목소리 찾기 퀴즈)
Find the Real Pikachu!
(Find Pikachu's Voice Quiz)
Various Artists 2:20
13 포켓몬 팬클럽
(포켓몬스터 이미지송)
Pokémon Fan Club
(Pocket Monsters Image Song)
Kim Munseon, Jung Yeojin, Yang Shinhui, Choi Wonhyeong 1:25
14 꿈꾸는 아이
(포켓몬스터 영화 뮤츠의 역습 엔딩테마)
Dreaming Baby
(Pocket Monsters Movie Mewtwo Strikes Back Ending Theme)
Kwon Jinwon 4:11
15 로켓단도 친구하자 Team Rocket, Let's Be Friends Too Various Artists 0:42
16 포켓몬스터 AG 방송버전 Pocket Monsters AG Broadcast Version Kang Sung 1:05
17 나옹이와 함께 춤을
(포켓몬스터 이미지송)
Dance With Naong
(Pocket Monsters Image Song)
Alex 2:29
18 포켓몬 댄스 리믹스 1 Pokémon Dance Mix 1 Various Artists 2:57
19 포켓몬 댄스 리믹스 2 Pokémon Dance Mix 2 Various Artists 2:33
20 포켓몬이여, 영원하라! Long Live Pokémon! Various Artists 0:42


  • In the track listing on the back of the CD, the title of track 4 is displayed as "포켓몬스터 ?모험의 시작", with a question mark in place of the dash used in the title in the included booklet.[1]

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