Pocket Monsters OST (Vol. 1)

Pocket Monsters
Pocket Monsters OST 1 Korean.png
CD cover
Release date May 9, 2000
By Palette Music
Catalogue number PKM-0003
Number of tracks 10

(Korean: 포켓몬스터 Pocket Monsters) is an album that was released in South Korea on May 9, 2000. It was released on CD and audio cassette.[1][2] It contained the opening and ending theme from the original series, a few additional tracks, and their respective karaoke versions. The album includes a booklet with lyrics and is packaged with a Pokémon character encyclopedia featuring artwork and details on the original Generation I Pokémon.[3]

The album was also referred to as (Korean: 포켓몬스터 TV 주제가 모음집 Pocket Monsters TV Theme Song Collection) and (Korean: 포켓몬스터 OST Pocket Monsters OST) on Palette Music's web site.

Track list

Tracks 1 and 10 are intro and outro tracks, respectively. Tracks 6–9 are the karaoke versions of tracks 2–4.

Side A

CD No. Tape No. Track Title Translation Artist Duration
1 1 포켓몬의 세계로 떠나요 Let's Go to the Pokémon World Various Artists 0:21
2 2 포켓몬스터 Pocket Monsters Park Eungsik, Bang Daesik 2:40
3 3 우리는 모두 친구 We Are All Friends Park Eungsik, Bang Daesik, Kim Juhui 2:26
4 4 와! 포켓몬스터다 Wow! It's Pocket Monsters Kim Munseon, Yang Sinhui, Jeong Yeojin, Choi Wonhyeong 0:45
5 5 포켓몬 팬클럽 Pokémon Fan Club Kim Munseon, Yang Sinhui, Jeong Yeojin, Choi Wonhyeong 1:22

Side B

The following tracks are listed under "Sing along with the accompaniment!" (반주와 함께 노래를 불러보세요!).

CD No. Tape No. Track Title Translation Artist Duration
6 1 포켓몬스터(Instrument) Pocket Monsters (Instrumental) N/A 2:40
7 2 우리는 모두 친구(Instrument) We Are All Friends (Instrumental) N/A 2:26
8 3 와! 포켓몬스터다(Instrument) Wow! It's Pocket Monsters (Instrumental) N/A 0:45
9 4 포켓몬 팬클럽(Instrument)
(내가 좋아하는 포켓몬으로 재미있게 바꿔 불러보세요.)
Pokémon Fan Club (Instrumental)
(Have fun changing it to your favorite Pokémon.)
N/A 1:22
10 5 바이바이! 사랑한다 나 옹~ Bye bye! I love you Me-owth~ Various Artists 0:22

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