Meeting Place

Not to be confused with Meetup Spot.
Meeting Place つどいのひろば
The Meeting Plaza
Meeting Place
Zone Info
Zone Leader None
Drifblim Stop Next to the tree house
Area Info
Area Keeper
Drifblim Stop
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Connecting Zones
Meadow Zone
Beach Zone
Cavern Zone
Haunted Zone
Granite Zone
Sky Pavilion

The Meeting Place (Japanese: つどいのひろば The Meeting Plaza) is an area in PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure that connects all of the zones together. It is located in the center of the PokéPark and features a large tree complete with a tree house that increases in size throughout the story, and two stalls housing Misdreavus's photo store and Drifblim's transportation service.


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When Pikachu and Chikorita first arrive here from the Meadow Zone, Chikorita chooses to stay, while Pikachu goes on a quest to the Beach Zone by first asking a Corphish, who guards the Beach Zone's gate, to give him access.

When Pikachu returns here from the Beach Zone, with Piplup joining him and taking a deflated hot air balloon with them, Piplup chooses to stay to fix and inflate the hot air balloon, while Pikachu then goes on a quest to the Cavern Zone by first asking a Cranidos, who guards the Cavern Zone's gate, to give him access.

When Pikachu returns here from the Cavern Zone, with Charmander joining him, Piplup and Chikorita show them that they successfully fixed and inflated the hot air balloon, but also notice that it also has a hole, which deflates it again. Chikorita, Piplup and Charmander then decide to stay to fix the hot air balloon's hole, while Pikachu goes on a quest to the Haunted Zone by first asking a Duskull, who guards the Haunted Zone's gate, to give him access after Misdreavus tells the group that Mismagius living there can explain more about the Sky Pavilion.

When Pikachu returns here from the Haunted Zone, Chikorita, Piplup and Charmander tell Pikachu that they successfully fixed the hot air balloon's hole and they still need to stay to inflate the hot air balloon again. Pikachu then goes on a quest to the Granite Zone by first asking a Skorupi, who guards the Granite Zone's gate, to give him access, but not before a sudden earthquake occurs.

When Pikachu arrives in the Flower Zone from the Granite Zone, Shaymin, who lives there, tells Pikachu that a mirror, which is the key to find the Sky Pavilion, is missing, and Mareep, who also lives there, tells Pikachu that the early earthquake caused the mirror to fell off the dais and toward the Meeting Place's completed tree house. When Pikachu returns here to find the mirror, Chikorita, Piplup and Charmander show Pikachu that they finally inflated the hot air balloon again and it will be ready to fly soon before Pikachu then goes to the tree house's top to retrieve the mirror and take the mirror back to the dais in the Flower Zone.

In the final cutscene, Teddiursa is seen walking along and spots Pikachu's hot air balloon and runs to tell the others. Pikachu lands with Chikorita, Piplup, Charmander and Mew, and the Pokémon in the Meeting Place congratulate them. A party is also held there, where Charmander's fireworks are finally shown, with all the Pokémon looking at them.

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Notable features

Misdreavus's stall

Here, the player receives a camera from Misdreavus with which they can take photos using the - button on their Wii controller. If the player owns an SD card, they may transfer photos they have taken onto it, so they may place the photos on their computer.

Drifblim's stall

Here, the player is introduced to Drifblim who will provide the player with transportation to and between zones for a fee of 20 berries (discounts to 10 berries once Drifblim is befriended and later made free after continued usage). In order to make a zone accessible through Drifblim's transportation, the player must find a sign referred to as a Drifblim Stop located somewhere within each zone. The only one that does not have to be initially discovered is the one in the Meadow Zone as Drifblim explains that there is already a Drifblim there.

Drifblim Stop locations
Meadow Zone On the island between the bridges
Beach Zone Near the shore on the far left side of the map
Iceberg Zone Near the icicle tree and Prinplup's chairlift
Cavern Zone In front of the hot spring
Lava Zone In front of the furnace
Haunted Zone On the bridge near the entrance to the zone
Granite Zone In front of Flygon's gate
Flower Zone On a small ledge near the dais
Pikachu training its Thunderbolt with Electabuzz.

Pokémon Tutors

A series of Pokémon appear in the Meeting Place willing to train Pikachu's abilities for a fee. The cost for each lesson increases each time.


Electabuzz trains Pikachu's Thunderbolt and makes it able to reach farther, make it more accurate and make it stronger throughout the game.


Ponyta becomes available after completing Pelipper's Daring Dash for the first time. He trains Pikachu's Dash making him faster and, once the player gains access to the Lava Zone, enables him to perform a Double Dash, a much faster dash that is performed as an initial dash begins to slow down.

Ponyta training Pikachu.


Bibarel comes to the Meeting Place after Bidoof has constructed all the bridges in the Beach Zone. Bibarel will train Pikachu's stamina boosting his HP in battle.


After he is unlocked in the Iceberg Zone, Primeape appears in the Meeting Place and teaches Pikachu how to use the move Iron Tail. He also enhances its strength with every training session.

Available Pokémon

Despite many Pokémon being present in the Meeting Place, almost none of them can be befriended outside their zone. The following are the few that can.

Pokémon Location Skill game Notes
In the tree house None Is befriended automatically after speaking to him.
Mime Jr.
In the tree house None Is befriended automatically after speaking to him.
Next to the tree house None Is befriended automatically after using him to travel three times.

Other Pokémon

These Pokémon make an appearance in the Meeting Place but cannot be befriended there by any means.

Pokémon Notes Pokémon Notes
Challenges player to a quiz once Mew is befriended.  
Thunderbolt Tutor
Dash Tutor
Stamina Tutor
Iron Tail Tutor
Guard to the Meadow Zone
Guard to the Beach Zone
Guard to the Cavern Zone
Guard to the Haunted Zone
Guard to the Granite Zone
Owner of the Photo shop

Zones in the PokéPark

PokéPark EntranceMeadow ZoneMeeting PlaceBeach ZoneIceberg ZoneCavern Zone
Lava ZoneHaunted ZoneGranite ZoneFlower ZoneSky Pavilion

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