PokéPark Entrance

PokéPark Entrance
PokéPark Entrance
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Drifblim Stop
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Connecting Zones
Meadow Zone
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Fourth connected zone
Fifth connected zone
Sixth connected zone

The PokéPark Entrance serves as a tutorial stage for the player in PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure. It is situated right outside the Meadow Zone.


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The player awakens here after falling down a hole created by Mew. A Chatot greets them and offers to guide them to the PokéPark. He then teaches the player the various controls and mechanics of the game and teaches the player about the Skill Games. At the end of the tutorial, he gives the player the PokéPark Pad which serves as the menu in the pause screen allowing the player to check Pikachu's statistics, their friends, and save their progress.

At the entrance, the player meets a Buneary who is also going to visit the park, but a Snorlax has fallen asleep and is blocking the entrance. She then requests the player to use Thunderbolt to awaken the Snorlax long enough for him to move, inevitably teaching the player how to execute a Thunderbolt. Buneary then thanks the player and makes her way into the PokéPark.

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Available Pokémon

This is a list of all the Pokémon that can be befriended in the PokéPark entrance.

Pokémon Location Skill game Notes
Along the path to the PokéPark. (only once) Chase Has the player chase him while teaching them about Skill Games.

Other Pokémon

These Pokémon make an appearance in the PokéPark Entrance but cannot be befriended there by any means.

Pokémon Notes
Teaches the player how to use Thunderbolt. (start only)
Blocks the player's path. (until the Cavern Zone is unlocked)
Challenges the player to a chase; is befriended via Tangrowth's Swing-Along. (unlocked with codes)

Zones in the PokéPark

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Lava ZoneHaunted ZoneGranite ZoneFlower ZoneSky Pavilion

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