Lunar Wing

Lunar Wing
Crescent Moon Feather
Lunar Wing
Lunar Wing
Obtain sprite from Generation V
Introduced in Generation IV
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The Lunar Wing (Japanese: みかづきのはね Crescent Moon Feather) is a Key Item introduced in Generation IV. It is linked to the Legendary Pokémon Cresselia.

In the core series games


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Generation IV

In Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, the Lunar Wing is used to awaken Eldritch's son from his horrible endless nightmare once brought to his house in Canalave City. In doing so, the Lunar Wing is consumed.

Generation V

In Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, the Lunar Wing causes a wild Cresselia to appear if taken to Marvelous Bridge.


Games Description
A feather that glows like the moon. It is said to possess the power to dispel nightmares.
A feather that glows like the moon. It's said to possess the power to dispel nightmares.


Games Method
DPPt Fullmoon Island (left behind by Cresselia when it leaves)
B2W2 Strange House (second floor)

In the anime

A Lunar Wing in the anime

In The Rise of Darkrai, a salesman named Bogie sold a Lunar Wing to Dawn, saying that it would "make bad dreams a thing of the past."

The very same Lunar Wing appeared in Sleepless in Pre-Battle!, where it was used to find the place where Cresselia resides. Team Rocket also sold what they claimed to be Lunar Wings, but turned out to be merely painted Pidgey feathers.

A Lunar Wing appeared in a fantasy in JN074. Another one appeared in the next episode in a dream.

In the manga

A Lunar Wing in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Platinum chapter

A Lunar Wing was briefly seen in a flashback in The Final Dimensional Duel V. To help Eldritch wake his son up from a terrible nightmare, Palmer had traveled to Fullmoon Island in search of a Lunar Wing, only to find out that all the Pokémon on the island were suffering from nightmares as well. Palmer had been unable to help the suffering Pokémon, but then Cresselia had appeared, using Lunar Dance to heal the Pokémon. Cresselia had also dropped down a Lunar Wing, which Palmer took back to Canalave City and cured Eldritch's son with it.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 新月之羽 Sānyuht-jī Yúh *
月亮羽毛 Yuhtleuhng Yúhmòuh *
三日月羽毛 Sāamyahtyuht Yúhmòuh *
Mandarin 新月之羽 Xīnyuè-zhī Yǔ *
月牙之羽 Yuèyá-zhī Yǔ *
三日月羽毛 Sānrìyuè Yǔmáo *
  Finnish Lunar-siipi*
  French Lun'Aile
  German Lunarfeder
  Italian Alalunare
  Korean 초승달날개 Choseungdal Nalgae
  Polish Księżycowe Pióro
  Spanish Pluma Lunar
  Vietnamese Lông vũ trăng non

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