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Junior Administrators are Bulbapedia's entry-level staff members. These users are staff members in training tasked with learning what it means to be a leader in the Bulbapedia and Bulbagarden communities. They are granted limited administrative powers on the wiki as an evaluation before moving them up to higher ranks. With few exceptions, users will begin at the Junior Administrator rank, and on demonstrating considerable prowess, may be promoted. Unsatisfactory Junior Administrators will be demoted, while ones that either do not wish to promote or do not exhibit any particular strong qualities may remain at this level.

On gaining this level, a user will gain access to dedicated staff areas on Bulbagarden forums and Bulbagarden Discord where they can participate in discussions about key decisions and strategic planning for Bulbapedia.

Staff expectations

In accordance to Bulbagarden's four core values, Junior Administrators act as leaders for the encyclopedia, fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment for all contributors. In addition to the expectations for Bulbapedia staff members, Junior Administrators have the following responsibilities and expectations:

  • Develop a working proficiency with Bulbapedia's style and policy guidelines
  • Build expertise in one or more facets of the Pokémon franchise/Bulbapedia operations
  • Assist regular editors with content solutions and straightforward editing decisions, escalating complicated issues appropriately
  • Participate in wiki discussions, facilitating improvements throughout the wiki under the guidance of experienced staff

List of Junior Administrators

This is a list of all users with the Junior Administrator rank on Bulbapedia. This list does not include users higher on the Bulbapedia administrative hierarchy, who all have the powers of the Junior Administrator level in addition to their own.

If in need of a Junior Administrator's assistance, please contact an Active Junior Administrator for quickest results; all active Junior Administrators check messages regularly.

Since July 26, 2023 Active


Since March 1, 2022 Active


Since May 25, 2024 Active


Since February 17, 2020 Active

Daniel Carrero

Since May 25, 2024 Active


Since May 25, 2024 Active


Since May 25, 2024 Active


Since July 26, 2023 Active


Since March 1, 2022 Hiatus


Since May 25, 2024 Active


If an active Junior Administrator cannot be found, consider speaking with another member of Bulbapedia's staff.


Junior Administrators are allowed to edit and create pages that are otherwise protected from editing and creation to those other than Administrators. In addition to this, Junior Administrators can see the history of pages that have been deleted, as well as show and hide individual revisions of a page.

A Junior Administrator should be a user's first stop for a simple question about Bulbapedia's rules and style, with unanswerable questions continuing to move up the hierarchy.