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Forest Force logo.png
DP5 Forest Force Deck.jpg
Expansion Majestic Dawn
Types used GrassPsychic
Coin DP5 Silver Sinnoh Starters Coin.png

The Forest Force Theme Deck from the Majestic Dawn expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game focuses on Grass and Psychic type Pokémon. Like other Theme Decks, Forest Force includes a rulebook, damage counters, status counters, a custom coin, single-player mat and card list.


In the Forest Force theme deck, Leafeon surrounds itself in fresh air with a trick that breathes new life into your game plans! Wrapping up its opponents with its Spiral Drain attack—squeezing tightly while regaining health—Leafeon will take roots and dominate the competition! And get ready for another health boost when Espeon raises the HP for Leafeon and itself with its Sunlight Veil Poké-Body! When you play with the Forest Force theme deck, you put the enduring power of nature in your corner!

Deck list

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Leafeon Grass Rare Holo
Espeon Psychic Rare
Eevee Colorless Common
Torterra Grass Rare
Grotle Grass Uncommon
Turtwig Grass Common
Ambipom Colorless Uncommon
Aipom Colorless Common
Croagunk Psychic Common
Bronzor Psychic Common
Dusk Ball T Uncommon
Energy Restore T Uncommon
Mom's Kindness Su Uncommon
Night Maintenance T Uncommon
Energy Search T Uncommon
Potion T Common
14× Grass Energy Grass E
10× Psychic Energy Psychic E