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Expansion Secret Wonders
Types used LightningFighting
Coin DP3 Gold Munchlax Coin.png

The Powerhouse Theme Deck from the Secret Wonders expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game focuses on Lightning and Fighting type Pokémon. Like other Theme Decks, Powerhouse includes a rulebook, damage counters, status counters, a custom coin, single-player mat and card list.


Show your opponents who's in charge when you play the Powerhouse theme deck! Your Lightning and Fighting Pokémon will rumble like thunder while Electivire uses its Motor Drive Poké-Power to keep adding more Lightning Energy to itself... until it uses its Discharge attack to electrify your opponent!

Deck list

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Electivire Lightning Rare Holo
Electabuzz Lightning Common
Ampharos Lightning Rare
Flaaffy Lightning Uncommon
Mareep Lightning Common
Donphan Fighting Uncommon
Phanpy Fighting Common
Stantler Colorless Common
Electrode Lightning Rare
Voltorb Lightning Common
Professor Oak's Visit Su Uncommon
Roseanne's Research Su Uncommon
PlusPower T Uncommon
Energy Search T Common
Potion T Common
16× Lightning Energy Lightning E
Fighting Energy Fighting E