Moonlit Pursuit/Dawn Dash (TCG)

月光の追跡 • 夜明けの疾走 SetSymbolMoonlit Pursuit Dawn Dash.png
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Cards in set 135*
Set number 34
Release date October 26, 2007
Shining Darkness
Moonlit Pursuit • Dawn Dash
Cry from the Mysterious • Temple of Anger

Moonlit Pursuit 月光の追跡 and Dawn Dash 夜明けの疾走 are collectively the fourth main expansion of cards from the DP Era of the Pokémon Card Game in Japan. The set continues to feature Generation IV Pokémon and Pokémon LV.X in the card game.


Moonlit Pursuit and Dawn Dash are dual expansions that make up the fourth expansion block in the Pokémon Card Game DP Era. It is based on Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, featuring Generation IV Pokémon. They were released on October 26, 2007.

Due to the six-month gap between the release of the fourth expansion block (Moonlit Pursuit and Dawn Dash) and the fifth expansion block (Cry from the Mysterious and Temple of Anger), Moonlit Pursuit and Dawn Dash were separated into two English expansions. Great Encounters mostly contained cards from the Moonlit Pursuit expansion, while Majestic Dawn mostly contained cards from the Dawn Dash expansion.

Set lists

Moonlit Pursuit
No. Image Card name Type Rarity
  Weedle     Promotion
  Kakuna     Promotion
  Beedrill     Promotion
  Tangela     Promotion
  Tangrowth     Promotion
  Scyther     Promotion
  Volbeat     Promotion
  Houndour     Promotion
  Torchic     Promotion
  Combusken     Promotion
  Blaziken     Promotion
  Slowpoke     Promotion
  Slowbro     Promotion
  Vaporeon     Promotion
  Omanyte     Promotion
  Omastar     Promotion
  Mudkip     Promotion
  Marshtomp     Promotion
  Swampert     Promotion
  Wailmer     Promotion
  Wailord     Promotion
  Feebas     Promotion
  Milotic     Promotion
  Relicanth     Promotion
  Weavile     Promotion
  Zapdos     Promotion
  Rotom     Promotion
  Slowking     Promotion
  Drowzee     Promotion
  Hypno     Promotion
  Koffing     Promotion
  Weezing     Promotion
  Mewtwo     Promotion
  Unown F     Promotion
  Unown G     Promotion
  Unown H     Promotion
  Seviper     Promotion
  Cresselia     Promotion
  Cresselia LV.X     Promotion
  Makuhita     Promotion
  Hariyama     Promotion
  Lunatone     Promotion
  Spearow     Promotion
  Fearow     Promotion
  Kangaskhan     Promotion
  Eevee     Promotion
  Porygon     Promotion
  Porygon2     Promotion
  Porygon-Z     Promotion
  Snubbull     Promotion
  Granbull     Promotion
  Whismur     Promotion
  Loudred     Promotion
  Exploud     Promotion
  Latios     Promotion
  Garchomp LV.X     Promotion
  Umbreon     Promotion
  Houndoom     Promotion
  Darkrai     Promotion
  Honchkrow LV.X     Promotion
  Scizor     Promotion
  Skarmory     Promotion
  Rare Candy T   Promotion
  Premier Ball T   Promotion
  Amulet Coin T   Promotion
  Felicity's Drawing Su   Promotion
  Moonlight Stadium St   Promotion
  Helix Fossil T   Promotion
  Call Energy   E   Promotion
  Recover Energy   E   Promotion

Dawn Dash
No. Image Card name Type Rarity
  Caterpie     Promotion
  Metapod     Promotion
  Butterfree     Promotion
  Leafeon     Promotion
  Treecko     Promotion
  Grovyle     Promotion
  Sceptile     Promotion
  Illumise     Promotion
  Cacnea     Promotion
  Leafeon LV.X     Promotion
  Flareon     Promotion
  Moltres     Promotion
  Slugma     Promotion
  Magcargo     Promotion
  Krabby     Promotion
  Kingler     Promotion
  Lapras     Promotion
  Glaceon     Promotion
  Articuno     Promotion
  Delibird     Promotion
  Wingull     Promotion
  Pelipper     Promotion
  Clamperl     Promotion
  Huntail     Promotion
  Gorebyss     Promotion
  Luvdisc     Promotion
  Phione     Promotion
  Glaceon LV.X     Promotion
  Jolteon     Promotion
  Pachirisu     Promotion
  Ekans     Promotion
  Arbok     Promotion
  Espeon     Promotion
  Unown L     Promotion
  Unown P     Promotion
  Unown Q     Promotion
  Gardevoir     Promotion
  Gardevoir LV.X     Promotion
  Mankey     Promotion
  Primeape     Promotion
  Kabuto     Promotion
  Kabutops     Promotion
  Solrock     Promotion
  Baltoy     Promotion
  Claydol     Promotion
  Igglybuff     Promotion
  Jigglypuff     Promotion
  Wigglytuff     Promotion
  Eevee     Promotion
  Aerodactyl     Promotion
  Togepi     Promotion
  Togetic     Promotion
  Togekiss     Promotion
  Zigzagoon     Promotion
  Linoone     Promotion
  Swablu     Promotion
  Altaria     Promotion
  Zangoose     Promotion
  Latias     Promotion
  Cacturne     Promotion
  Mawile     Promotion
  Rare Candy T   Promotion
  Premier Ball T   Promotion
  Leftovers T   Promotion
  Felicity's Drawing Su   Promotion
  Dawn Stadium St   Promotion
  Dome Fossil T   Promotion
  Old Amber T   Promotion
  Call Energy   E   Promotion
  Health Energy   E   Promotion

Languages this set is released in

The Moonlit Pursuit and Dawn Dash sets are only released in Japanese, in both 1st and unlimited edition.

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