Bike obstacles

Bicycle obstacles are obstacles that can only be crossed riding a Bicycle or locations that require the player to ride a bike.


Cracked tiles

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Cracked tiles can only be traveled over with a Mach Bike. If a player slows down or walks on the cracks, they will fall through the floor. The Mach Bike will travel over them fast enough to get over them before they crumble away. Cracked floors have only appeared in Generation III, most notably within the Sky Pillar. The only other locations this obstacle is found in are the Granite Cave and the Mirage Tower, making this exclusive to Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.

Muddy slopes

Muddy slopes can only be passed with a Mach Bike or, in Generation IV, the Bicycle shifted into fourth gear. If a player attempts to walk up or uses a slow bike/ bike gear to ride up the slope, they will slide back down before they reach the top. They will also slide down if they stop on the slope before reaching the top. These are found in both Generation III, IV, and Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Rails and logs

This obstacle is known as a rail in Generation III and Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire and as a fallen log in Generation IV. While the function is largely the same, there are slight differences between generations. In Generation III/VI, only the Acro Bike can be used to get across, as riders need to use the Bike's jumping function to go from rail to rail. In Generation IV, there's no trick to riding on them, so both gears of the Bicycle can travel on the rails. In Generation III/VI, they are mainly found on Route 119. There are fallen logs on Routes 210, 212, and 228 in Generation IV.

Bumpy slopes

These slopes, which are seen in Generation III and Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, can only be climbed with an Acro Bike's bunny hop trick. This feature is mainly in Jagged Pass and the Safari Zone.


In Generation IV, there are some small ramps found on the ground. If the bike is in a fast gear and has space to get up to speed, it will launch off the ramp and jump far. However, if it is in third gear or isn't up to speed, the ramp will only launch the bike a little for a much smaller jump. Usually, the ramp puzzles require a far jump rather than a short jump. However, one of the ramps in the secret area of Wayward Cave requires the bike to be in third gear or else the player will jump too far.

Bike only areas

There are three places in the Pokémon games where players must ride their Bicycles.

Bikeless areas

There are several places in the Pokémon games where players cannot ride their Bicycles.

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