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Pokémon the Series: Black & White
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Cilan Versus Trip, Ash Versus Georgia!
BW040   EP697
The Fiercely Fought Don Battle! Tsutarja VS Komatana!!
First broadcast
Japan July 21, 2011
United States November 5, 2011
English themes
Opening Black and White
Japanese themes
Opening ベストウイッシュ!
Ending ポケモン言えるかな?BW
Animation Team Kato
Screenplay 藤田伸三 Shinzō Fujita
Storyboard 山田浩之 Hiroyuki Yamada
Assistant director 西田健一 Ken'ichi Nishida
Animation director 緒方厚 Atsushi Ogata
Additional credits

Cilan Versus Trip, Ash Versus Georgia! (Japanese: 熱闘ドンバトル!ツタージャVSコマタナ!! The Fiercely Fought Don Battle! Tsutarja VS Komatana!!) is the 40th episode of Pokémon the Series: Black & White, and the 697th episode of the Pokémon anime. It first aired in Japan on July 21, 2011 and in the United States on November 5, 2011.

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As the Nimbasa Pokémon Battle Tournament rages on, we pick up the action with Cilan’s first-round match against Trip, who once defeated Cilan’s brother Chili at the Striaton City Gym. Burgundy, Cilan’s rival, wants him to lose in the worst way, and Trip and his Gurdurr battle with power and excellent timing. But Cilan prevails, delivering a tasty smackdown. Wrapping up the first-round battles, Stephan’s Zebstrika makes short work of Bianca’s Minccino, and Luke and Iris both win their matches. Then it’s on to round two!

Ash is paired against the confident “Dragon Buster” Georgia, and the match begins with his Snivy against Georgia’s Pawniard. Georgia backs up her cocky attitude by proving to be a formidable opponent. As the back-and-forth battle continues, Iris, Cilan, and Stephan cheer Ash on from the sidelines (though Stephan really just wants Ash to win so they can battle in the next round). Finally, with a powerful Guillotine move, it appears Georgia and her Pawniard may have gotten the upper hand...but we’ll have to find out next time!


As the next Club Battle match begins, Luke is filming everything for his documentary. Freddy O'Martian declares that Trip will be fighting Cilan, who Don George notes will be a tough opponent as one of Striaton City’s Gym Leaders. On the field, Cilan warmly greets Trip and hopes that the battling flavor he saw during Trip's Striaton Gym challenge will re-emerge. Trip confidently asserts that he and his Pokémon have significantly improved since he beat Chili. Ash is excited to watch the battle and Iris tells him that while Trip seems very confident, she can't imagine Cilan losing. Burgundy, however, can and she declares that she wants Trip to give Cilan the beating of his life. As she rages, the battle commences with Cilan sending out Dwebble while Trip calls out his Gurdurr.

Cilan launches the first attack and Dwebble flies forward with an X-Scissor. Trip orders Gurdurr to dodge, and it slams its iron bar into the ground before heaving itself over to evade. Dwebble goes in for a Slash attack, but Gurdurr uses its steel beam to keep Dwebble away and flicks Dwebble overhead. Gurdurr sticks its beam into the ground and charges forward for a Rock Smash. Cilan cries out for Dwebble to dodge, which it does by retreating into its shell. However, the blow is so powerful that Dwebble's rock is cracked. Cilan cries out in horror while Burgundy smugly notes that Gurdurr just needs to keep it up to make her happy. Gurdurr attempts another Rock Smash, but at Cilan's call Dwebble scuttles out of range. Trip changes tactics and Gurdurr uses Stone Edge, hitting Dwebble hard. Don George notes that it was a super-effective move. Luke keeps his camera rolling to capture the exciting round, but Bianca sticks her head in front of the camera asking if he has seen Zorua. Luke pleads with her that he is busy but she insists that Zorua is missing and he should be looking for her. Luke awkwardly agrees.

Dwebble struggles to get up while Trip notes that he's impressed Cilan hasn't thrown in the towel. Cilan smiles and compliments Trip's improvement then declares that is evaluating time, much to the exasperation of Iris, who notes that they are in store for another Connoisseur moment. Burgundy however, is grinding her teeth and bursts out that she doesn't want to hear Cilan's evaluation, she wants him to flunk. Cilan compliments Gurdurr's harmoniously interwoven technique and power and in particular its well-defined muscles, allowing for a refreshing yet bold style. However, he declares that Dwebble and he will emerge victorious with a perfect recipe of offense and defense. Trip ignores Cilan and orders a barrage of Dynamic Punches, which Dwebble desperately dodges.

Bianca walks along a hallway, having looked everywhere for Zorua. She comes across Georgia and asks if she's seen Zorua, but Georgia silently shakes her head. Disappointed, Bianca walks further along until she runs into Georgia again. Excited, she asks if Georgia has seen Zorua, then pauses for thought, not grasping that she has already seen Georgia in this corridor. The first Georgia giggles and hugs the other Georgia, much to her disgust. Georgia picks up her clone and pulls her away, where she giggles and transforms back into Zorua. Gasping for excitement, Bianca runs after Zorua, telling her that they can watch the tournament together, not to be shy and that she has food. Georgia watches in perplexity.

Back with the battle, Trip orders Gurdurr to attack Dwebble up close. Gurdurr charges in with its steel beam, but Dwebble rolls aside and Cilan orders Shell Smash. It then uses Rock Slide to bury Gurdurr in stones. Trip cries out in astonishment while the commentator compliments the power of Rock Slide. Don George explains that Rock Slide was all the more powerful because Shell Smash amplified Dwebble's offense at the cost of some defense power. Burgundy demands to know whether Cilan's move is legal, while Iris excitedly assures her that it is and that it's very cool that Dwebble can use Rock Slide. Gurdurr manages to free its arms and begins to heave itself out of the rocks at Trip's encouragement. Cilan orders Dwebble in for a final Slash, striking Gurdurr just as it frees itself, only to collapse and be knocked out. As Cilan congratulates Dwebble, Trip takes their photo to chronicle his journey. Cilan boasts that he is happy to answer any of Luke's questions when the young movie maker arrives with his camera, but then the real Luke comes sprinting across the stadium and swipes his camera back from the giggling Zorua. Cilan abashedly suggests that there will be no interview.

Back in the stands, Burgundy is grinding her teeth and sulking about Cilan's victory while Bianca comes over to the group, telling them that she's been looking for Zorua. Ash reminds her that she is up next, which she has completely forgotten. Stephan grins and boasts that she is up against him, but once he wins he will be facing off with Ash. Bianca frowns and prepares for the battle.

The battle between Minccino and Zebstrika begins. Minccino uses Tickle to incapacitate Zebstrika, who has tears in its eyes from laughing. Minccino then uses Double Slap and Hyper Voice to knock Zebstrika back. Stephan calls for Zebstrika to stand its ground, and it retaliates with a Shock Wave, badly hurting Minccino. Bianca pleads with Minccino to get up, but a Stomp from Zebstrika knocks Minccino out and gives the victory to Stephan, who decides not to make an issue of the referee mispronouncing his name. Bianca picks up Minccino and cries out that her loss wasn't fair. Next, Luke's Golett slams into Scooter's Darmanitan, before using a Shadow Punch to knock it out, while Iris's Emolga uses Attract to incapacitate Jimmy Ray's male Watchog, before Iris orders Emolga to take Watchog down with Hidden Power. With the first round matches complete, Luke and Iris join Georgia, Ash, Cilan, Stephan, Dino and Antonio in Round 2. Don George dismisses the Trainers for the day, telling them they are free to stay at the Pokémon Center overnight before Round 2 and the semifinals the next day.

Later, Trip picks up his healed Gurdurr from Nurse Joy at the Pokémon Center, making preparations to leave Nimbasa Town. Ash asks Trip where he is going and he replies that he has things to do now that Gurdurr has been healed. Ash protests that the competition hasn't ended, and Trip shrugs, saying that his Pokémon won't get stronger by watching others battle. As Trip walks off, Cilan suggests to Ash that he let Trip be. Iris agrees but says that she still doesn't understand him. Ash calls out to Trip, suggesting that they have a battle next time they meet up. Trip doesn't look back but waves noncommittally.

Inside, Cilan has prepared a delicious dinner for his traveling companions and Stephan. Stephan sets down an enormous meal, which Ash challenges and piles up his own plate. The two begins shoveling down food, trying to outdo each other. Iris snorts that only little kids would have an eating contest, and then starts at a clone of herself standing behind her. The clone giggles and Iris realizes that it is Zorua. Right on cue, Bianca arrives and tries to lure Zorua away with food. Zorua into the air and turns into Axew, grabbing the hands of Iris's and spinning him around. Axew protests vocally, but Zorua only mocks him. Bianca seizes Axew against his will and Iris protests that she's made a mistake, but Bianca loudly maintains that she has Zorua. The two grow even louder and begin fighting over Axew. Meanwhile, Zorua wanders over to Luke, who is doing behind-the-scenes filming for his documentary. Luke asks Zorua to stop running away. However, having spotted Zorua, Bianca runs off and releases Axew, causing Iris and Axew to crash into the ground. Ash and Stephan obliviously continue shoveling food down, each pausing only to declare that they will win. As Ash starts to choke, Cilan chuckles as Iris calls them hungry little kids.

Later, Ash and Pikachu crash onto the mattress with very full stomachs. Iris exclaims in delight as Dwebble repairs the crack in its rock. Cilan is pleased as he says he might need Dwebble in Round 2, and this way it will be ready. Burgundy arrives and promises Cilan that any pairing he gets will be terrible and he will lose. With her remark said, Burgundy leaves, while Cilan moans that she proves that there is such a thing as too much spice.

The next day Ash sprints to the stadium, psyched for his next battle. Georgia walks up and tells Iris that it seems she's gotten a tiny bit stronger. The two taunt each other and talk themselves up. Cilan asks them to calm down until Zorua, imitating Georgia, turns up. Iris promptly moves Zorua's arms, which riles up her rival. Georgia quickly shrugs it off and tells Iris that they'll settle it in battle. In the stadium, the Freddy reveals the pairings: Ash against Georgia, Antonio against Dino, Luke against Cilan and Iris against Stephan.

Ash is excited to fight Georgia, wondering who she will fight with after using Beartic in Round 1. As he calls out Snivy, Georgia counters with Pawniard. Don George notes that it will be interesting to see how Ash and Snivy counter Pawniard's close-range battling skills. Ash orders a Leaf Storm, but Pawniard uses Metal Claw to slash up the leaves. Snivy tries another Leaf Storm, though Pawniard leaps over and gets in close on Georgia's instructions, dealing serious damage with a Metal Claw. Snivy gets to her feet and uses Attract in attempt to avoid another barrage of attacks. However, Attract does nothing, revealing Pawniard is female, to which Georgia criticizes Ash for being slow on the uptake. Pawniard rushes in with Iron Head. Snivy leaps upwards to evade, but the attack dislodges rocks which fly at Snivy. Using Vine Whip, Snivy clears the air. One of the repelled rocks impales on Pawniard's bladed head, forcing Pawniard to the ground under the weight, making Georgia gasp. Snivy hits with a barrage of Vine Whips, doing more damage, before wrapping the match up with Leaf Blade. At Georgia's urging, Pawniard rolls over and heaves itself onto her feet. The Leaf Blade strikes the rock on Pawniard's head, shattering it and freeing Pawniard. Georgia compliments Ash for putting up a fight, and then orders Pawniard to use Guillotine. Snivy dodges but the damage on the arena floor indicates the one-hit-KO nature of the attack. Pawniard launches another attack, but Snivy catches it with Vine Whip. As she is flailed around the air, Pawniard regains her footing and spins the much lighter Snivy around, thudding her to the ground and freeing herself from Snivy’s vines. Ash pleads with Snivy to get up as Pawniard prepares another Guillotine.

Major events

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Pokémon debuts




Who's That Pokémon?

Who's That Pokémon?: Gurdurr


Georgia's missing glove


  • In the scene right before Ash and his friends enter the stadium for the second round, one of Georgia's gloves is missing.
  • The Polish dub mistakenly uses the English title card.

Dub edits

  • In the English dub, the narrator mentions that Ash used Palpitoad in its first battle ever against Burgundy. This isn't mentioned in the original Japanese version.
  • In the English dub, Cilan tells Dwebble to dodge an attack. In the original Japanese version, he tells Dwebble to hide in its shell.
  • In the English dub, Ash says a variation of Cilan's catchphrase, which he doesn't do in the original Japanese version.
  • In the English dub, at the end of the episode, the narrator makes a chess-related pun about Pawniard. There is no pun made in the original Japanese version.

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