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Conference at the Ranger Union

Altru Park

Once the Norward Bridge is lowered, Barlow and Prof. Hastings go on their way to the Ranger Union. Then comes along Murph. Murph is the Ranger Union Public Relations Officer. Murph takes your north to Altru Park.
Altru Park is the grassy area in front of the Altru Building. Altru Inc. is the energy corporation in Almia. Murph takes you inside the building for a tour. Inside, you meet Isaac, your old classmate from Ranger School. He even introduces you to the Altru President, Blake Hall.
After your tour, Barlow calls you telling you that you're wanted at the Ranger Union. Make sure to grab a Bibarel on Union Road, you'll have to destroy a Gigaremo unit at the Union.

Union Road (Pokémon)

Pokémon Poké Assist Field
  Spearow   Flying  
  Oddish *   Grass  
  Growlithe   Fire  
  Magnemite   Recharge  
  Doduo   Normal  
  Mareep   Electric  
  Aipom   Normal  
  Yanma *   Flying  
  Pineco   Bug  
  Swellow   Flying  
  Bibarel   Water  
  Budew   Bug  
  Floatzel   Water  

Ranger Union

At the Ranger Union, go up one story, and go into the center room. Nage, a Union scientist, takes you inside.
Listen to Prof. Hastings explanation of a Gigaremo, then, when prompted, destroy the unit with the Bibarel you captured on Union Road. Prof. Hastings explains more after.
Then, Wendy asks you questions about the fourth Mission. The answer to all the questions is yes. Finally, Chairperson Erma talks, and the meeting is adjourned. You can explore the Ranger Union, or do some Quests (listed below). When done, talk to Barlow in the far right room of the second floor, and go to sleep.

Mission 6

In the morning, talk to Barlow, and you leave the Union. As you walk down Union Road, there's an earthquake! A woman comes to tell you that there's a climber on the Peril Cliffs. Barlow assigns a Mission to find out what started the earthquake.

Mission 6: Seek the Origin of the Quake!

Peril Cliffs

Pokémon Poké Assist Field
  Spearow   Flying  
  Geodude   Rock  
  Graveler   Rock  
  Mankey   Fighting  
  Magnemite   Recharge  
  Pinsir   Bug  
  Aerodactyl   Flying  
  Pineco   Bug  
  Gligar   Flying  
  Larvitar   Rock  
  Numel   Ground  
  Mawile   Steel  
  Aron   Steel  
  Staravia   Flying  
  Cherrim   Grass  
  Rampardos   Rock  

1. Capture the Staravia at the entrance, and climb up the vines. Keep climbing until you find a vine that hasn't fallen. Use Staravia to cut it, and climb up.
2. Jump over the chasm using the Springy Grass, and go right, then climb all the way up the vines.
3. Capture the nearby Staravia and cut the vine. Climb up, then go left. There's a wall of vines. Start climbing!
4. Once you're up high enough, you can go left or right. Go left first, and drop down onto the ledge. WARNING! There are Gligar on the vines that will make you fall down if they hit you.
5. On the ledge, capture the Mawile. Go back on the vines, and go all the right, and go down the vines that go all the way down. Capture the nearby Mawile.
6. Go down more vines, and go left. The Pokémon here are under control! Hop down via ledges or vines, and use a Mawile on the yellow Gigaremo nearby. Then, jump down off the ledge, go right to some vines, and go up. Continue up via Springy Grass. Destroy the second Gigaremo.
7. Use the Springy Grass to go back left, and then go back down to the first Gigaremo unit. The Pokémon are gone, and you can proceed. Go left.
8. You come into view of a Team Dim Sun member using Rampardos to make a tunnel. Barlow asks if you want to go on. Click "yes" if you're ready, or "no" if you're not. If you're not ready, there are some Magnemites on the right screen to recharge your Styler. There are also Numel's and Mankey's for you to capture and use in the coming battle.
9. When ready, go up to the Team Dim Sun member. He attacks you with a Rampardos. It's your second Boss Battle. Mankey and Numel have useful Poké Assists. Stay calm, and capture the Rampardos!
10. Once you capture it, the Team Dim Sun goon runs away, and it's Mission Clear! You're also granted Ranger Rank 4, allowing the use of Poison, Ghost, Psychic, and Dark Poké Assists.

Doduo Riding

Back on Union Road, two Doduo run into you and Barlow. Capture one, and Barlow teaches you how to ride a Doduo. The Doduo is like the Running Shoes in the Main Series. Head on back to Vientown when you're ready.

Seven Quests

If you don't want to go to Vientown right away, there are seven Quests for you to do!
The first 3 Quests are available after the Ranger Union Conference.

Quest 09

Eevee for Marital Bliss
Old man
  Steel Defense
Our Eevee has gone missing. Can someone fetch it for us? I'm not sure if this is a useful hint or not, but our Eevee likes the sea breeze.

The old man is near the Ranger Depot in Pueltown. He asks you to find his lost Eevee. Go to the docks, and go up. Go up the stairs, and around. Eevee is at the end of this path. Capture it, and bring it back to the old man. You get a Steel Defense as a reward.

Quest 10

Go Talk to my Mom
Altru Park
  Flying Defense
Hey, while you're out on patrol, can you drop in on my dear old mom for a friendly visit? She could use the company. My house is in Pueltown. Look for the fountain, okay?

Brook, the guy that operates the Norward Bridge, asks you to visit his mother. The house is in Pueltown, north (↑) of where you saved Melody. It's on the east side, all the way up, behind the fountain. Talk to the lady, and listen. You get a Flying Defense as a reward.

Quest 11

THe Boy who Cried Lumineon
Fisher boy
  Rock Defense
I caught a Lumineon, but no one believes me. Can someone take a boat out to Puel Sea and prove the Lumineon live there? If you can capture one, its data will be recorded, so that will do as proof!

This boy is on the Puel Docks, all the way at the end when you first walk in. He tells you about people not believing he caught an Lumineon. Go into the Tavern nearby, and ask Capt. Puel to take you out.
Back in the Puel Sea, all your old Pokémon return. Lumineon is over where the Sharpedo was in Mission 5. Capture the Lumineon, and head back to Pueltown. Talk to the Fisher boy, and you'll get a Rock Defense as reward.

Quest 12

Nosepass! Must Have Nosepass!
  Ground Defense
What is it, you ask? The answer is Nosepass! It's Nosepass above all! Nothing else will do! Deprive me of food, but not Nosepass! I can't tell you why now, but, please, bring me a Nosepass!

A man on the west side of Pueltown really wants a Nosepass. Like, he really wants it. So, fetch him a Nosepass! This one's a doozie, Nosepass is only found in Marine Cave! Well, truck on back there, and capture the Nosepass. It's in the last room. When captured, bring it back to the guy in Pueltown for your Ground Defense reward.

Quest 13

Oddish Research
Altru Park
  Fire Defense
We need an Oddish for research purposes. We've had no success finding one, however. Is it possible for you to bring one in?

Herbert, a Union scientist, needs an Oddish for research. Go to Union Road, and capture an Aipom. Next to the log cabin near the Peril Cliffs is an odd looking weed. Use Aipom on the weed, and an Oddish appears! Capture the Oddish, and bring it back to Herbert. You get a Fire Defense as a reward.

Quest 14

Who Ate My Lunch?
Vien Forest
  Power Plus
A Pokémon grabbed my linch and hightailed it. It went off to the west (←) of Vien Forest. The Pokémon had two tails the ended in what I took to be hands. Can you find it and bring it to me?

This man, who is in the charred part of the Vien Forest, had his lunch taken by a Pokémon! It had two tails that ended in hands. Only one Pokémon fits that description: Ambipom! Ambipom is directly to the man's left. Capture it, and bring it safely back to the man. You get a Power Plus, which boosts your Styler's power, as a reward.

Quest 15

Please Save Turtwig
Chicole Village
Young boy
  New Partner Pokémon
Hey, I went to Breeze Hill. There was this Turtwig at the edge of a cliff. It sure looked like it was in trouble. Go help that Turtwig.

In Chicole Village, a boy tells you about a Turtwig that looks in trouble on Breeze Hill. Hurry on over! Once there, you see the Turtwig about to fall off the cliff. Capture it, and it becomes a Partner Pokémon.

Mission 7

Barlow went to Boyleland, and left Crawford in charge.
Today is the Ranger School's Outdoor Class! Your job is to go and teach Outdoor Class! Get on over to Class!

On your way over the bridge to the School (the School is east (→) of Vientown), Team Dim Sun attacks! They use a Croagunk against you. They also have a new machine, the Miniremo! Capture the Croagunk and continue on to the school.

Mission 7: Teach at Ranger School!

1. In the School, enter the main building.
2. Go to the room on the right at the end of the hall. Talk to Principal Lamont. Then, Outdoor Class begins.
3. The students will ask you questions. Answer them, but there's no penalty for a wrong answer.
4. Suddenly, Team Dim Sun attacks! They send out 2 Carnivine. Capture them.
5 After you capture the Carnivine, class is over. Mission Clear!

Barlow Troubles

Back in the Ranger Base the next day, Crawford tells you that Barlow went missing in Boyleland. Crawford assigns you a Mission to find him. Head on out to Boyleland!

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