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Mission 8


Barlow has gone missing while investigating something in Boyleland. Crawford sends you out to Boyleland to find Barlow.
Boyleland is an island in the east of Almia. You must take a boat there, so go to Puel Harbor. Capture a Doduo on either School Road, west (→) of Vientown, or Chicole Path, south (↓) of Vientown, to make the trip faster.
At Puel Harbor, go to the boathouse, and talk to Capt. Boyle (the guy wearing red). He'll take you to Boyleland.
Boyleland has a Ranger Depot, so make sure to save and recharge! Then, go to the lower left house and talk to the elder. After talking to him, go north (↑) to Volcano Cave. Talk to the man blocking the west entrance, then go inside.

Mission 8: Look for Missing Barlow!

Volcano Cave

Pokémon Poké Assist Field
004 Charmander Fire PA.png Fire Burn 1
005 Charmeleon Fire PA.png Fire Burn 2
025 Pikachu Recharge PA.png Recharge Recharge 3
026 Raichu Recharge PA.png Recharge Recharge 4
075 Graveler Rock PA.png Rock Crush 2
077 Ponyta Fire PA.png Fire Burn 1
078 Rapidash Fire PA.png Fire Burn 3
089 Muk Poison PA.png Poison Crush 3
097 Hypno Psychic PA.png Psychic Psy Power 2
111 Rhyhorn Ground PA.png Ground Tackle 2
112 Rhydon Ground PA.png Ground Tackle 3
126 Magmar Fire PA.png Fire Burn 2
136 Flareon Fire PA.png Fire Burn 3
218 Slugma Fire PA.png Fire Burn 1
219 Magcargo Fire PA.png Fire Burn 2
279 Pelipper Water PA.png Water Soak 3
297 Hariyama Fighting PA.png Fighting Crush 3
305 Lairon Steel PA.png Steel Tackle 2
306 Aggron Steel PA.png Steel Tackle 4
324 Torkoal Fire PA.png Fire Magma Flow -
353 Shuppet Ghost PA.png Ghost Psy Power 1
371 Bagon Dragon PA.png Dragon Tackle 1
372 Shelgon Dragon PA.png Dragon Tackle 2
423 Gastrodon Water PA.png Water Soak 2
425 Drifloon Ghost PA.png Ghost Airlift -
426 Drifblim Ghost PA.png Ghost Elevate -
434 Stunky Poison PA.png Poison Crush 1

1. Stay to the left (←) while in Volcano Cave, and go out left. Capture the two Gastrodon and go back inside.
2. Drifloon have appeared! Around Volcano Cave are holes that have steam coming out of them. Use Drifloon's Poké Assist to cross the lave via steam! Capture a Drifloon, and use it to cross the lava nearby via the steam.
3. Capture the Drifloon on this side. Go up, and you'll find Barlow's Styler. Uh oh. Pick it up, and continue through the door.
4. Some Team Dim Sun members are talking, and you overhear them saying that they kidnapped Barlow. This is bad. Truck on ahead, and use the Drifloon you caught before to cross the steam.
5. Go up the stairs, and to the right. Team Dim Sun sends out a Slugma and a Magcargo! Capture them, and continue on the elevated path. Go left to the next screen, then down the stairs. Capture Team Dim Sun's Kangaskhan.
6. Capture the nearby Drifloon, and travel the steam up stairs you just came down. Enter the room on the left, and capture a Shuppet. Capture the Drifloon outside the room. Follow the path, go down stairs, and across the steam.
7. As you go up, two Team Dim Sun members block your pathway with a rock. Go up the stairs on the left, and then across to the right. Use Shuppet to open the Sealed Door. Go in, and capture a Muk.
8. Back at the rock, use Muk to destroy it. Then go up, and capture Team Dim Sun's Numel. Continue up.
9. Make sure to save! Then, sneak onboard the Cargo Ship. Use this path for best results:

  • Wait at the entrance to the course until 1:50
  • Dash down and right
  • Go up, and slow down
  • Shadow the guard going up, but be sure to keep distance!
  • Go around the lone container
  • Quickly dash to the left, and into the ship!

Cargo Ship

Pokémon Poké Assist Field
020 Raticate Normal PA.png Normal Cut 2
037 Vulpix Fire PA.png Fire Burn 1
067 Machoke Fighting PA.png Fighting Tackle 2
096 Drowzee Psychic PA.png Psychic Crush 2
100 Voltorb Electric PA.png Electric Electrify 2
111 Rhyhorn * Ground PA.png Ground Tackle 2
125 Electabuzz Electric PA.png Electric Flash -
126 Magmar Fire PA.png Fire Burn 2
167 Spinarak Bug PA.png Bug Tackle 1
179 Mareep * Electric PA.png Electric Electrify 1
228 Houndour Dark PA.png Dark Tackle 1
280 Ralts Psychic PA.png Psychic Tackle 1
296 Makuhita Fighting PA.png Fighting Crush 2
391 Monferno Fire PA.png Fire Burn 2
400 Bibarel Water PA.png Water Soak 2
404 Luxio Electric PA.png Electric Electrify 2
432 Purugly Normal PA.png Normal Tackle 2
439 Mime Jr. * Psychic PA.png Psychic no
434 Stunky * Poison PA.png Poison Crush 1
452 Drapion * Poison PA.png Poison no

10. Ah, safe and sound, on the sip...right? WRONG! You barely have time to catch your breath before Team Dim Sun sends out 2 Machoke. Capture them, and go up the stairs, and right. Capture the Mime Jr. down the stairs. Mime Jr. will become your guide for a bit.
11. Go up. This room is full of conveyor belts. Mime Jr. points out the exit.

  • First, go up the stairs, and capture Luxio
  • Then, go back down, and up the conveyor belt, and capture Makuhita
  • Then left to capture Machoke
  • Up the ladder, and across the containers
  • Down the ladder, and up the stairs and out the door

12. Use Luxio to destroy the blue Gigaremo. Go up, and up the stairs to the right. Use Makuhita on the yellow Gigaremo. Go back to the start of this room.
13. Go left, and use Mahchoke to push the yellow switch. Go up, and climb onto the containers. Climb down, and capture another Machoke. Use Machoke on the green switch at the top of the room. Go back onto the containers, and follow them around. Capture a Voltorb. Get off the containers, and go down to capture a Monferno. Go up the stairs. Use Voltorb on the door and go through.
14. Go through this room (the generator one), and out the other door. Go down, save, and go into the right door. Capture the three Mareep Team Dim Sun sends out.
15. Go up twice, and capture the 2 Raticate. Go back to the generator room, and use a Raticate on the Wire Fence. Capture the Electabuzz. Go back to the save room, and go into the left door. Make sure to capture the Drowzee.
16. The room is dark, so use Electabuzz's flash. When the room lights up, guess who's also in here with you?! Barlow! Use Raticate to cut the ropes tying Barlow. Then go up with Barlow.
17. Follow the corridor, and capture Team Dim Sun's 3 Magcargo. Go out the door at the end of the corridor.
18. On the deck of the ship, Team Dim Sun's Executive appears: Kincaid! The guy who taught at the Ranger School. He really dislikes you, because he send out three waves of Pokémon!

  • First, are two Rhyhorn. If you managed to sweep down across the deck, and go into the door on the right, you can find a Makuhita to help
  • Second are three Stunkys. Use Monferno to help.
  • Finally, Kincaid comes at you with a Drapion. Use Drowzee, but Drapion is a hard one!

19. After being defeated, Kincaid has the Kingston Valve removed, then flees with Gliscor. The Kingston Valve keeps water from entering the ship. Go replace it! You have 4 minutes!
20. Go back to the room where you rescued Barlow, and go down. Go back to the generator room, and out that other door to the container room.
21. Grab a Machoke. Go around the containers, back to the conveyor belt room. Exit it, and go back to the start room.
22. Use Machoke to put the Kingston Valve back in.
23. Barlow manages to save the ship, but crashes it into the Ranger School Island. Whatever, it's still Mission Clear!

Top Ranger

Back at the Ranger Base, you're promoted to Top Ranger, the highest Rank of Rangers! You're the 11th Top Ranger. Time to head on out to the Ranger Union, your new Base!

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