Appendix:Pokémon Ranger 2 walkthrough/Section 4

Mission 5

The only other way out of Pueltown, besides the Vien Forest is the Norward Bridge; which is closed because the operator, Brook, lost the key. Apparently, he dropped it out in the Puel Sea. What are you waiting for? Head on out for the Puel Docks!

Vien Town

At your return to the Ranger Base, Barlow and Prof. Hastings leave for the Ranger Union.
The next day, Barlow calls you. He says you better come over to Puel Town, something's wrong. Head on over to Pueltown, and meet Barlow.


You meet Barlow at the Pueltown exit of the Vien Forest. He says that the Norward Bridge is up, and halting traffic. You and Barlow head over to the Docks to talk to Brook, the bridge's operator.
Brook says he dropped the key in the Puel Sea, but he knows where. Before you leave, Barlow gives you a Micro Aqualung, so you can breathe underwater. Go out to the Puel Sea with Brook, and dive down!

Mission 5: Recover a Key from Sharpedo!

Puel Sea

Pokémon Poké Assist Field
  Staryu   Water  
  Chinchou   Recharge  
  Qwilfish   Water  
  Corsola   Water  
  Mantine   Water  
  Sharpedo   Water  
  Finneon   Water  
  Mantyke   Water  

1. When you go underwater, none of your Pokémon can come with you, but they stay on the boat, waiting for you to return. But you can capture underwater Pokémon!
2. To your left is the key, but suddenly a Sharpedo comes by and eats it! Darn! Follow that Sharpedo!
3. Go all the way south (↓), to the next screen. Grab a Finneon, break the nearby small rock, and capture the Staryu. Go back up a screen.
4. Use Staryu to break the wooden blocks to your right. Go right a screen.
5. Capture another Staryu, and continue right. Use Staryu on the wooden block again, and follow the path. Capture the Mantine.
6. Go left a screen, then immediately go down. You'll be on the edge of an abyss. Use Mantine to swim over the abyss. Click on Mantine when you have a question mark (?) over your head to ride it. Go left.
7. Continue left, and hop off Mantine on to land. Go left once again. 8. You reach a dead end. Sharpedo will start swimming around in circles. Use the currents to catch up to Sharpedo. Once you catch up, capture it and retrieve the Bridge Key!
9. Leave the dead end by going right. Caputre Mantine and go up and right, to the upper right hand corner. Get off Mantine, and go right. Go up a screen, and up all the way to the light. Then go to the surface. The Pokémon you captured underwater will await your return.

Puel Town

Back on dry land, it's Mission Clear! Barlow raises you to Ranger Rank 3! You may now use Ground and Steel Poké Assists, as well as have 4 Pokémon with you!
Go with Brook and Barlow to the Norwood Bridge, and Brook lowers it.

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