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After the events last night, you and your partner are talking in the bluff. Your partner was just was time that was being destroyed before, right? And now, another disastrous event has arrived--the fabric of space is becoming distorted. The destruction of time and the distortion of space...your partner can't even begin to conceive of such things. But the troubles of time and space...your partner thinks they're related. You think about the possible connection.

Your partner asks you if you remember when time was breaking down. Lapras gave the two of you a lot of insight into Temporal Tower. So about the distortion of space...don't you think Lapras might know something about it? You think about it for a wouldn't be unusual if Lapras did know something about this. Your partner appears to have read your mind. Well, then, that settles it--head over to Lapras!

When you get to the beach, you and your partner are talking to Lapras. Your partner explains that the two of you are investigating the distortions in the fabric of space. Lapras thinks for a moment...your partner explains that the two of you would like to learn anything Lapras knows. Lapras thinks for a moment...your partner is desperate and asks if Lapras knows anything. Lapras is sorry to say he doesn't know anything about the space distortions. However...Lapras does know of a Pokémon that embodies space itself.

You and your partner are surprised. According to Lapras, time and space are deeply connected. So, just as Dialga governs time itself...there too is a being that governs the fabric of space. Your partner asks who it is. Its name is Palkia. This being is said to possess the ability to distort space itself. And, Spacial Rift is said to be its domain. You think about Palkia. Another, if the two of you meet Palkia, the two of you might be able to learn more about the space distortions! Bur your partner finds a flaw in this plan--how to get to Spacial Rift? Can Lapras travel there, just like Lapras can travel to the Hidden Land?

Unfortunately, Lapras cannot travel to Spacial Rift, and he doesn't even know where it is. That is all Lapras can tell you. Your partner gets slightly nervous. Lapras apologizes to your partner. He's sorry that he's not much help. No no...learning about the existence of Palkia is a big help for you. Your partner thanks Lapras despite the lack of information.


So, really...Lapras didn't know much about the distortion of space...but he did tell the two of you that Palkia controls space itself...and that this being dwells in Spacial Rift. Palkia, huh...if the two of you can meet Palkia, the two of you would be able to ask about the distortion of space. Still, the two of you don't have a clue where Spacial Rift is. So, there really isn't any point in worrying about it right now.

That night...

You and your partner are sound asleep...before suddenly, the ground begins to shake! Tremors! A flash of blinding light, and suddenly, a mysterious Pokémon comes forth you! HE HAS FOUND YOU AT LAST! THE DEFILERS WHO ARE CAUSING...THE DISTORTION OF SPACE! Your partner asks nervously who this Pokémon is. HE IS PALKIA! HE HOLDS SWAY OVER SPACE! HE HAS DOMINION OVER DIMENSION!

You and your partner are surprised that he is Palkia. Palkia ignores your partner's questions. YOU CANNOT ESCAPE NOW! THIS IS THE END OF YOU!! He begins storing power, and he becomes a golden light, which you and your partner are dragged into.

You are suddenly in a dungeon. Your partner asks Palkia where this is. THIS IS HIS DOMAIN! SPACIAL RIFT! You and your partner are surprised they got to go somewhere where they have been seeking answers, though the two of you didn't enter in a way that you would have pleased. Palkia is very angry---YOU DARE DISTORT SPACE? WITHOUT HIS PERMISSION? HE WILL BE RID OF YOU NOW!

You and your partner are surprised. He walks forward, and the two of you walk back. IT'S THE END! He attempts to attack, but with you and your partner step back and ask what he is doing. But then...there's absolutely nothing behind you! Palkia roars, and the two of you fall down somewhere. Palkia is upset since he didn't get to kill you. However, there is no escaping him!

You and your partner are still falling, until finally rolling into somewhere. Your partner asks if you're OK. It looks like the two of you landed somewhere else. But this is such a surprise! Who knew things would turn out like this? Your partner doesn't understand why Palkia suddenly attacked you...Palkia seemed to be bellowing about the distortion of space. You think about it, thinking how Palkia seemed to know the two of you were causing the distortion of space. And then he attacked the both of you, but you don't understand why. There's no mistaking one thing--Palkia is trying to get rid of you.

Spacial Rift

The first time going here, you cannot bring any recruited Pokémon--this is due to the fact that Palkia pushed you into here. The Pokémon here are very tough; some wild Pokémon may be higher level than the boss, who is Palkia. Palkia is level 48, so be at level 55, at least--this may seem overleveled, but Palkia is very powerful, regardless. There are 25 floors in all.

Pokémon Encountered

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
  Chatot 1-6 49 -10%
  Drapion 1-6 ? -12%
  Xatu 1-7 48 ?%
  Gallade 1-9 ? -12%
  Kadabra 1-9, 11-15; Deepest Part 1-4, 6-9 50-53 -19%
  Jolteon 1-15; Deepest Part 1-4, 6-9 45-50 -12%
  Charizard 1-15; Deepest Part 1-9 49-53 -12%
  Magnezone 1-15; Deepest Part 1-9 49-53 -12%
  Electivire 1-15; Deepest Part 1-9 50-53 -12%
  Honchkrow 1-15; Deepest Part 1-4, 6-9 53 -12%
  Sableye 1-15; Deepest Part 1-9 48-52 8.2%
  Solrock 4-10 ? 6.4%
  Chimecho 5-15; Deepest Part 1-9 ? 6.9%
  Gligar 6-15; Deepest Part 1-9 49-53 8.2%
  Bronzor 7-12 7 8.2%
  Toxicroak 7-15; Deepest Part 1-9 ? -12%
  Latias 10 44 0.1% *
  Tropius 12-15; Deepest Part 1-2 50-53 6.4%
  Darkrai 14 53 -22% *
  Dusknoir 14-15; Deepest Part 1-4 ? 8.2%
  Drowzee 15; Deepest Part 1-4 15 6.4%
  Spiritomb 15; Deepest Part 1-5 ? -10%
  Porygon Deepest Part 3-9 ? 6.4%
  Latios Deepest Part 5 44 0.1% *
  Hypno Deepest Part 6-9 ? -4.5%
  Lunatone Deepest Part 6-9 ? 6.4%
  Palkia Bottom 48 100% Boss
Palkia cannot be recruited on the first visit.

Boss Battle

You'll reach the end of the dungeon, and your partner will notice something. The two of you walk forward...and it's revealed to be a dead end! What should the two of you do...? You can't go any further. Waah! Tremors! Suddenly, a flash, and Palkia reappears!


A very hard battle. Despite being the same level as Dialga, his most powerful move, Spacial Rend, does not need recharging. Note that he does not have common weakness--as a Water and Dragon-type, the only weakness he has is Dragon. Even if you have recruited, say, a Dratini during your journeys, you won't be able to bring it with you. Just keep on hitting him with your neutral moves and eventually, he'll falter.

Palkia freezes and some random voice leads you into Palkia's dream.

Palkia's Dream

You have entered Palkia's dreams, and Palkia wonders why you are here. NO! HE REMEMBERS--THE TWO OF YOU BATTLED! So why is he dreaming...? Your partner explains that Palkia has been enveloped by a nightmare. WHAT?! HE'S...IN A NIGHTMARE! He roars angrily. This proves it! The two of you should not exist! GROOO! Your partner asks out of desperation for Palkia to hold up. Your partner asks Palkia why he wants to get rid of you.

Palkia thinks that you're pretending that you don't know. Apparently...YOU ARE DISTORTING SPACE WITH RECKLESS ABANDON! IF THE DISTORTION SPREADS, THE POWER OF DARKNESS WILL GROW! THE WORLD WILL BE DROWNED IN THIS NIGHTMARE OF DARKNESS! TO PREVENT IT...YOU MUST BE WIPED FROM EXISTENCE! Your partner gets very nervous, and tries to tell Palkia there must be another way. Palkia governs space and dimension. So...can't he correct the distortion of space himself? IT IS TRUE HE CAN...BUT, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER...HE IS UNABLE TO CONTROL A PART OF SPACE! WORSE STILL, THE DISTORTION IS AMPLIFYING! And...IT'S ALL YOUR DOING!

There is now only one way to save the destroy you! Your partner notes that Palkia is saying the same thing Cresselia said. So, Cresselia was telling the truth after all...maybe the two of you do have to disappear. Palkia feels sorry for you. BUT THIS MUST BE DONE. Please understand...before Palkia can get started...a flash of light...

Cresselia appears behind Palkia!

Cresselia looks around, the notes that the events of darkness engulf even those place. Palkia moves aside for Cresselia to talk to must be eliminated as soon as possible. Before they finally pass the point of no return. After everything the two of you did...was it all for nothing? Was all your effort...a waste? Cresselia asks if you are ready for your end, which your partner hastily holds up.

Your partner asks Cresselia if the two of you disappear, will the world truly and really be saved? Cresselia says yes. The world will be saved--it's beyond a shadow of doubt. Cresselia asks if you are satisfied. Your partner says a gloomy yes. If it will truly save the world...then yes. You note that your partner's will is beginning to sway. And so is yours...but is this truly and absolutely the correct course of action? Palkia tells Cresselia to wait...

Blinded by fury, Palkia attacked them earlier. But, upon seeing them now, they do not seem driven by malice or wickedness. In Palkia's dreams, Cresselia insisted the two of you are bad...but are they truly bad? You are surprised Cresselia said that to Palkia, in his dreams. Cresselia tells Palkia not to be fooled by appearances. If Cresselia gets rid of you now...all will be saved. So, just like the two of you did, Palkia met Cresselia in his dreams. But now Palkia is growing suspicious...something is very wrong here! All this is based on what Cresselia claims!

When Cresselia tells you she will be rid of you now, you silently tell your partner not to abandon hope. Now, be ready to die!

Everything becomes black, and someone is talking. Suddenly, another flash of light, and another Cresselia appears! You and your partner are surprised. There's a second Cresselia! A flash of light...and there's a Darkrai, standing there, in place of Cresselia. Palkia is also very surprised. The real Cresselia runs forward and attacks Darkrai, saying she was just in time.

Darkrai is very upset, and tells Cresselia to blast. He's been foiled--just when he was about to dispose of those meddlers once and for all! Cresselia does not respond but tells you, your partner, and Palkia to listen--all of you have been misled this whole time! By Darkrai! WHAT? The Cresselia you thought you knew (until now)...was not the real Cresselia! That false Cresselia was nothing more than an illusion made by Darkrai! It was merely a mockery!

Your partner is surprised, saying it. Cresselia is very angry at Darkrai, saying that using an illusory duplicate of so typical of him! According to Cresselia, apparently, he never would have revealed himself, usually cowering in the darkness. It is unlike him!

Darkrai speaks up...he tells the two of you who's really causing the space distortion, who's the one shrouding the world in nightmare--it is his doing! Darkrai tells the two of you that you're more than welcome to try and stop him. Come to him in the Dark Crater. Cresselia tells Darkrai that he's not getting away...until there is a "black hole" and Darkrai disappears through it. A voice speaks out...Cresslia can never catch Darkrai...never ever. The two of you...he will be waiting in the Dark Crater. Your partner thinks about it for a moment.

Back in Treasure Town

Azurill has woken up, talking to Marill. Marill thanks "Miss Cresselia" for stopping Azurill's nightmare. And "Mister Drowzee" as well! Drowzee is surprised that they would think him as well. Azurill and Marill walk closer and thank him again.'s the least he could do. Your partner brings up a new conversation and asks Cresselia what happened to Palkia. Palkia is at Spacial Rift, attempting to fix space right again. As the being that governs space, he is staking his pride on success. Because of that, it's likely he's not coming back to manifest here. Chatot is impressed. It's truly marvelous!

Indeed, Cresselia really does have the power to dispel darkness. It lets her dispel nightmares and awaken those in deepest sleep. Darkrai has the opposite of her power--to shroud people in darkness. Cresselia asks where you first encountered the first Cresselia, then answers her own question--it was in the dreams. Your partner says that's true, and you think about it as well. Then, later was in Azurill's nightmare. It was still a dream. Then, the next time, it was in Palkia's dream...the first Cresselia...was encountered only in dreams!

Darkrai has the power to create realistic illusions. What Darkrai was doing was creating illusions so it looked like you were seeing her, Cresselia. It was all a use to get at the two of that your whole existence could be eliminated. Everyone is surprised. Drowzee says it's shocking...but he stills wonders why Darkrai would want to try something so complicated. Cresselia guesses...that it was all out of fear of __ and __. Your partner is confused, wondering why Darkrai would be afraid of the two of you. Cresselia explains that he was afraid since you and your partner have saved the world before. But who was really the one who put the Temporal Tower in danger?

...It was Darkrai. Everyone is surprised. Your partner is very surprised that Darkrai was behind the crisis. Darkrai intends to shroud the world in darkness. And Darkrai failed to do that, since you and your partner saved the world. After that, he turned his attention to the distortion of space itself. If the distortion of space were to grow, Darkrai's power to create nightmares would also grow. What he desired was for all Pokémon to be enveloped in a nightmare. It was all Darkrai's doing...he was making the distortion of space expand. Your partner is surprised that Darkrai was doing that. Your partner is confused, asking Cresselia about you and your partner's existence was the thing making the distortion of space expand. Cresselia says that, though it is true that you and your partner are causing some space is still extremely small. Added to that, your distortion space won't expand on its own. Then...yes, the space distortion has nothing to do with you.

For some reason, the sad music starts to play, but disregard that--your partner, teary-eyed, tells you how glad it is. The two of you are not beings that must not's OK for the two of you to live in this world...the two of you aren't unwanted. Surprisingly, you're teary-eyed as well. Wigglytuff speaks up, saying he doesn't know what the two of you went through...but...

It's just not possible for either of you to be unwanted in this world...if either of you went away, Wigglytuff would be sad, and so will all the other guild members. It makes everyone happy that the two of you are there to live alongside them! That's reason enough to keep existing! Your partner seems to be on the verge of crying. More than that, it's not just you and your partner...everyone here...all the Pokémon in the world...not one of their lives is without meaning! So never, ever think you're not wanted again. Stay full of cheer!

Your partner thanks Wigglytuff, and the sad music dissolves. Corphish speaks up as well, saying something about dishonesty, and that Darkrai's a "piece of work"! Cresselia tells Corphish that he usually never comes out in the open, and does his evil work in the shadows. If you confront him, he will also flee...that is how Darkrai does things. But Darkrai is doing something so unlike him at the moment...he has invited you and your partner to confront think about it, and agree that's true. Wigglytuff speaks up again, asking Cresselia if she believes that he demanded you and your partner come to him for a reason...but what if it's a trap?

Cresselia agrees, saying it is a trap without a doubt. You and your partner nod at each other, and your partner tells Cresselia it doesn't matter if it's a trap or not--if the two of you don't stop Darkrai, he'll engulf the world in darkness. You have to do something! You're going to Dark Crater! Cresselia respects your decision, but she will accompany you. She has long been aware of Darkrai's scheme...she has pursued him a long time to thwart his plan. This is a chance she can't miss! Everyone wants to go...but Cresselia says no--she's afraid that Darkrai would be scared off if too many of you were to go, so only the three of you can go. Everyone gets upset, but your partner tells them not to worry and that they'll defeat Darkrai.

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