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ウォール Wal
Walnut MPJ.png
Art from Magical Pokémon Journey
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Kanto

Walnut (Japanese: ウォール Wal) is a ninja-in-training who appeared in Magical Pokémon Journey. His teacher is Master Ditto, and his sparring partners are Apricot and her Marill, Marimaru.


Walnut looks up to Koga. He claimed that he wanted to be a ninja, among other reasons, because he wanted to wear cool outfits. Walnut tries hard, but he is not very good at ninja skills.

When in ninja garb, Walnut wears contact lenses; the rest of the time, he wears glasses. When he's not training, he works in his parents' bakery, Walnut Tree. Originally, Walnut resented working in the bakery for his parents, but he later turned to enjoy it because of visits to the shop by the "Afternoon Angel", who turned out to be Apricot.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ウォール Wal Presumably from walnut
English Walnut From walnut
French Wall From the Japanese name

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