ピスタチオ Pistachio
A sketch of Pistachio from volume 8
Gender Male
Birthday June 4
Hometown Unnamed
Region Kanto
Relatives Peanut (brother)

Pistachio (Japanese: ピスタチオ Pistachio) is a character in Magical Pokémon Journey. He is a florist and the elder brother of Peanut. His main Pokémon is a mouthy Bulbasaur.

Pistachio is a bit girl-crazy; he likes to flatter and compliment every human female he meets. In his first appearance, in Green-Eyed Bulbasaur, he vows to make Hazel fall in love with him. But Hazel has no interest in him whatsoever due to her love for Almond.

Pokémon seem attracted to Pistachio for some reason; not only is Bulbasaur madly in love with him, so is Chiko, his Chikorita. Bulbasaur is jealous of Hazel because Pistachio wants to flatter her and make her like him.

Pistachio and Bulbasaur can speak the language of flowers, and so he gives Hazel flowers depending on his mood, and Bulbasaur gives Pistachio a yellow rose, meaning jealousy.



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