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るー Lu
Lu MPJ.png
Debuts in Eevee-Lu-Tion
Gender Female
Ability Unknown
Nature Unknown
Current location Unknown
This Pokémon has not evolved.

Lu (Japanese: るー Lu) is a female Eevee in Magical Pokémon Journey. She has lighter fur than Coconut's Eevee and wears a bow in her hair.


Lu had been watching Coconut's Eevee from afar, because she was secretly in love with him. She had trouble declaring her feelings, so Hazel and Coconut decided to help. They put her through a series of dangerous circumstances, in the hope that Eevee would save her from harm. Even though most of these circumstances ended badly, she still ended up declaring her love and becoming Eevee's girlfriend. With the help of Hazel and Coconut, Lu managed to declare her love to Eevee before she had to move away. The two kept in touch via mail.

In The Very First Date, Lu returns, and she and Eevee finally go on a date, where they are haunted by the ghost of a lovesick Golduck.

Personality and characteristics

Lu is shy and needs help from her friends to get what she wants.


  • Lu shares the hirigana spelling of her Japanese name with Tru's Japanese name.

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